Sunday, August 24, 2014

Chapter 39: Ease My Worried Mind

Hey, it's Petra and Chad! The rare and elusive Chad!

Petra looks so interested in what your favorite food is, Izalee.

Perenna's favorite food is hamburgers. That's why Reggie is fixin' some.

Having a second child wasn't his idea, but he's just as attentive of a parent to Lucida as he was with Izalee. Which is good, because he's the one who gets to stay home and make sure she doesn't destroy the whole house while Perenna is working.

Of course, he works too, meeting all of Monte Vista's thrift store quality toy needs...

"That's certainly a thing, Dad," Izalee comments, looking up from the thirsty garden to see her father is welding something larger than his head. "What are you up to?"

"New idea," he says. "This is going to be awesome."

Night and day, Reggie works hard to bring his imagination to life.

Lucida hits the child stage.

She's a very active child, and is encouraged to funnel her energy into scouts and sports.

Izalee and Rain always end up in the same group for group projects at school. Their teachers assume no one else would want to work with them.

Rain's little sister has no appreciation for the seriousness of high school homework.

"♫ I've got you on your knees, I'm Laaaaaylaaaa! I got you beggin' please, Layla! Darlin' won't you ease my worried mind? ♪" 

"Layla," Izalee interrupts, "please go play with Lucida?"

 Layla finds Lucida in Reggie and Perenna's bedroom, playing with the mirror.

"Nice of you to show up, deputy!" her cousin greets her. "I'm playing Space Cactus 3 and I sorely need a princess to rescue."

"Do you think we'll ever get mage powers?" Layla asks.

"Tch, yeah, totally." Lucida sounds so confident.

Layla nods, accepting this answer. Magic powers tend to blossom most for teenagers. Her uncle, Reggie, told her she didn't have the capacity to ever learn spellcrafting, but he could be wrong, right? What does he know?

Obligingly, Layla dresses up so the two can play The Princess & The Sheriff.

"I'm picking up the elf princess's scent," Lucida announces. "I will track her down and bring her kidnapper to justice."

"You're just pawing around in the grass," Layla says, shaking harmless, biodegradable glitter out of a toy wand.

"Elves smell really fruity, but I must put aside my disgust, for the sake of the kingdom!"

"Heeey! I don't even remember any elves in Space Cactus," Layla complains.

Like her mother, Lucida can easily sense the spiritual charge in other people, without ever having been trained to do so. In science fiction shows, it's always "seeing auras"... but for Perenna and Lucida, it's closer to smelling or tasting auras. Humans mostly smell the same, but even the thoroughly mundane Layla is a little abnormal in comparison. Lucida wonders if the weird can ever be completely bred out.

Perenna doesn't have an answer for that. She's not a genetics expert, and she's not even completely sure what her husband's bloodline is composed of. There are too many reasons he could be blue.

"But it's blank." Carlos Moretti is confused about this marketing campaign.

"It's symbolism," Perenna tries to explain. "The movie is called The Blank Space."

I'm sure you'll finish that thing someday, Reggie...

Etc.: Layla was singing her version of Layla (a song from Derek and the Dominoes).

I still don't know why handing out flyers is something film career employees do.


  1. Lucida is such a cute kid! Seeing Layla with a playmate her agestage was nice. The song was a nice touch too. With that name it's really hard to resist using it isn't it? ;) My little girl (not a Layla) does some awesome angsty hands when she sings it. She's a total Clapton fan.

    Rain and Izalee working on school work. Has Rain ever offered to teach Izalee some of what she does? And vice versa?

    1. Thanks! =D

      If you mean magic, Greta taught both girls some stuff before she died, and they still practice together. Rain has a teleportation power that Izzy does not, however. It can be guided, but not taught.

  2. I love Lucida. I've never played a werewolf before, so it's interesting to see all of the wolf interactions.

  3. OH man, finally caught up again after forever. Rain is really gorgeous, I wonder what kind of trouble she's going to get herself into... I hope its not, like, life-threatening danger. :S

    I'm still an Izalee fanboy at heart though... I hope she's the heir. Is that mean? Sorry Lucida, heh.

    1. Nah, it's not mean, Lucida can't hear you. ;)

      Sorry you caught up during a little bit of a break I'm having here. My free time will come back one of these days though, I promise!