Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chapter 11: This Never Happened

Green shirt brigade.

Ray ages up and gets a palm tree shirt instead.

Emulating his mother, Ray is drawn to painting. Unlike her, he paints purely for fun; he has no deep psychological scars begging to be expressed through oil smears.

Cookie Damage is offered a gig at some dive across town. Suddenly designated their leader, Scarlett meets with the establishment's management to talk simoleons.

Negotiations go well, and soon enough Cookie Damage is really seriously performing on a stage.

Too bad nobody shows up to care.

Scarlett feels a little awkward collecting the money and running.

Determined not to leave depressed, Petra stays behind after her father leaves, and dances the evening away with bandmate Goopy GilsCarbo. He graduated recently, and rushed off to get married to Marta Almeria.

"We're expecting our first child," he says. "I'm super excited!"

Petra can't imagine popping out a kid directly after high school. There has to be more to the world than looking after younger sims all the time.

Petra pressures Goopy into posing as a family member and buying her a drink.

It doesn't take the purple stuff long to crash through Petra's brain like the Kool-Aid man through a brick wall. She can barely stand up straight.

So she goes home to play video games with Ray. "Reggie, put down the freezer bunny, you overgrown toddler."

Greta and Scarlett are no longer young adults.

Greta begins to fuss and obsess over her appearance, constantly checking the lines on her face.

"I don't want to get old and ugly and die," she sobs.

"You'll always be lovely to me," Scarlett promises.

Petra plays with her baby sister. Does Gysael's love for the xylophone mean she's going to be a virtuoso like Petra and Scarlett? Or are we reading way too much into this?

"Reggie..." Scarlett doesn't know what to say when he sees his son blackened like an overcooked falafel.

"I am going to shower and then go to bed," Reggie says. "This never happened."

There's Goopy GilsCarbo and his heavily pregnant wife Marta.

Eating for, um, three.

When nobody's looking, Scarlett spends an inordinate amount of time staring forlornly out the windows.

Goldbeard household at 1AM.

Petra wants to see how much her little brothers like being woken up by loud noises.

Goldbeard household at 2AM.

Goldbeard household at 4AM.

Goldbeard household at 5AM.


Etc.: Seven sims in the house is tough! I can't watch everyone at once. I can't sync up everyone's schedules. If I try, Rohane will just find monsters under the bed when I'm not looking, and then refuse to sleep. Or Gysael will start crying or playing with the xylophone. Or Petra will whip out her keyboard and get sweet, sweet revenge. Or I'll realize that when everyone is in bed is the perfect time to start sending them to pee and shower one by one, hoping that nobody else will bust into the bathroom and shoo or interrupt them.

And at some point I started to give up and watch the chaos unfold as everyone ran on total autonomy.

So that was Cookie Damage's first gig. When Scarlett arrived, the pop-up message said the place was full of people and everything was going to be awesome, but the only person there was the mixologist. And not a single other sim showed up, the whole time.

A few sims did show up and start drinking with Petra after the gig was over and Scarlett had gone home.

Also it designated Goopy as the keyboardist, despite his low level of skill with that instrument. Petra, with her 8 in keyboarding, was forced onto bass. According to Carl's guide, the skill levels mean nothing and the presence or lack of a crowd also mean nothing, when it comes to being paid at the end of the gig.

I can see why, with the Showtime expansion, EA wasn't afraid to re-tread a career they'd basically done twice already. You've got the rabbithole music career(s) from the base game, then you've got Late Night's sadsack attempt to make bands, and then in Showtime you get a fairly reasonable, fun, screenshot-friendly thing with the singer career. I wish I could mash all three together somehow.


  1. I love your pictures of the household through the night, they are hilarious!

  2. Congrats on the gig! I'm with Scarlet on taking money when the audience was empty though. Still, he seemed to soldier through it with a sweet move. :D

    The overflowing washing machine was fantastic as the nighttime chaos unfolded.

  3. Petra's revenge and the Goldbeards through the night is hilarious. :D

    Yeah the bands are pretty annoying to work with. I only played with one briefly, so I didn't know that the instruments they use during a gig don't take skill level into account! It would be really cool if a singer could be part of the band. Or a violinist, for that matter.

  4. Where did you get the lovely spiral staircase? And the cute palmtrees/leaves shirt? I love how the house looks, your decorating has always had such a nice homey feel. Love the blog, as always! (I used to lurk around and read your old Archer blogs.. Glad to see you back!!) :)

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for commenting. (:

      I think this is the staircase:

      It's called "wrought iron spiral" in my game.

      The shirts are from the Island Paradise expansion.