Thursday, February 22, 2018

Chapter 130: Be the Rosebush

Kite. :)    

Ceth runs into her old friend Gillian GilsCarbo, and is again inadvertently reminded of her fading youth.

Determined to continue living her life to the fullest, Ceth continues to date and party.

Tonight her date is Phineas Bledsoe.

From EA's description: Phineas is at the height of fashion and the height of poetry. He can tell in an instant if a piece of writing or clothing will be a hit or a gauche rerun to be quickly forgotten by the masses. It's best to get and stay on his good side if you want near the "it" list.

Ceth isn't that in to Phineas though.

He's cute, but his fashion sense is not as good as people say.

Shut up Gavino, you're not Ceth's type either.

Ceth gets along better with fellow singer David Ziggfield. They share a couple of traits.

And they rock a dance floor.

Too bad he's married.

Ceth, aren't you supposed to be on a date with Phineas?

Oh well, whatever.

Molly's mother Holly has already aged up.

Holly and Molly organize a protest against clowns.


Molly and Dysen rile the crowd. You know, for rebel points.

 Lela keeps an eye on the rowdy mob.

After several hours of speeches, chanting, and angry screaming, the protestors cheer and congratulate themselves on a job well done, even though they have not accomplished anything at all.

Carlos prowls his garden at night, keeping wild animals away.

More double buns.

Lela is on the case! The police got a report of a mutant fish creature stealing apples, and sent Lela to dust for prints to appease the victim.

The victim's housemate, Karl Simon, does not respect the crime scene. He plops right down on that sofa and watches television.

It's so hard to work under these conditions!

Be the rosebush.

Lastly, Lela's favorite thing, the garbage!!!

This case is going to get cracked wide open!

(It was Karl. Karl stole the apples. There is no Fish Kid.)

Just Carlos playing video games.

That's not the kind of show the man ordered, Ceth!


Carlos, Ceth and Lela all reach the elder stage.

Having received a shiny ribbon from city hall for the totally-not-acknowledging-Fish-Kid case, Lela feels both accomplished and exhausted, so she retires. Confetti!

I'm not sure what yetis have to do with it????

City Hall honors Lela with yet another reward after they hear she has retired.

It feels weird to be so recognized in Monte Vista, a city she has spent so little time in, when the hard work she did in her hometown of Starlight Shores was barely respected at all.

Whatever! More confetti!

Cat picture.

At least Lucida can blame her furniture clawing fits on the cats.

She misses Ben so much, sometimes she is just overwhelmed...

Molly used the marriage thing as a convenient excuse to change her name... not from Molly Robins-Monroe to Molly Whitefield, but from Molly Robins-Monroe to just plain Molly Robins. Her father, the Monroe half, feels insulted... even moreso when Molly tells him it's just so her name as an artist looks more appealing.

"I'm really not trying to slight you, Dad. It's just about image."

"What about when you have children?" Seth huffs. "Do they get your mom's name, or your husband's?"

"One can have my name, and the other can have Dysen's. I think two is a good number. Don't you?"

Seth glares. "Are you already pregnant?"

"No, Dad!"

"Then why are you making plans like that?"

"You brought it up!"

"Don't shout at me. You're just like your mother."

"I'm not shouting. This is exasperation."

"You raised your voice."

"For emphasis, Dad."

Etc.: I haven't even rolled for gen6 yet. The suspense is intense.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Chapter 129: Here's to You

Milo had intended to live out the remainder of his life in Monte Vista, but things rarely go as planned. One weekend he takes his mother to an out-of-town Roos game, and...

...ends up cornered by a werechick under the bleachers.

How lucky!

Carlos glares at his mother. "Let me get this straight. My brother fell instantly in love with a werewolf who sniffed him out of a crowd, and went somewhere off the grid with her, without telling you where he was going?"

"A werewolf with a wolf tattoo!" Ceth snickers.

"They were adorable together," Lucida says with a sad smile. "Unfortunately she was on a tight schedule, and she couldn't leave any way to contact her. If he didn't go with her, he'd never see her again."

"You'd think he'd stop falling for criminals," Ceth cannot contain her laughter.

"I think it's a legitimate excuse!" Lucida defends. "You don't know, you didn't see them together."

"The whole thing makes me uncomfortable," Carlos growls.

Lucida frowns. "Milo deserves to find out more about his heritage if he wants to. I feel guilty I couldn't raise you two around your own kind. Especially after I heard my youngest swearing off love and nonsense like that."

