Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Chapter 6: Rohane

Vanity. Most elves are afflicted with this crippling mental disorder.

 She calls this one "Scarlett".

Scarlett loves his family, and wants more children, despite the risk of them being blue.

Greta agrees to his plan.

Scarlett takes it as a sign that she doesn't feel terribly endangered anymore. They've had long enough to settle in to their comfortable, routine life...

She calls this one "Scarlett Also".

There's a baby in there? How does it get out? It's a girl, right?

Put some fish on the wall.

If only there weren't so many tiny tropical islands in other sectors of the world, maybe Scarlett could visit them all and figure out which one he and Greta came from.

Scarlett has a little sister who is pretty sad about how he never writes...

Petra's new sibling is a another blue baby brother. Lame.

"If I were homeschooled, I'd think all guys were blue-skinned and all girls were pink-skinned," she quips.

The snowman, finally melting, is a metaphor for Petra's disappointment.

Reggie is a little more interested in baby Rohane than Petra is.

Sharp cries wake Petra from a good dream.

"UGH you cry WAY more than Reggie!"

Scarlett rarely hears from Cookie Damage, but when his "band mates" call and tell him about they're making crazy-lots of simoleons playing in Monte Vista's ancient subways, he has to go see for himself.

Turns out they're right, and it's a great way to get exposure.

Maybe someday they will even have an actual gig.

"Mom, it's 6 PM, and you're in your robe. Do you NEVER leave the house? I thought you were MAGIC and you could like, just blast humans you don't like. You don't have to hide in here."

"Petra, blasting people is improper."

"Yeah yeah. Bet you're glad I don't have magic." Petra still isn't sure she believes her mother is a mage, but if she is, and she totally failed to pass on her powers to her firstborn, that is just one more reason for Petra to act like a bratty teenager ahead of schedule.

She lightens up once Reggie is old enough to play PILLOW APOCALYPSE with her, though.

There we go. It's not a proper age-up picture unless I can see at least a portion of your face.

"You're tired already?" Petra complains, when Reggie starts to fall asleep standing up. "Fiiine. I guess neither of us get much sleep, thanks to poop-face."

Rohane, better known as poop-face, becomes a toddler.

 "You bought him another cage! Awesome, Mom!"

Reggie's first day of school is marked by dark skies and unrelenting rain.

Scarlett tries to bake cookies while the kids are at school, but they come out inedible.

And these horrifying black things were supposed to be burgers.

Petra is keen on meeting lots of other kids and making friends. After school, she visits another girl's house so they can do homework and then play tag.

Meanwhile, Reggie goes straight home to read his new books.

The spring rains wash away the winter snow, and Monte Vista throws out its Love Festival decorations. Greta decides she's been denying herself the simple pleases of going the hell outside for too long (she has the stir crazy moodlet and everything), so she allows Scarlett to coax her into checking out the festival.

"I don't think horseshoes is a particularly romantic game," she says.

"That's the custom here." Scarlett shrugs. "It's just how they celebrate their holiday."

Greta doesn't want to be culturally insensitive.

It looks like it's going to rain, so Greta gets a spring-toy-ride for Rohane in before they have to dash indoors.

The yellow bee stares with seething hate as she is neglected while her orange brother is played wi- oh, sorry. Wrong script.

It doesn't rain after all. Scarlett and Greta dance for a while to earn festival tickets.

Everything certainly was seeming nice and romantic, but then Greta is startled by some rustling in the bushes.

"It's probably Doctor Lin's cat," Scarlett tries to reassure her.

"I know, I'm fine! But it's getting late. I want to go inside," Greta pleads.

"So," kissing booth lady glances at her male counterpart.

He grimaces. "Not if you were the last woman in Monte Vista."

Etc.: Greta has completed all of the painting challenges, so the Perfectionist goal is over with and I'm feeling better about sending her out of the house more.


  1. I laughed a lot in this chapter. I have to agree that blasting people is quite improper though xD

    Poor yellow bee, someone will play with you one day pretty little bee <3 Not me though, because bees scare me. They're like flying hurties.

    Rohane has cute freckles :3 and I hope that for Petra's sake that there are more girls in the house. It would be very irritating to grow up with all little brothers.

    1. Thanks. =) Poor bee.

      We've got two kids left to go...

  2. I love the comment about blasting people being improper! So funny :)

    Reggie has grown up cute and Rohane looks an adorable toddler, but I hope Petra gets a little sister at some point :)

  3. Petra's tween-aged 'tude rocks. Extra cages for unruly toddlers? The boys mom spits out have blue skin as opposed to the girls? Blasting people just 'cause? Sounds about right.

    Poor Scarlet. I can imagine just how it haunts him that he can't get in touch with his family.

    Go Greta for going to the Love Festival!

    Still no gigs?

    1. Thanks! I tell you what, it was hard to choose an heir.

      I got a gig today after looking up what the problem could be. Turns out I just needed to change a menu type to "dive bar" to start up the gig opportunity chain. I have the chapters written up to 9, so the gig should occur in chapter 10 or so (it hasn't actually happened in game yet though, it is two game days away).

  4. I feel particularly drawn to the plight of the yellow bee.

    poop-face is pretty cute. :D

    Wow, you already finished all of the painting challenges! It always takes my sims forever. o.o

    1. I was surprised at how fast it went, too. I remembered it taking longer, when I did it before.

      I almost always choose painting when I roll Perfectionist, just because I like to see what sims paint.

  5. Toddler Rohane is so cute!

    Scarlett's cooking was hilarious. "Blackened" cookies and "blackened" burgers.

    I really like Petra; she's a smart aleck.

    1. Scarlett has a high cooking skill, but he manages to burn lots and lots of things. x.x

      I've never had a sim do that before.

  6. "Petra's new sibling is a another blue baby brother. Lame."

    For a second, I thought Lame was the baby's name. Rohane is an adorable toddler, though.

    1. LOL.

      I really liked the look of all Scarlett and Greta's kiddos. I ended up picking the one I liked the least for heir, though. o.o