Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Chapter 17: The Most Holy of Mackerels

"Holy mackerel! That sim is painting!"

Rohane has the athletic trait.

"The ladies would be all over me if I wasn't a freak."

"Tuck your shirt in, Ray."

"Aw, Mom..."

"And now, to get rid of your weird pirate regalia..."

"Nooo! It has religious significance!"

"Pull your pants up, Ray."

"Aw, Mom...."

Vox casts a wary eye over Rohane's latest accidentally stolen garbage pile.

Enjoy it for now, guys.

Winter will be here again soon.

Reggie thinks it'll be totally funny to wake up his mother with the megaphone.

Mid-yell, he drops it, as inspiration has struck.

Greta shoots up out of bed. "Nyaaa?!"

"I will build something that is not a toy!" Reggie announces.

"Are you insane?!" his mother hisses. "It's four in the morning!"

Eccentric? Yes. Insane? Not yet.

"My gosh, this show is depressing."

"It's a tragedy," Gysael says. "Everyone dies."

"Remember when we'd party hard all night?" Scarlett asks. "Guitar... dancing... more guitar. You could practically mesmerize, with your dancing."

"No," Greta says.

Scarlett teaches his kids some moves.

"I hope none of you forgot it's my birthday," Gysael drops a drama bomb.

Scarlett defuses the bomb by inviting over some guests for a party.

Reggie is glad Petra could make it.


Gysael becomes a teenager, simultaneously completing both of her parents' lifetime wishes.

Then she's nearly trampled by the cake rush.

Yeah cake!

Venessa picks a fight with Goopy.

Pretty typical Giordano behavior.

Almost the whole family has the mean-spirited trait.

After that awkwardness blows over, Venessa decides to show off her dance moves to Reggie.

Which is a different kind of awkward.

"I gotta split, kid. Keep the boys in line, you hear?"

Etc.: Remember that thing we never did? Yeah that was so much fun!

I never understood why the 5 kids lifetime wish thing wants you to raise them to teenagers... and not to adults. It should still be a fail if your kids die as teenagers, you douches.

I think this is the first time I had that LTW in a legacy, since it's the first time I've had 5 kids not split up between co-heirs. I rolled 5 kids only once before, in fact. The heir fathered 4 of them, and the help fathered one.

Reggie's LTW is to master 3 skills. Inventing is obviously one. He's high in magic, cooking and handiness... so two of those will likely be mastered next. Probably cooking and magic.

So yeah. Scarlett is dancing around the house when he's not rolling woohoo wishes, Greta is painting, and Reggie spends most of his time glued to the workbench because that's what he keeps rolling wishes to do (we don't need the money, and I've been there done that with the inventor rewards... and also I'm pretending that he didn't go from making scrap toys that moo to making a time machine, even if he is a genius).

The kids are all going to school. The dog is interrupting everyone's actions to get its fur brushed. It's not making for much screenshot excitement. I guess I need to have Reggie hunt down a mate soon.

Hopefully Scarlett gets another gig before his drummer dies, but I'm not holding my breath.


  1. So a couple of chapters ago I felt very bad for Scarlett since he's so mopey. This chapter made me feel much better about him. He dances and woohoos a lot! That's great! What a life for a sim. <3

    1. Like most founders, he had things rough at first, but once he was rolling in dough I let him do whatever.

      And what he wants to do is his wife. >.>

    2. LMAO. Your comment made me giggle. ^_^

      I love Petra so much. It was really great to see her again. <3 I'm on my iPad so I'll type up a better comment when I get to my computer later, but yeah. I'm thoroughly enjoying your new legacy so far. :)