Sunday, August 17, 2014

Chapter 38: She Didn't Need My Help

Reggie hasn't thought about Gysael in a while, but this night she haunts his dreams. He walks out into the yard and finds her standing in a misty rain, a teen again, with her guitar, a snarl on her face.

"Come with me," she sings. "You feel me. Why do you pretend you don't agree with me? The psychometric is chasing his daughter, who's chasing the cat, and why do we care? We're fated to fail, and I'm madder every time, I'll rip them to shreds in every incarnation 'till there's none left anymore, incineration, incarceration, reiteration, the process of elimination, why've you left me alone? Retaliation! Revitalization, realization, why you and not me? Why'd you let me go alone? Inclinations, I've got them, part of me remembers and most of me doesn't. Hide my ears. Burn the years. Rage and rage. I can change. I did change. I can change. On my own. Unwound, still bound, spellbound, lost and then found. My mistakes, replicated, still not sated, for the record, for the discord. Serenity's forsaken me. Left me cold and alone."

Sometimes, Perenna wakes up in the morning with the strong urge to sharpen her claws on nearby furniture.

Must be nice to be able to afford that.

How many times do you have to be told not to dig in the flower pots, yo?

Random pic of Petra hanging out with her former housemate Terry Taylor.

In Firelight, Perenna explains, there was always a bonfire party in honor of one's teen birthday.

Not much of a party, Izalee thinks, as she watches her father and step-mother dance. But she's long since accepted that she won't be the type to have friends outside the family.

With a flick of a recently-cobbled-together magic wand, the young witch causes the fire to burn blue and cold.

She didn't really need my help to become a mage, Reggie tells himself.

Watching the fire manipulated into something decidedly not-fire, Perenna is reminded of the elementals who guarded her childhood home.

This home: guarded by Polka the inept.

(Because Vox the small is getting pretty old.)

Lucida is now old enough to know she shouldn't pull her father's hair, so she settles for petting it.


Izalee senses her cousins' approach. "What's up?"

"Nothin'," Rain responds. "Just baby-sister-sitting."

"The dogs are inside if you want to play with them, Layla." Izalee means Polka and Vox are inside, but if Layla wants to play with Lucida, that's fine too...

"I know when I'm not wanted," Layla jokes, as she saunters away.

"I didn't mean it that way!" Izalee protests.

"That garden is a lot of work, huh?" Of all the things Rain imagined she'd be doing as a teenager, spending a Saturday afternoon watching her cousin water plants was... well, it was kind of predictable! But she'd hoped for better!

"It makes me feel closer to Grandma," Izalee says. "Not letting her garden die."

"I have other things that make me feel closer to Grandma." Rain waves around Greta's focusing wand, creating a harmless light show in the air.

"Sometimes I wonder if she was even that great of a person." Izalee magics the dirt off her hands.

"Wow, you are a downer today."

"Yeah? Check this out." Izalee sets out to prove she is not a downer today, and summons her own wand from hammerspace. "Constructed it myself. It's uniquely in tune with my energies."

Rain's eyes widen. She is genuinely impressed. "That is so cool!"

The cousins practice their focusing exercises in silence for a while, then Rain speaks up: "I think we should leave Monte Vista when we grow up, and try to find Firelight."

Izalee's nose crinkles. "Pff. What?"

"You mean you haven't thought about it?!?! We could be with other witches and junk!"

"Be with romantically, or socially?"

"Both? Just think of all the cool stuff we could learn. You probably can't, it's so awesome we can't even imagine it."


"Come on! Monte Vista is so booooring, I want to see the world."

"We can't go looking for other witches," Izalee protests. "We'd just find Supernatural Control, and then end up dead or something."

"I've been thinking about all of Grandma's warnings, yeah. But what if they were all over-paranoia? Her memory was all wonked out. And Perenna met an agent, and he let her go..."

"He let her go after murdering her parents in front of her. Honestly, Rain. Listen to yourself."

Etc.: Honestly.


  1. Gosh Lucida is adorable.

    The 'or something' from Izalee's protest about finding SC instead makes my imagination go into overdrive. SC. Yikes.

    Oh Rain. Then again, there are possibilities she has to run into Eris at some point. Or at least seriously screw with her life. So perhaps this wanderlust is where it all begins?

    1. It's true, the SC can do a lot worse than murder.

      Rain surely must have some connection to Eris. Not even I would make a red herring that painful... right?

      And Lucida gets even better looking as a child (in my opinion). (:

  2. The dream about Gysael gave me shivers! :o

    I obviously don't want to Goldbeard's to encounter any trouble, but I will happily accept any appearances from Foxglove and Supernatural Control. Rain is going to get them in trouble. *laughs maniacally*

    Ah, I hadn't even thought about the possibilities re: Eris! D:

  3. Rain scares me a little. XD

  4. Oh the actual claws!

    I'm with Rain, I really want them to look for and find Firelight. It could be a lot of trouble and danger, though.