"So he jumps at the first tail that's a real tail," Ceth quips. "What a dope."

Carlos turns his glare on Ceth.

"Her second form did have a tail," Lucida recalls.

Dysen is a little annoyed to be left behind, but he understands the need for secrecy, and hopes to visit one of these hidden supernatural communities himself someday.

Lela eats some cake by the road.

 Part of the... job... I guess???

She ends up solving a case involving low quality food and political coverups. She goes to her father-in-law, a relatively non-corrupt politician, to blow the whistle.

Ben is dismayed to have to fire so many people, but he can't let this slide! Why, the very idea, of ones' elected officials taking bribe money from companies profiting from essentially poisoning the populace... it's awful!

Hey, remember the machinery under the big tent where Dysen works?

Dysen remembers.

He decides to try it out while nobody is looking...

...and soon wishes he had not.

Dysen is not as flexible as his grandma Lucida.

 Ceth gets a letter from her son.

"He wrote from Redwood Harbor, but says they move around a lot," Ceth reports, showing off pictures from various foreign locales. "He already married that girl! Claire."

"I'm just glad he's okay," Dysen says. He didn't realize until this moment just how worried he's been. The sudden loss of long-held-in tension feels like a heavy weight has been taken off his shoulders. Perhaps cliche, but true.

Still no word from Fairuza or Orazia, but for some reason Dysen is more confident they are fine.

"Why wouldn't Acheron be okay?" Ceth asks, her tone oblivious but her eyes sharp and prying.

"Hmmm, we should get married," Molly says suddenly.

"Definitely," Dysen agrees quickly.

"My Mom will be a pain, though. She'll want something big and grand, as if we're important or something. Ugh. I just want something private and romantic," Molly frets.

"Molly and I want to get married," Dysen explains to his soon-to-be mother-in-law. "She doesn't want a big wedding though. That won't be a problem, will it? She said something about you wanting a"

"Let me stop you right there," Holly snorts. "Honey, I haven't been able to tell Molly what to do since she was in diapers."

"I... uh... that's not the point, Mrs. Robins-Monroe."

"Here's to you Mrs. Robinson! ♪"

"...Ceth, what the—?"

Molly and Dysen get their romantic private wedding. No fuss.

...Well, almost no fuss.

"Dysen! That ring is too big to even wear! I'd get mugged!"

"You don't have to wear it... I just wanted you to have it."

"I should have known you'd try to show off, even without an audience," she laughs.

Unfortunately, today will not be remembered as a happy day for the family.

Ben Rossi was a well-loved and influential politician; after his death, the town deigns to honor him with a memorial space. Not everybody gets a stone with their name on it in the town graveyard.

Carlos comforts his mother as best he can.

Dysen hates to see his grandmother cry.

"I'm sorry, dear... this couldn't have happened on a worse day."

"Don't worry about that, Nonna..."

Lucida composes herself enough to let her grandson know how proud she is of him. While Carlos sees the fortune telling business as an evil scam that perpetuates superstition, Lucida sees it as a performance art, not terribly different from her acrobat shows.

Carlos invites his mother to stay the night with his family, and cooks up her favorite meal, Grilled Cheese. Dysen's "old" room has been converted to a proper guest room, so there's an available bed.

Izalee prefers to stay at home and not be seen in public. She insists she doesn't need comforting and would rather mourn her brother-in-law's passing in solitude.

Later, the werewolves of the family go out hunting... though they seem to disagree on what they are hunting for.

Wow, Carlos. Just because you can fight your mom now doesn't mean you should.

And is Dysen taking a picture?!?!

Mistakes have been made.

"Dammit Dad, when did you get this buff?!"

"Wait... what?" Dysen is horrified to notice that whatever shapeshifting magic warps werewolf bodies has given his adult form super-pointy ears. The first time he shifted as an adult was on his birthday, when he'd had too much to drink to notice.

"I'm hideous!" he whines.

"Don't be that way," Molly soothes. "Your ears are adorable."

Etc.: I did not edit Dysen's ears, so it was a surprise to me too. I only noticed it when I went in to change his hair style away from the bandana one. I considered shortening them in CAS, but then I figured, given Dysen's tangled ancestry, I could just leave it.

The unnamed werewolfess was an edited version of Eboni Vargas. I felt bad for how things turned out with Milo's romances and daughters, so I shipped him off into the sunset with the woman of his dreams.