Saturday, July 9, 2016

Chapter 41: Self-Defense Mechanism

Izalee does not know what to do. Her baby sister just transformed into a werecreature and attacked a teenage bully twice her size, out in public.

Keeping their supernatural nature a secret has always been a top priority. How will their parents react to this? Will they have to change their names and leave town?

"This is bad, this is bad..." Izalee's cousin, Rain, babbles.

And then Rain's own defensive magics kick in in response to the scene before her.

She wished she was a thousand miles away.


"What'd you do!" Izalee manages to spit out an angry sentence in between panicked gasps for air. But she doesn't give Rain a chance to answer. "Send us back! You idiot! If they notice we're gone-!"

"I can't!" Rain wails. "I didn't know I could do this at all! It was an accident!"

"Fix it and fix it now!" Izalee demands.

"Even if I could, I can't send us back in time!" Rain protests. "They would have seen us disappear... and..." And if they reappeared just as suddenly in front of their classmates, what then? Would their classmates be frightened? What would happen?

"Just send us back!" Izalee shrieks.

Izalee and Rain stomp out of the water, still arguing back and forth, while Lucida trudges ahead of them. She feels dizzy, her mind foggy. Is she in were form? Oops.

Lucida's claws retract back into her skin when she notices what is waiting for them on the shore.

Layla was sitting in her desk at school, just cracking open her maths book to re-check her homework answers before class when Rain freaked out and teleported them all. It only makes a clumsy sort of sense, that Rain grabbed all vaguely-nearby family members, but there's not much time for sense when the kid is laying in the sand, motionless, bleeding profusely from the back of her skull.

She was unlucky enough to hit a bunch of sharp rocks during her short fall.

"Home!" Rain holds her hands to her head, trying as hard as she can to will the magical fluke to happen again. "Send us home! Please, my sister is hurt! Please..."

Izalee is stone-silent for a while, listening to her cousin plead to an unresponsive god. No, not a god, exactly; she's pleading with herself, trying to bargain with her own psionic powers, but they are fickle. Rain might as well be praying to an absent deity.

"It's not working because you're afraid of going back!" Izalee snaps. The words tear out of her, unfiltered and accusatory, as soon as she realizes the truth. "You're afraid!"

Rain sinks down to her knees. She is afraid. Afraid of what people will say, afraid of her uncle's scolding, afraid of being discovered by angry, murderous fae creatures...

She steels herself. If she can't force herself to teleport to other people, maybe she can bring someone to them. "Someone to save my sister," she whispers.

And to those words, her innate power readily responds.

Etc.: who the f*** are they?

(not Cable)


  1. Welp. Blown cover is now the least of their worries. I take it she sent them all 1000 miles away. Now what though? I'll just go ahead and cross my fingers and hope those two aren't from SC.

    1. 1000 miles... give or take! :) They're in Redwood Harbor, one of my favorite custom towns to test things in. It's very tiny.