Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Chapter 25: School's Out For Ever

 Days go by, a winding haze, another summer drifts away.

Venessa wonders if any of Scarlett's sea-themed collection is worth anything.

Apparently it's not.

Reggie tries to get Izalee interested in a fun video game, but her mind lingers on her first week at school. The other kids made fun of her freckles, her skin color, her hair, her clothes, her favorite color...

"They did that to me, too," her father says.

Saturday afternoon is spent at one of the many community pools, sunbathing with mom. "Do you think if I stay out here long enough to get a tan, I'll turn the same color as you?"

"Don't wish to change yourself, honeygirl," Venessa advises. "You're beautiful."

Izalee sighs. She doesn't feel beautiful.

Her cousin, Rain, shares her pale blue eyes and pale blue skin.

Izalee and Rain become fast friends while their parents chat about boring adult stuff.


Heather waits for Izalee to be out of earshot before she grills Reggie and Venessa about the things that are really on her mind. She remembers growing up thinking the blue Goldbeard kids were weird and avoiding them. Are things better with Izalee? Will things be horrible for Rain?

Reggie is quick to change the subject to cooking tips.

Ray takes his mother aside to ask how she's doing.

"I think I miss that guitar the most," she says.

Scarlett's guitar is still in the house, of course, but it sits silent in their storage room in the basement.

Another pic of Heather. She's pregnant again by the way.

Vox ♪

 Vox is a true friend.

 Greta sketching.

Gnome admiring itself.

A super ghetto way to fix a vanishing ceiling tile.

 A girl and her parents, fishing.

A thin layer of frost forms on the ground as the sun sets.

"I found a replacement for Batman," Reggie announces.

"Dad, you can't just replace him. He's dead."

Yes, someone forgot to feed the starfish in the nursery. :(

 Fishing is kind of gross.

"It's getting colder," Izalee observes. The weather is fluctuating, some of the trees are starting to change color, and it's more commonplace to see sims outside in long sleeves.

"It's called autumn," Venessa explains. "Aren't they teaching you anything in science class?"

"I like science," Izalee mumbles. "But the other kids make fun of me for it."

"Um. Well. Autumn isn't anything to worry about. Summer always returns."

 The sun is down, and supper is in the oven. Time to paint.

Weekends are Izalee's favorite thing in the world.

Izalee has a considerable talent and interest in painting. Venessa encourages her to keep working at it, but to also pursue other interests. She warns that the local market is saturated with good artists, and very few become as respected and well-paid as Greta Goldbeard.

Looks like the wall got repainted purple there...

After the kid goes to bed, Reggie and Venessa play SkiFree. Since the game invariably ends in violent death by yeti, it is unsuitable for the eyes of children.

A morning visit from the relatives.

Reggie is not too old to challenge his brother to a game of tag.

Rohane pauses to watch his niece utterly fail to catch a baseball.

When Venessa isn't looking, Reggie runs up with a magic-assisted burst of speed. "You're it."

"Aw, man, not fair." Rohane rolls his eyes. "Your wife could'a seen that."

 "I'm careful," Reggie protests quietly.

"Nah, man, it's good. I think it's great you made this all work for you. I wish I could manage something like that."

"You can if you want to," Reggie says, innocently mystified.

Etc.: SkiFree came with my old Windows 95. I was not an emotionally mature child, so the protagonist's fate was very... upsetting.

Reggie and Venessa are playing some radical futuristic remake of the game. Hence it is two-player!

One more pic for the Izalee fans:

That hair is so cute on her, I'll be sad when she ages to teen.


  1. Izalee is so adorable! <3 It's good that the family stays so close, even though they no longer all live together. I'm awful at doing that--once the spares leave, most times they are never heard from again, lol

    I love the freezer bunny picture, the gnome admiring himself, and the stuffed dog, haha! Great pics! You're sims also seem to be very fond of yetis! =)

    1. Yeah, I hate when I roll lots of kids, because I always feel obligated to keep track of extended family. They make good side characters.

  2. D'aaaaw, Izalee is too cute. I like that the other family members keep showing up (though there needs to be 99% more Gysael ;)). Vox is also really adorable.

  3. Trying to catch up, my apologies, my brother and I stinkin' loved skifree! Thank you for bringing that up and reminding me of it's existence. Back to catching up now.