Thursday, July 7, 2016

Chapter 40: Mechanical

Perenna thinks of herself as exceptionally lucky; the Goldbeards welcomed her into their hearts and into their family. A family was all she'd ever wanted, since the fairy took her parents from her.

Reggie, Izzy, Ray and Heather and Petra and Rain and Layla, and even Chad when he bothers to show his face - Perenna loves all of them. And thanks to the happy chance encounter of taking a job in Monte Vista and meeting them, she has Lucida.

In all the infinite possibilities, could things have ever worked out better?

Finally. Reggie's latest masterpiece project is complete.

Built for durability, strength, and friendliness, this android's simplistic artificial intelligence should make him a delight for the children as well as a great help around the house for adults.

Does it occur to Reggie that a six foot tall metal man might scare children?

No. No it does not.

"AAAUUGGGHHH!" Lucida's blood-chilling scream upon seeing her new toy is not the reaction her father hoped for.

"Wow, Dad." Izalee stares, expression slack for a moment until she tries her best to smile. "That is certainly a thing."

"I was waiting for you two to get home, so you could name him," Reggie says.

His daughters stare at him.

Then at each other.

"Is the robot really a him if it has no guyparts?" Lucida whispers.

"Cid!" Izalee whispers back harshly, "That's crude!"

"I hope we can be friends!" are the android's first words.

"Let's just call you Mech," Izalee offers, wanting this awkwardness to be over and done with.

"I love that name!" he says. "Based on information I was programmed with, you must be Izalee. I am honor bound to protect you from all harm."

Rain thinks Mech is awesome. Layla is just worried about the dog getting hurt by clumsy, newborn robot hands.

"What are you doing?!" Perenna can't leave these kids alone for five seconds...

"Making him shinier!" the teen replies.

The old dog knows a lot of tricks. Shake, roll over, play dead. Rain stayed the night at her Uncle Reggie and Aunt Perenna's place, just to keep Izalee company (okay, mainly so she could gawk at the robot), but other than that she's counting on it being another forgettable schoolday.

But things don't shake out that way.

"Where'd you buy that dress, Blueberry? The Grandma store?" Roberto Lombardi-Seng doesn't consider himself a bully. Picking on Izalee is just as normal as eating breakfast.

But Izalee is in no mood today. "Fuck off."

"Naughty naughty, Blueberry. Do you need someone to show you what that means?"

Izalee glares. Rain looks at the floor and shifts her feet uncomfortably.

"Like anyone would ever want her!" Roberto's friend Edward GilsCarbo-Bianchi, complacent as a background decoration until now, steps up his game.

Notice how even the glitchy speech bubbles think the boys are spewing mindless empty nothing.

Ed's comment hits a nerve, and Izalee begins to tear up.

"HOW DARE YOU?!" Lucida shrieks.

"Cid-" Izalee never anticipated her little sister walking in on moments like these. The younger kids' classrooms are in the other wing. But here she is, and tempers are flaring, and in seconds things have gone from sad to terrible.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" The surge of rage is too much for the little girl to handle. She transforms, and leaps onto the jerkass who made her big sister cry.

Etc.: Bet you thought I wasn't actually updating this again. Surprise.

I initially had 3 intermission blog posts (two in 2014, one in 2016), letting people know what was going on, but I've since deleted them... partially out of shyness, and partially because telling you about my ridiculous life would interrupt the whole flow of the blog. Important stuff: this week I got nostalgic and installed Sims 3 again.

My save files all work. There were a few unexpected casualties, like Lucida's hairstyle going missing, and some patterns vanishing, but overall the damage is minor.

I discovered I had several chapters of material written in blogger, before I slunk away two years ago. I'm in the process of cleaning those up. I'll post them as they're finished, and I'll try to continue the legacy from there.

As you can see, Reg finally finished that big idea of his! Been a while since I had a simbot around. My last one was Paola, way back in Riverview, and all she did was play in the sprinkler and short out. All day, every day. Maybe Mech will be more fun.

Fun trivia: Edward there is Rain's cousin. He's the son of Heather's sister, Rhonda.


  1. Yes Lucida! Little kid power! Believe it or not, little kids can be scary D:

    Ah! I remember Paola! I can't remember who exactly she was with however. Was Sasha (I think that was her name? The vampire one with blue hair) still around when Paola was around? I'm racking my brain trying to remember, haha.

    It's nice that you're updating again ^-^

    1. Thanks Carrie. (: Blue-haired vampire was Sacha, my gen3 heir. (Don't worry. Everyone remembers her as Sasha. Lol.) Paola was built by Yasu, the gen10 heir. That was the last time I rolled inventor.

  2. I'd forgotten how cute simbots look. Hopefully Mech won't be to annoying to have around.

    Ugh Edward, like a girls only reason to exist is having a douche like you wanting them. Blurgh. The face he pulls at Lucida is great; yes, you're about to get beaten up by a little girl. Now try beeing a bully with that hanging over your head.

    You're right, I never thought you'd update again. Nicely done, and even keeping savefiles and they work. That's impressive.

    1. Thank you! Getting it to work was a big pain. I had to uninstall and reinstall all of my sims3packs, and even then some of them wouldn't work. I converted what I could of the non-working into packages. Blah blah... lol. Took forever.

  3. It's so good to see you back! I bet that baby bird from your neighbors flew the next a long time ago though. What about the trombone maestro? Has he gone full on rock star?

    Paola! She was a hoot. Though it looks like Mech has other methods of keeping clean. lol

    Whoop. Looks like Lucida just figured out how to get the attention off her sister. o_o

    1. *hugs* Yay! More old faces. :D ... Oh jeez that came out wrong. LOL.

      The kid next door is very dedicated to his noise making. :) He plays, like, ten different instruments. Impressive, eh? I got used to it quickly. It's familiar and comforting by now. His mother is very nice, and has said she'll make him be quiet if we ever need some peace. xD We haven't had to take her up on it.

  4. OMG I am so happy the Goldbeards are back. I love, love, love Lucida!

    1. Owl Face! I'm so happy you're back too. I summoned thee. xD

  5. Good to see you playing again!

    Lucida is defending her sister! Yes! But this will probably end in disaster.

    1. *snuggles!* Hiii! :D

      Yes, it will end in disaster. That's half the fun.

  6. Poor Izalee. Teen boys can be so heartless. The empty speech bubble was hilarious, though.

    1. *hugs!* Melissa! Yay!

      I thought the speech bubbles were more or less perfect, too.