Sunday, July 13, 2014

Chapter 22: The Illusion of Safety

Scarlett is struck by lightning.

It's not very exciting.

What's exciting is the new baby.

"Can I hold her?" Gysael begs. "Guys? Helloooo?"

Izalee is less than a day old, and Scarlett already has dozens of pictures of her to show off.

Pink nursery. Pink nursery. Yeah.

Sure, she's all perfect now, but what happens when she grows up and starts hating you for passing on your terrible blue genes? Better think about that, Reggie.

Paloma Giordano dies of old age, leaving a hole in Cookie Damage's roster... and in their hearts. Venessa, Paloma's niece, is particularly distraught, as she had not bothered to visit her aunt in some time.

"Cheer up, love," Scarlett tries to console his daughter-in-law. "If there was anything your aunt really hated, it was a downer. She wouldn't want you to be sad."

 "Are you going to look for another drummer?" Greta asks.

"We could, but things just won't be the same without Paloma. She was the drive behind the whole band. She brought us together in the first place. Goopy and Petra make almost all of their money outside of our gigs. So this is probably it for Cookie Damage." Scarlett frowns. "We'll still get together and jam, of course."

 Vox's great hunting adventure. He brought us back a used chip bag from behind the school.

 Vox makes it home in time to meet the world's shittiest burglar.

See what I mean? She hasn't been on the property for even ten seconds, and she's already being attacked by an alarm, a dog, AND a cop car.

Gysael is the first out the door to see the commotion. She was staying the night.

By the time the foolish criminal is subdued, it's sunrise.

Gysael watches intently as the cop checks the perimeter of the house.

"This is stupid," she criticizes. "He's not really going to find anything. He's just doing a little pretend ritual to make us feel sa-"


"Seriously, Reg?" Gysael fights to catch her breath. "Grow up."

"We have a little sorceress on our hands," Greta warns her son.

"I know, Mom," he mumbles.

"I may not be here to teach this one. It'll be up to you to keep her safe."

"I will keep her safe," he promises.

Reggie was one of her brightest children, Greta reflects, but he has never faced true danger. He seems so innocent and carefree, testing out a toy on the floor... smiling at her... she worries about him. She worries about what kind of future she's leaving for her descendants.

Reggie considers the silencing hex his mother placed on him and his siblings when they were young. They weren't trusted not to talk about their magic, and worse, they weren't trusted not to show off with it. He understood the necessity of it, but being so controlled never sat well with him, and he dreads the thought of casting such a dangerous enchantment on Izalee someday.

This isn't elder abuse. Scarlett has the "loves to swim" trait.

Scarlett and Greta decide the appropriate place to make out is in front of everyone.

EVERYONE. The baby, the kids, the in-law, the dog...

Anyway, Izalee ages up to toddler stage.

She has her mother's chin.

And Greta's eyes.

 And somebody's spots.

And a purple yeti toy.

X-TREME close-up! Because no toddlers in Sims4, apparently?

 Hey, we even got a pic with the mom in.

Venessa is a busy woman moving quickly up the career ladder, scoring promotion after promotion.

Reggie feels a little guilty, being able to set his own hours and effectively stay home playing with Izalee as long as he likes.

Which isn't to say that Venessa is an inattentive mother.

It's just saying Reggie gets to have way more fun, and he hopes Venessa isn't jealous or resentful.

If she is, there's no sign of it.

Etc.: I've been pushing Venessa pretty hard in her career, not because we need money but because it's the first time I've done art appraisal and I wanted to max it out. She's at level 7.

I'm glad I didn't roll the acquisition branch, because apparently it's about stealing art, lol.

So it makes sense for the acquisition branch to be stationed in the criminal hideout, but the appraisal branch is legit, so I think they should have thrown it in a different rabbithole. Though I guess it doesn't matter, since if you're not a criminal, you don't know it's a criminal hideout, right? Unless you're a high level police dude, because then you get to "raid the criminals" or whatever.


  1. Sims getting struck by lightning still amuses me, but I've been told I have a warped sense of humor, lol XD
    New babies are always exciting! Izalee is adorable! <3
    Loved the bungling burglar, haha
    I've never looked very closely at the Yeti toy, but darn, that thing is kind of scary! O.o Especially for a child's toy!

    1. Heh, the Yeti toy does have some sharp, pointy teeth there.

      I was disappointed Vox had no option to attack the burglar.

  2. Dude... Izalee is the cutest toddler ever.

  3. I'm a bit jealous, I haven't had a sim get struck by lightening for actually years, and even then only one time. I probably shouldn't wish for things like this to happen though.