Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chapter 23: This is My Job


"What's up?" Reggie inquires.

"This is for my job," Venessa explains.

"This device harmlessly scans paintings and such, and tells me..." Blah blah blah. Reggie stops listening, because he has video games to play.

Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at suppertime!

When pizza's in the fridge, you can have pizza anytime!




Ray, recently promoted to fertilizer analyst, invites his family over to meet his wife, Heather.

Heather is Goopy and Rhonda GilsCarbo's little sister. She serves a mean spaghetti at the bistro.

For the most part, Heather is very nice.

But she can tell right away that Reggie does not bow to the master feline race.

Heather and Ray are already expecting a child. Scarlett will be so pleased.

It's not spooky day, you little brat, but Reggie will take pity on you and give you candy anyway.

Feeling old and weak, Scarlett begins to roll wishes about buying expensive exercise equipment and getting pumped.

 "Hrrrrk... where did I even get this ugly shirt?"

 Greta's still got it, though.

Yeah, she's still got it. ♪

Probably talking about how lucrative the painting business is in this universe.

Though Greta still uses painting more to express her anxieties than to fund the lives of her family, who all make comparatively mediocre amounts of money.

Only Rohane and Gysael are refusing to take any "inheritance". Greta finds that a bit mystifying.

 Reggie tells his daughter the half-remembered stories passed down from his own parents.

Today Izalee is more interested in Batman, the sea bat starfish.

The fishtank is juuuust out of her reach...

Dog in the rain.

Venessa's ideas on how to spend quality time with the in-laws are... interesting.

"We're going to get totally wasted, old man."

As committed as Venessa is to her job, her favorite days are her days off.

She can spend those doing whatever she feels like doing, and her husband never disagrees with her plans. Because what else does he have to do? Really.

 Today it's a post-lunch swim in the public pool.

 A very Giordano greeting to cousin Maria.

 Reggie still finds his in-laws a little... odd.

Venessa spots Maria's husband, Angelo Giorando-Bianchi (formerly just Angelo Bianchi), and autonomously climbs out of the pool so she can yell at him. Maybe he's been a rotten husband? I don't know. Several sim hours pass with Venessa standing behind Angelo with the "yell at" action in her queue.

I'll work up the nerve to talk to him... any minute now...

But the day drags on and both Venessa and Angelo continue to stand there in the same spot.

Disappointed, I cancel Venessa out of her mysterious quarrel with Angelo, and the young Goldbeard couple take their daughter to the park instead.


Hey, it's Rhonda from the toy shop. But what is she up to?

Is... is she making a move on Venessa's husband?!

Venessa marches over to call Rhonda a harlot.

"They were platonic flowers, you psycho!" Rhonda protests. "Yellow is the color of friendship!"

"I should tell your husband about this!" Venessa threatens.

"Do it, bitch! He's right over there! In the sexy police uniform!"

After she's done chewing out Rhonda, Venessa wanders around critiquing the landscaping.

These are not the BEST potted plants, but they'll do...

Rhonda, currently pregnant with her and Beppe Bianchi's second child, abducts Izalee for tickles.

Reggie and Venessa are too busy sucking face to care.

Time to go home!

"If you ever look that way at my husband again, I will cut you."

"Bitch, you're crazy. I don't want none of your messed up blue circus freak family."


"Sorry, I got carried away."

Reggie is skilled at ignoring this kind of thing.

Rohane and Ray used to yell at each other all the time!

All the time...

"Hey, I'm, uh, sorry about that comment," Rhonda tries to apologize to Reggie once Venessa has stalked away. Rhonda's boss would be pissed if she cost them any business over this.

"It's okay," Reggie lies, "I really wasn't listening."

The day's grand finale is a plate of perfect quality french toast.

Etc.: I gave Venessa the pizza appreciator trait (SOMEONE from Monte Vista should have it!), so I could test to see if the special oven pizzas from the store item grant the same moodlet boost as delivery pizzas. And I discovered the answer is no, they do not count. For shame, EA.

Heather was in some screenshots before, as a child. Chapter 10. She's at the hot dog stand with teenage sister Rhonda, lookin' like she's giving Gysael a weird look.

I'm glad SP finally set Ray up with someone! Still no kids from Petra & Chad. I recently used nraas SP to set the base number of kids down to 1 in my town, and it has dramatically reduced the birth rate (which is what I was hoping for). The default is 3, which seems to quickly lead to huge family trees (and headaches if you want to keep track of them).


  1. Da-yamn, Reggie skillfully ignored that cat fight. I finally took a gander at the rolls (I was trying to ignore them so I'd be surprised :p). I'm trying to guess what happens now.

    I now have that stupid pizza song stuck in my head. O.O

    1. You mean when he was skillfully reading a book, or when he was skillfully playing with a whale toy? xD Reggie knows when his opinion ain't wanted.

      And there are worse pizza songs. My boyfriend did this to me once: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DKGKs32xjs&feature=kp

  2. Or this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsJhfwbfMvU

    1. I couldn't watch that. It was too terrifying.

  3. Do Greta and Scarlett just walk around the house throwing peace signs at each other? xD

    Venessa has gotten very comfortable with her in-laws. Juice pong level comfortable.

    Venessa being the jealous type doesn't surprise me. Rhonda's comment did, though.

    I didn't know that about SP! I'm going to have to change my settings...

    1. Do Greta and Scarlett just walk around the house throwing peace signs at each other? Yes... yes they do.

  4. One of my favorite things about MV is all the names are familiar to me. Like, I grew up with the Giordanos and the Bianchis...
    Venessa is hilarious, I'm glad you got her into the household.

    1. Thanks! I enjoyed playing with the Venessa sim a lot.