Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Chapter 10: Razzle 'n' a dazzle 'n' a flash a little light

It's only a matter of time before Ray escapes this cage.

"What does the operator character do?" Rohane doesn't read the books for class; he's got Reggie to do that.

"In the strictest grammatical sense, the character does nothing," Reggie replies. "The verb he or she is connected to is in the imperative mood."

Rohane nods, and circles the correct answer on both of their homework sheets.

Reggie eventually ages up, and still enjoys crafting toys for his younger siblings. He starts wearing thick coats to protect him from fires and flying debris.

You know the rules, Reggie. Show the camera your face or your age-up never happened.

Speaking of faces, do you like your face? Do you want some protective goggles? ...No? ...Okay...

The body and mind change with adolescence, and Reggie's supernatural energies should be properly directed before they mature.

Greta has decided her eldest son is old enough to fully grasp the dangers of magic use, and now spends some time each day teaching him to defend himself... ...from other magic users. Even though he's pretty sure he's never met one.

"When they catch you, they will kill you," his mother warns. "But first they must catch you."

"My wand is a crutch," she explains. "It helps me to focus. I was never the same after I came to this town. My mind is a mess, everywhere at once. Your father seems not to believe me, but I was teaching him magic, too. In the before time. He's forgotten."

"You couldn't teach him again?" Reggie inquires, as he tries in vain to anticipate and block his mother's spells. They're harmless, but if they weren't...

"I cannot." She pauses, then looks him in the eyes and says with a purposeful sincerity, "Always remember that the wrist movements, the words and the symbols are nothing without your spirit to give them power. Magic comes from the heart."

"And why is my heart special?" he asks. "Is there something wrong with my sister?"

Greta frowns. He has two sisters, but he means Petra. "She is too human. It's genetics that influence the patterns our spirits take... and human spirits are different. Stronger, in some ways. But unable to connect to the other realms."

Ray has some complicated ideas about Fishing Fracas.

Rohane checks under his bed, searching for a lost toy. He has a bad habit of misplacing things... but sometimes he could swear his stuff just disappears on him for no reason.

"Dad, could we get a dog?"

"A dog?" Scarlett stares blankly. "Aren't dogs kind of noisy?"

"That's the point. Watch-dogs. Very useful."

"I don't know if we have the money to feed a dog."

Reggie frowns dubiously. They have the money to feed five kids. Why is a dog such a big deal? "Could we get a dog if I find a way to pay for it?"

"I'll give it some thought," Scarlett promises.

"If you get him a yappy shedding dog, you're getting me a car," Petra says.

"A dog and a car aren't even remotely similar things," Scarlett replies, deadpan.

Reggie wisely stays out of the argument.

Hey, look! I got the whole Goldbeard family in one picture. All seven of them.

Yes, Scarlett, getting your family across town to the summer shindig may have been easier if you owned a damn car.

Greta and Rohane stare dramatically into the distance, as if something meaningful and exciting is about to happen.

Or maybe Rohane will grab a snowcone and call it a day.

Gysael is given a hat.

Even without pointy ears, the blue father and daughter are stared at a bit.

Since he'll be attending high school now, Reggie would like to start things off on the right foot with his new classmates, and gives a charming introduction to Gretchen Valenci while his parents and Petra and Rohane do some skating laps for prize tickets.

Rohane wants to save up and buy a gnome.

"I bet he's making a total fool of himself," Petra snickers, in a rare moment of teaming up with Rohane to pick on Reggie.

Gretchen quickly excused herself, since one of her bars was in the red, so Reggie moved on to give a charming introduction to Rhonda GilsCarbo - Goopy's younger sister. Rhonda freaks out and tells Reggie not to talk to her.

Reggie concludes he will just not be very popular with the girls.

Unless Gysael counts.

Because he can totally still impress Gysael with animatronic scrap metal toys.

Even if they sometimes catch fire.

Speaking of fire...

Scarlett is at it again, creating horrifying quality burnt food. This time it's falafel.

"Oh, gross," Greta sighs. "Put that in the trash."

Here's the new gnome. Thanks, Rohane.

Scarlett hasn't heard this one try to summon Cthulu or anything yet, but he's keeping an eye on it...

Etc.: Shit Greta, quoting Watership Down to your kid has got to be some kind of war crime.

Sorry if my blog feels a little Seasons-centric. If it feels like they go to the festival lot in every chapter, I mean. Seasons was the last expansion I installed, so my sims are constantly rolling wishes about the festivals. They especially like to roll them when the season has just changed, so I may lengthen some of the seasons to help alleviate the problem.

Not sure how long Reggie will be allowed to keep his Elrond Half-elven Hair. My boyfriend's response to it was all "what is wrong with you", and I was like, "I don't know".

Title is a Def Leppard lyric. In post-apocalyptic Monte Vista, it is a nursery rhyme taught to gradecshoolers. Possibly lumped in with that whole Mary Poppins medicine advice BS.


  1. I watched Watership Down when I was about six, and it scarred me for life. Even to this date, I think it's an evil movie about rabbits dying! (the irony was my mum said the movie was from my pet rabbits, so I hated them for a while for getting me it.)

    Yay! Gysael got a hat! Her ears are still adorable though and she's just genuinely adorable <3

    So, Reggie is technically a witch? That's pretty awesome. I hope his spellcaster lessons go alright, and hopefully his mom won't quote any more from that evil movie about dying bunnies! D:

    I think either Reggie Roo or Gysael are my favourite out of the 5, they're both adorable and blue <3

    1. It's call the animation age ghetto... and your mother was a victim. xD

      Yes. Reggie, Rohane, and Gysael inherited the witch trait, while Petra and Ray failed to. It has nothing to do with their skin color, despite how it looks, heh.

  2. I have never seen Watership Down, and I'm afraid to watch it. :|

    Reggie is cute with his Elrond hair. I think it suits him quite well. I'm not sure why he's having trouble picking up ladies, what with that hair and all...

    Gysael is so cute, especially with the hat. <3

    1. Thanks Owl. =)

      The movie version of Watership Down is so confusing, you'd be better off just reading the TV tropes page(s).

  3. I actually kind of like Reggie's hair. Too bad he's not having much luck with the ladies. I love Rohane and Gysael and their spotted faces. And Gysael's ears! Ok all of your kids are adorable. How do you always have such pretty kids?

    1. Thanks, Rei! I think this batch is more average than pretty, but they'll do. xD

  4. Reggie and Rohane's cooperative homework made me smile. Screw learning it for yourself when your big brother is so accommodating. And with Ray's thoughts on the atomic structure of fish now he just needs to wait for Ray to go to school and he still won't have to learn anything for himself.

    And at least Rhonda GilsCarbo kept in character the entire time.

    Beware the summer gnome. He's well known for his voyeuristic tendencies.

    1. Thanks! =D I can't wait to see summer gnome move.

      You may be confusing Rhonda and Maria (from chapter 8). I don't think Rhonda has appeared in the blog before. Seems like all the other kids in town have mean-spirited, grumpy or evil traits though. >.<

  5. Caught up with your legacy. Very hilarious, enjoyed every bit of it. I may not get all the references but I love it all the same. I just pretend I get it. :P

  6. I think Reggie's hair kind of suits him :) Especially when combined with the outfit he was wearing to invent stuff.

  7. Maybe the magic lessons will be useful one day. D:

    I'm with Reggie, a dog would be fun!

    Yeah, Reggie's hair suits him. It works for his awkward teen state, lol. Maybe he'll grow into it as an adult, too.