Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chapter 29: New Routines

"Dad, you can't just replace him. He's dead."

Since the big fight in the Goldbeard living room, Izalee has been having flashback dreams. They leave a hollow, sick feeling in her chest, even though nothing particularly traumatic happens in them. They always predate the incident.

Maybe her dreams long for a time before all that stuff happened.

Venessa never came back to the house. Reggie tries again and again and again to call and message her, but all she tells him is "I can't" and "it's over". Finding out that her family, from the in-laws to the husband to even the little kid, was keeping a fatally dangerous secret... it was just too much. Venessa's head can't cope with that.

Reggie should be worried she won't stay quiet about what she's learned, but he isn't. At all. All he's worried about is if she's really, really left him forever.

Reggie goes to Maria and Angelo Giordano-Bianchi's place, where Venessa is staying now, but Maria turns him away at the door.

"I don't know what you did," Maria snarls, "but Nessa doesn't want to see you."

"What's got you so wonked out?" Emily, Maria's teenage daughter, tosses an eggshell into the sink. At first she assumed some horrible abuse happened to her mother's cousin Venessa, but if that's the case, they'll just never know. Venessa is tight-lipped as she watches Reggie disappear into the distance.

Rohane is dead. Gysael ran away. Venessa is sending the legal documents for a divorce.

Petra and Ray try to be of some comfort, but there's not much to say about the situation.

Ray, the middle child between Rohane and Gysael, is finding it particularly surreal.

(Except for the Venessa thing. He never liked her.)

Greta dropped her paranoid idea of moving far away from Monte Vista. If Gysael returns, everyone should still be here, she reasons, just like Gysael left them. Then they can pretend the fight never happened...

Izalee can logic out that her father is heartbroken, withdrawn. The trying-to-get-Venessa-to-come-home stage passed, and then the curl-up-on-the-bed-and-be-miserable stage passed, and now he's absorbed in his scrap metal tinkering. He doesn't show his usual interest in helping her with her homework, and he blanches when she asks for mage lessons.

I lost them too, Izalee musters the strength to telepath.

Reggie bends down to give Izalee a hug. He hasn't meant to shut her out... he just hasn't known how to console her. But, he realizes, that's no excuse to not try.

"Your mother just needs some time," he says, though he doesn't know if it's true. It feels like a lie. He doesn't have to imagine the guilt and anger and pain and abandonment his daughter is feeling; it's right there on her face. She's not hiding it like his mother.

The family falls into new routines.

Routines that do not have Venessa in them.

Gysael left her dog here. Which was... a little weird.

Or maybe not.

List of things to not bring on homicidal revenge quest: weak stomachs, common sense, children, pets.

 Reggie always meant to get a bigger dog, anyway.

Rain finally ages up, giving Izalee someone to play with.

Now that the cousins are older, it's more obvious that Rain's skin is a slightly different shade than Izzy's.

And yes, by now Heather has popped out Rain's younger sibling, and that sibling is now a toddler.

Her name is Layla. She has Ray's coloring, but otherwise looks a lot like her mother.

Reggie knows it isn't long for his mother when she starts rambling about dragons.

She's going to die, he thinks, and leave him to raise his emotionally wounded daughter alone.

 Venessa is not coming back.

Etc.: So I rolled second chance. Who will the lucky second lady be?

Venessa was a fun sim to play with. From the start, I was attached, even though I knew I'd have to boot her out. I guess that's usually how these second chance rolls go.

And poor Reggie, he really did love her. He was always rolling romantic wishes. And Venessa seemed to quarrel with everyone but him! I even caught her yelling at Izalee once... though I swear her favorite target was Ray.


  1. Awwww. I never really liked Venessa (sorry) because she was so mean to everyone else, but Reggie likes her, and I like Reggie. :c

    I am really curious about who he'll end up with. Maybe another mage? :D

    1. Hmm... where would he find one of those? xD

  2. Aww, poor Reggie. He's probably better off without her, since she can't seem to handle their supernatural abilities. I hope he finds someone that can. =) I feel bad for Izalee too, she lost her mother! =(

    1. Romance with a non-supernatural may be off the table for him, after this fiasco.

  3. Poor Izalee, I'm glad that Reggie is spending time with her.

    I don't totally blame Venessa; maybe if she'd found out in a different way she could have handled all the magic.

    1. Thanks! I did try to write her as a slightly sympathetic, or at least believable character, even if her actions hurt our protagonists.