Monday, June 16, 2014

Chapter 9: Blue for Reasons

"Homework blows," Petra complains.

"Well you have to do it, or you'll be doomed to a life in food service." Scarlett's threat rings hollow, given how Monte Vista has no record of his education, and yet he's made a living for himself. Outside of food service. In fact, even working in food service requires more documentation than Scarlett can provide.

Reggie's tinkering has become a time-consuming hobby, and no-one is loving it more than Rohane, because wow check out this cool dog toy his big bro made for him! It even barks!

Poofing to the poof dimension was not a feature.

That's all Rohane.

Reggie wipes sweat from his forehead, not turning around. "You say something, Ro-Ro?"

Reggie gets a shower and goes upstairs. He finds his sister playing some kind of lullaby and Ray sleeping peacefully. "That's really beautiful, Petra."

He means the music. The non-screaming baby is nice too, though.

Greta is shocked when her teenage daughter forgoes a whole weekend day's worth of social life in order to practice keyboarding. And then another. And another.

Yes, Petra has her father's talent, but working that talent into results takes time and effort and the sacrifice of all other stuff she could be doing. Being good at an instrument means days spent more with than instrument than with people.

Ray ages up. The hair color came from Scarlett's grandmother.

With four children in the house, the bathroom is the only place Greta and Scarlett can have any privacy.

And they're probably just going to use that privacy to make another child.


Petra wonders if her parents need some kind of intervention.

Not that she isn't fond of her baby brothers.

"And then a massive hurricane advanced upon the helpless hot air balloon!"

"Go to sleep, Spot-Face."

"C'mon, it's fun!" Undaunted by the way his classmates seem to avoid him, Reggie tries to persuade Dean Lombardi-Haynes to play on the school playground with him.

Dean didn't approach the blue kid to be friendly, though. "Why is your name Goldbeard?" he taunts. "You don't have a beard. That's false advertising. You criminal."

"Dean's insults were poorly constructed," Reggie informs his father of the encounter, "but they left me curious as to our origins. On my first day of school you told me to tell everyone we have silver poisoning, and Petra told me Mom is insane and thinks we're elves. But my research as to our last name indicates we are most definitely descended from high seas pirates."

"We're absolutely descended from pirates," Scarlett says. "I have no idea what they pirated, though." He takes the opportunity to ramble on for a while about his childhood; he and Greta grew up on the same island town. His father was a fisherman, and Greta's parents were wealthy patrons of the arts. They each had a younger sibling. Reggie is named for Greta's brother, Reginald.

Reggie's eyes widen. "Neat! Can we visit? I want to see a beach."

Scarlett blushes, which turns his cheeks purple. "Well. You see. There was an accident. And your mother and I just can't remember a single thing that would lead us home."

"Sounds like a magic accident," Reggie says seriously. Reggie has seen his mother use magic. She's told him one day he'll be able to use it, too. "Magic can mess with the brain you know. Mom cursed mine and Petra's."

Scarlett quirks an eyebrow. "Oh?"

"She made it impossible for us to mention her spellcasting to anyone who doesn't already know about it."

Scarlett wonders if that's dangerous. Maybe he ought to have a talk with his wife. "Well. In any case. Your mother isn't insane. Don't call your mother insane."

"So supernatural control agents are real? And they'll really take you away to special secret prison if they find out you used magic to interfere with people who can't?"

"Prison," Scarlett repeats, testing the feel of the word. It's not an accurate one, but... well, what do you tell a kid? Why did he have kids again? "Yes. Special prison."

"So elves are blue."

"No. I'm not telling that story."

"I already asked Mom, but Mom just said you were blue for reasons."

"Finish your homework." Scarlett narrows his eyes threateningly. "Or you'll go to food service prison."

Rohane ages up.

Just in time for baby sister Gysael to be born and take over his crib.

Reggie is happy to have someone to play with on the school playground.

Jalissa Rivers and Paloma Giordano, two of Scarlett's bandmates from Cookie Damage, show up and help themselves to the contents of the Goldbeards' kitchen.

NB: Reggie is eating some fresh baked bread... not a lump of sulfur.

The third floor bedroom receives a slight expansion. Just enough to cram in another bunk bed, so Rohane has a place to sleep.

He claims the bottom bunk, out of laziness. Ray can have the top one someday.

Here is a picture of the house from the outside. I threw a filter on it so it is easier to see, since I did not have the patience to remember to take the picture in daylight hours.

"Please, try to put aside your differences for just one weekend?" Scarlett feels bad butting into his bandmates' dramas, but Cookie Damage is being considered for a gig, and suddenly Jalissa wants to quit because 'Paloma is a crazy bitch'.

And they already lost one member to old age, so going down to just Paloma and Scarlett will probably be the death of the band.

"I'm sorry Red," Jalissa shakes her head. "But I quit, and nothing you say can change my mind."

"We don't need Jalissa." Paloma bursts into the Goldbeard house uninvited, with a teen boy in tow. "Goopy here is great with instruments. He's a little odd, but he's great."

Goopy GilsCarbo, unfortunate enough to be named after a pasta dish, is dressed in a cowboy shirt, boots and plaid shorts. He is a confident young man.

He and Petra get along well.

Chad may have some competition.

"Let me play with your band," Petra practically begs. "My grades are fine, I'm not slacking... and I think music is really where I want to go."

Petra joins Cookie Damage.

Reggie and Rohane are across town, inspecting the skating rink.

