Sunday, August 3, 2014

Chapter 32: The Dust Mote

Reggie and Perenna meet up at Monte Vista's sad excuse for a bowling alley. She tries to launch into small talk, but he quickly asks again about those places she spoke of, where supernaturals coexist without killing each other.
Perenna frowns. "Okay." This is harder to talk about than she thought, since for the longest time, all she's wanted was someone she could be honest with. "I grew up in a place called Firelight. Magic wards, powered by dozens of elementals, kept our town safe and hidden and completely off the grid. But my parents were, how do I put this?"

She smiles fakely as her ball-throw knocks down every pin in one go. "They broke one of the more important laws, and got us thrown out. They didn't have the decency to leave me in Firelight."

There's nobody around to catch Reggie staring at Perenna's shorts.

Maybe he's just wondering where her tail is.

 Oh. Feeling guilty, are we?

"I was pretty young," Perenna continues. "I didn't dare question how my parents lived, how they acted towards humans. It didn't take long for supernatural control to find us."

"We were living in some bayou town. One day this little purple light flew in the window. I thought it was some kind of bug. So I ran after it. Then suddenly, it was a man."

"A man with gold skin and purple wings. He stared at me for a second, with this bemused look on his face. Reflecting back on it now, I think me being there kind of startled him."

"Not so much that he didn't attack my parents."

"They were dead in seconds. I tried to tell myself he'd made them fall asleep..."

"But then they evaporated. And the grim reaper showed up."

"The winged guy told me my parents had been causing too much trouble."

"He asked me if I was going to cause trouble."

"I said 'no'."

"He looked away from me and said.... 'I believe you'."

"Then he turned right back into a glowy dust mote and floated out the window. I had no idea how to get back home.... so now human civilization is my home. And it's all right... I mean, it's so-so. I remember Firelight's pizza was pretty bad, so that's one thing places like Monte Vista definitely have over it. Great pizza."

"My brother and sister also met a fairy," Reggie says, after pondering the coincidence with a healthy amount of suspicion. She could know everything already, she could be trying to manipulate him.

"Yeah?" She looks at him, expecting him to open up a little. She's been doing all the talking.

But all he says is: "Yeah."

Etc.: Gold? He's closer to, like, a lemon color. But it's your story and I'll let you lie if you want to Perenna.

Perenna (the name has the same roots as words like perennial) is a gender-swapped and lightly altered clone of one of Melissa's sims. I gave Perenna less-cool eyebrows, for example. The clone I used for Perenna's father is less altered.

 Regulations would have had yellow fairy bring Perenna back to HQ for intense re-education, since executing people's parents right in front of them without trial is... probably a really effective way to create young terrorists. One person's terrorist, another person's revolutionary, all that.

Sorry... I... I guess that's kind of dark.

 Here, have a picture of Izalee's slumber party with Rain to cheer up:

 She's carving a kitty-face on the pumpkin.


  1. That IS a little dark, but it makes sense.

    Mmhmm, Reggie is "looking for her tail." She's really cute, Reggie. Just get over the long term relationship you had with the mother of your child and jump into bed with Perenna, you big baby. ;)

  2. Aw, poor child Perenna, that would be quite devastating to have your parents killed right in front of you! She seems (mostly) well adjusted despite that though. She also seems like a much better match than Reggie's first wife. =)

    1. Perenna did not have a happy adolescence, that's for certain. =( She was determined to not allow her whole life to be ruined, though.

  3. Looking for her tail? Sure, sure.

    So Perenna doesn't know how to get back to Firelight. That's okay, she can just join Reggie's not-quite-human family for some company.

  4. Not knowing how to get home is a recurring theme, I guess. :x

  5. Wow, Reg didn't even have to get to level 4 friendship before unlocking Perenna's tragic backstory. But really, that is a tragic backstory.

    1. To be fair, Reg was demanding answers from her. So he got them.

      Much as a drawn out courtship would have been nice, I was anxious to get on with things. ;D

    2. I know how that goes. I've often been guilty of rushing things forward, especially when you're dealing with an actual Sims time frame and not drawing things out with alternate saves and such. They don't have years or even months to get stuff done, lol.

  6. Low res pixellation close-up threats yea!