Friday, June 13, 2014

Chapter 7: If I Can't Buy One, I'll Build One

Petra let Reggie have the top bunk. She's kind of afraid of falling off...

Scarlett's two older children go with him to the consignment store, hoping to score some toys.

There's so much to look at!

While Scarlett discusses the potential sale of Greta's paintings, Reggie takes an interest in a quaint Earth/moon model.

 He wants it bad, but the woman behind the register quotes a ridiculous price that's well beyond Reggie's allowance range. And Scarlett is somehow ignoring Reggie's sad-eyes.

Petra is already out on the back porch, trying to convince this kid named Chad to give her a turn on the rocking horse thing. (Which must be infested with mites or something, because why else is it back here, where the shop dumps stuff it can't sell?)

"You're the one with the weird blue brother, right?"

"I actually have TWO weird blue brothers," Petra corrects.

Chad and Petra decide the consignment store, with its precariously stacked junk displays, is an excellent place to play tag.

"Stay out of the employee kitchen!" Scarlett calls after them.

Still depressed about the cool toy he can't afford, Reggie wanders outside and pokes through the piles of rotting filth and broken glass totally free stuff.

Hmmm. Idea?

"What are you DOING?" Petra yells at her little brother for sifting through garbage.

"Thinking," he says.

Petra is only slightly annoyed her new friend Chad sucks at running.  

Rohane could probably outrun Chad.

It doesn't stop her from asking him to go to the Spring Festival with her.

Chad frowns. "You know that is for grown-ups, right? They have icky kissing booths and cootie dances and stuff."

Greta is at the festival right now, but only to help with the community garden.

It is a cause she can get behind.

Also, she needs tomatoes for spaghetti sauce.

Scarlett helps his son put together a little workbench, to mess around with all the "useful" scrap Reggie collected. Scarlett can't help thinking he should have been helping the kids construct a tree house or something instead. Preferably something where they'd be unlikely to hammer nails into their fingers or cut themselves on broken, rusted metal.

"Okay now... don't hurt yourself..."

"I won't, Dad."

Once his father walks away, Reggie is free to admit: "I... have no idea what I'm doing."

Aww, little bro-hugs.

Wait, is your mother in maternity clothes again?

Yep, she is.

"Cool, Mom, but can I have a sister this time?"

It's getting a bit late in life for Petra to enjoy a baby sister. Tonight she joins the ranks of Monte Vista's teen population.

"This video game glorifying prison and gang violence is shaping my impressionable mind."

"I don't know who you think you're kidding, Petra. Your mind is a block of impermeable granite."

"I'm pretty sue granite is permeable somewhat."

"I don't know, I don't remember geology class."

"Don't remember, huh? Convenient Amnesia Dad. That's your superhero parody alter-ego."

It is way too early in the morning for royal court, Reggie.

Go put your school clothes on.

"I am the elf king! I will not be brainwashed by your human school full of pink people!"

Leftover Rohane pic.

Etc.: The consignment store in my game is a converted house, because (1) I can't stand having the SAME consignment shop in every town, (2) it means the architecture matches the rest of Monte Vista. While slapping it together, I took some inspiration from this one on MTS... especially the part where I threw junk piles in the back yard, so I could delete Grady's Junk Shop.

Not that scrounging for scrap is important when you can just buy it from the workbench.

I rolled inventor for generation 2's heir. With that in mind, it's obvious I'm prepping Reggie for the role, but there's still time to change that, if I get fickle.

Oh, here's how I found Chad, before I threw him into the stylist quick:

He was just, y'know, hanging out back there...


  1. I do think that Reggie is my favourite boy, mostly because we haven't had much time to get to know Rohane, but still. Blue skin and blonde hair forever. Down with pink people! Boo schools that don't appreciate the elf king!
    Maybe one day Reggie Roo (nickname. Adorable or annoying?) will make his dream of building the moon/earth globe come true.

    It must be nice to only take pictures of gameplay. I half consider that sometimes, but then I remember that I'm a (bad) storyteller. Even when I'm just playing, they all have a story behind them. Anyway, I'm getting on a tangent, I need to get back to the actual circle.

    Petra's child hair was really pretty, where did you find it from? And Greta's hair is purty too :3

    1. Reggie can't hear you, so you can give him whatever name you want. xD

      I got really burnt out with the Archers because of so much staging. It became so oppressive for me, I dreaded going back to my story. Part of the reason this legacy exists is so I can ease myself back into the game and complete my other legacy once this one is over (or I could work on them side-by-side later down the line, if I get really ambitious? Who knows).

      I think Greta's hair is from an expansion pack (not 100% sure). Petra's child hair is CC, though. I hope the creator wouldn't be mad at me for saying I just have no idea where it came from or who made it. I download CC, put it in my game and kind of forget about the origins. You'd probably find it eventually if you comb through the child hair section on this site:

      I'd dig it up for you, but my Internet kind of sucks these days, and it doesn't like that site.

  2. "I don't know who you think you're kidding, Petra. Your mind is a block of impermeable granite." I get it! Because Petra means rock! /feels smart

    I like that the consignment store is combined with the junkyard. And I'm glad Reggie is the maybe-heir! I like him. C:

    1. Glad you like him. ^.^ He is a super-cute kid, but kind of a goofy looking teenager. I don't know if that is my fault or the game's fault. You'll see in a few chapters. o.o

  3. I take it Reggie's discovering of MageMommy wasn't nearly as eventful as Petra's?

    Lol at Rohane outrunning Chad too. He must have really been bad at tag. But good for Petra for admitting to not one, but TWO blue brothers. There appeared to be a certain amount of pride in that statement too. <3

    And I'm with Petra. I'm terrified that the top bunk is really the death trap for those who roll/walk in their sleep. Then again, I also worry the top bunk will fall on me in the middle of the night and crush me. Bunk beds can go away.

    1. Reggie probably doesn't remember a time when he did not know, since as soon as Greta told Petra, the cat was really out of the bag as far as the household is concerned. ;) But it'll come up later, for sure.

      I am with Petra about the bunk beds, too. I never questioned their structural integrity, though. It was my own clumsiness I didn't trust.

  4. Neat idea for the consignment shop, using one of the houses from Monte Vista. That town was really pretty, but there isn't too much room for expansion there! I built my own Festival lot for Monte Vista on a 40x40 lot there, and then just did a lot of consolidating lots to make room for the Kahekilis, lol

    All the kids are so cute. Reggie makes an adorable Elf King, I love Rohane's freckles, and Petra is a kick.

    It looks like you're enjoying the game again, which is half the battle, lol I'm so happy to see so many updates too, yay! I look forward to seeing what happens next---like when does crazy elf lady come back?

    1. Thanks! =D I am lazy, so I tossed in a slightly editing Appaloosa Plains festival lot. It has the arboretum underneath it, and a community garden around the side of the barn.

      Eris... hmm... well, someone will be coming to look for her, when he can. He's going to need a while.

  5. I love your consignment store, it fits in really well and looks much better than the default EA one. The kids are looking really cute, and I liked Petra's comment about wanting a sister this time.

  6. If you watch the kids (or anyone I guess) at the workbench, they do hammer their hands by accident, and then just shake it off and keep going.

    Haha I still love Petra as a teenager.

    Once again, Rohane is the cutest with his freckles. I excited for another baby though!

  7. OMGosh Convenient Amnesia, that's hilarious!

    ...also that's all I have to say.