Saturday, August 9, 2014

Chapter 35: Claws & Stuff

Vox misses Greta. Who is this new lady in his home?

Pillow fight!


 Reggie is the picture of stability and maturity.

Perenna suspects she will have to go buy shirts that cover her belly, very soon.

Reggie didn't particularly want more children, but Perenna always wanted a "pup" to raise from infancy.

"What if you love your new daughter more because her mother is Perenna?" Izalee freaked out when she was told to expect a baby sister, and after days of silent sulking, the fears have finally crystallized into words.

Reggie frowns seriously. "That's not going to happen, Izalee."

"How do you know?"

"I know because it doesn't matter who your mother is, I'm your father."

Izalee pouts, but can't think of anything to say to that. Especially not with Polka whining and barking at nothing in the background.

"My father had five kids," Reggie reminds her. "None of us felt neglected. So I had a really great role model for how to handle this." He smiles reassuringly.

"We had a starfish here once," Izalee informs her step-mother, "but Venessa forgot to feed it and it died."

"Not that this octopus isn't cool or anything." The starfish's 'replacement', Aileen the octopus, has nothing to contribute to the conversation.

"So what is a werewolf hybrid like?" Reggie asks this a little late in the pregnancy.

"Hm, well, we're all hybrids to some degree," she non-answers. They aren't the results of dumb beasts mating with humans, of course, that's impossible and disgusting. But there weren't enough original animal-folk to exist for this long without intermingling with other races. "If she's born with a tail, we'll just chop it off..."

Reggie winces. "But... your claws and fangs and heightened senses and lack of inhibition," he rather clinically describes her transformation, "they're caused by stress. Both positive and negative stress. How do you control that in children?"

"Pups just need discipline," she laughs away his concerns. "And a lot of snuggles. Acting out mostly comes from insecurity, if it doesn't come from needing to test boundaries. You have to set boundaries pretty early, show the child who the alpha is."

"Oookay." Reggie gives his wife a thumbs-up.

"A baby sister will be fun!" Rain insists. "I love mine."

"Layla is really close in age to you," Izalee mumbles.

"Oooh you are such a sour-puss. I need to show you how fun toddlers are."

With just a focused thought from Rain, Layla appears in a column of light behind them.

Rain tries to get Layla interested in the dolls, Layla tries to make a break for the bookshelf, and Izalee starts freaking out. "Rain! You're not supposed to use that power!"

Rain rolls her eyes. "I can control it. It's not dangerous."

"You don't know that! My Dad said not to do it!"

"Teleporting my sister from my house isn't going to lead the secret police fairies to us. Don't be such a scaredy-cat, sour-puss."

It is strange magic. Rain wants something, and with concentration, it can appear before her. Rain was told all about theie only other relative she had who possessed something close to this ability, and what happened to him. For all they know what happened to him was just a coincidence, but it makes a better story to say he was punished for using his powers wrong.

"I'm telling..." Izalee threatens.

"Go ahead! Tell! You're just jealous!" Rain accuses.

"No! I'm not! I'm just trying to look out for you!"

The cousins reconcile quickly. Rain hates to see Izalee on the verge of tears. "Fine, I promise to stop teleporting stuff. Right after I send Layla home."

"Thank you."

Poor Perenna. As soon as the labor pains start, she begins to panic. Since the kid may pop out with a big furry tail, there's no way she can risk giving birth in a hospital.

Luckily, everything goes well. The baby doesn't have a tail. Her name is Lucida, and her glowing irises indicate she may have werewolf powers, like her mother.

Aaand one of the first things she does is try to claw her dad's face. Awesome.

Etc.: Actually, the brown outline around her portrait on one of the sim panels let me know she was a werewolf. The babyjoints don't actually have glowing eyes. Useless babyjoints.

I wanted to leave the werewolf form on throughout the pregnancy, but it turns out pregnant sims cannot be in werewolf form. "Try for baby" isn't even an available option in werewolf form.

Lucida is another Latin name. It's from lucidus (adjective; clear, bright, perceptive), lux (noun; light) and luceo (verb; shine, become visible, conspicuous, clear). It's where we get English words like lucid (not crazy; seeing clearly). It's also related to words like luna (moon; the light in the night sky). In Welsh there's llug (shimmer). In ancient Greek there's leukós (white, light, bright), from which we get, um, leukemia (through German Leukämie, from the ancient Greek (leukós, white) + (haîma, blood)). Linguists say there's maybe totally a thing called the Proto-Indo-European root lewk- (bright, to shine, to see).


  1. D'aww, I like how Reggie reassured Izalee. And I'm so stoked about the new pup! Too bad that Perenna had to hide her midriff for awhile. I love the name, too.

    OT, but all the Latin names are making me miss my Latin class that I took years ago. Too bad I don't remember anything from it. :p

    1. Reggie was just kinda wingin' it there, but Izalee bought it. xD

      My Latin classes were a long time ago, too. I'm sure I forgot way more than I retained.

  2. Wow. Rain is doing really good with her magic. I don't blame Izalee for freaking out a bit. I can't imagine the freakout Rain's mom might have been having had her daughter disappeared in front of her. At least, I'm assuming Heather is still in the dark.

    Yay for baby!

    1. Hehe, Heather is indeed still in the dark. As I was writing that scene, I thought about adding some lines to explain how Rain knew it'd be OK to pull that little stunt, but it was just bogging down the flow of things so I left it out. =P

      So you're free to imagine all sorts of shenanigans.

  3. Hmm, why do I have the feeling Rain is going to cause a lot of trouble with her magic? Not really thinking things through there was she?

    I'm looking forward to seeing what Lucida is like when she grows up a bit

  4. Well, that would be a little disconcerting, Rain teleporting sims into the room with her. It's a good thing she likes her sister, or she might teleport her to Timbuktu, lol I hope that Rain using her "powers" doesn't bring the secret police fairies down on them, because I don't think any of them are ready for that.

    Yay for another girl! =)

    1. Hopefully Rain will stay under their radar, indeed!

      Though, spoiler, she cannot teleport to other places (yet), she can only bring objects to her. Psionic powers are weird man.

  5. Hmm Izalee called Venessa "Venessa", not mother or some variation. Maybe she doesn't want to think of her as her mom anymore? Or I'm reading too much into it. :P

    Rain is a lot more daring with her powers. Maybe she and Izalee can try to learn together?

    Yay for Lucida! Now to see how Reggie handles this.

    1. You're reading into it correctly. (: Izalee is too upset with Venessa (for abandoning her and all) to continue calling her "mom".