"This doesn't seem safe," Reggie observes.

"Eh." Rohane shrugs.

C'mon, Reggie. Elves have +5 agility as a racial bonus.

Don't make your ancestors sad.

Gysael ages up.

"Holy shit, Mom," Petra sputters. "I thought you were kidding when you told me that bedtime story."

Yes, the youngest Goldbeard has pointy ears. Severely pointy ears. Hopefully people will be too polite to ask; that's pretty much how Scarlett remembers his blueness being treated, when he was growing up.

"Can... can we even let her outside?" Petra whispers.

"We'll buy her a hat," Greta whispers back.

Gysael's age-up is a wake-up call for Scarlett to remember time is passing, and Ray should be walking by now. Scarlett takes the time to coach his youngest son in the art of not being a 4-legged critter.

"Your kid is a clumsy m*****f***er," the laundry gnome comments.

Regardless of recent socializations, Petra and Chad are both dateless, so they go to prom together.

"Why are we taking this weird long car?" Petra asks.

"I don't know," Chad says. "It's tradition. Probably has some creepy symbolism."

 Greta is not pleased with Petra's choice of prom attire.

 "People are going to think I taught you to dress like trash!" she complains.

"What do you care what people think!?" Petra explodes. "How often do you talk to anyone outside this house?!"

Etc.: Elves aren't blue-skinned, but lots of stuff in this fantasy universe can have blue skin. That is all you need to know to get the joke.

You can't tell, because of my expert photo cropping skills, but Dean is wearing dainty pink slippers in those pics where he is looking so menacing with his evil trait face. In fact, he's wearing pink slippers the whole time.

I am aware Goopy GilsCarbo existed in the sims franchise before Goopy Carbonara. I'd have to be aware of some things, to have him appear in that outfit. ;) The sims wikis are as far as my knowledge of him goes, though.

For anyone too lazy to follow the links, Goopy shows up in other sims games; he is summarized in them as someone who "overcomes most of his imperfections with an irrationally high self-esteem. Few know of his origins and even fewer want to know". He is a toddler in Monte Vista, and has some likely relatives in Barnacle Bay.

Ray initially aged up with blue hair. I was tired of that so I gave him the same color hair Scarlett's sister and grandmother had. I think it suits him.

The kids have just... like... ridiculously favored Greta, as far as their facial features go. Only Rohane looks more like Scarlett. I hope I'm not dealing with a redux of the Cayenne curse.


  1. Congrats on getting all 5 kids! *throws confetti even though you threw it already on the thread* More confetti!

    I think Gysael (is that the right spelling?) looks quite cute with big ears <3 but I do agree that she'll need a hat to hide them, or make her hairstyle hide them somehow so no one will tease her.
    I feel as if I'm psychic in guessing what colour skin your sims will have. I thought that Ray would be pink, and he was, and I guess that Gysael would be blue, and she was!
    I am a psychic.

    On that note, is Rohane a witch? He made the cow toy disappear, or is that just from the handmade cow?
    On another note, yay for Cookie Damage not being over, and yay for Petra joining. Maybe it was best to keep the band in the family :3

    1. Rohane inherited the witch hidden trait from Greta. =) Child witches cannot do anything special, which is disappointing, but toddlers make their toys appear and reappear.

      Reggie technically did the same thing, but I never put it in the story, so it probably didn't happen.

  2. Despite being an Archer legacy EXPERT, I can't even remember why Scarlett had blue skin. I want to say it was his mother? And something about Wren's blue Imaginary Friend turned real who used to be a gnome? I think that's right. That's definitely "reasons".

    Gysael is one of the cuter toddlers ever. And WOW are those ears pointy!

    1. Scarlett is blue because his mother was blue. Move along. Nothing to see there.

      (Yes, Scarlett's mom, Thalia, was one of the gnome's daughters with a Barnacle Bay resident. That is why gnomes talk to Scarlett. Unfortunately, gnomes are jerks.)


  3. Yeah, like blue IF/gnomes who make it back too late to rescue their best friend. Instead they father little creepo's who pretend to be IF's even though they have a home and family before bailing out on the kids they helped create. I was never a huge fan of Thalia. I laughed at her, but that was about it. Sorry. Though I've been waiting to see if he ever tells his kids for realz why the blue skin is there.

    Congrats to Cookie Damage on their upcoming gig! Has Goopy joined Petra in the band as well?

    The possible phallic symbol that is the prom limo. Ha!

    Did Petra get any romance at prom?

    Reggie and Rohane are awesome. They're brotherly love is sweet. And while Ray is certainly cute, Gysael is adorable! What a cutie!

    1. No. Scarlett is never going to talk about Thalia. Nobody was supposed to like Thalia.

      Yes. Goopy is in the band.

      Petra and Chad are going steady since prom.

  4. Reggie is adorable--I love the way he speaks. Oh, and Scarlett is doing a great job of incentivizing his children to do homework. But what if one of them wants to go into food service? :o

    Daww poor Gysael and her big-ass ears. I should probably get my sims hats, too. :p

    1. Thanks! The spares going into food service is a serious concern, since if there's one thing elves love more than making toys, it is baking cookies.

  5. Gysael is adorable! I think she's my favourite of the five kids! I love the repeated threats of food service if the kids don't do their homework, but will Scarlett ever tell them why they're blue? (Or does he not remember himself?)

    1. Maybe talking about it makes him uncomfortable. xD