Sunday, July 10, 2016

Chapter 45: Translocate You

The sun rises on a new day. Reggie, the household's cooking level 10, makes french toast for everyone, but Cayenne cannot hold down her breakfast.

The Goldbeard house has expanded a lot in generation 2. Reggie and Perenna recently added a new bathroom to the basement rooms.

Cayenne studies herself in its massive mirror. She's wearing some clothes scrounged up from Izalee's closet... not really her style, but definitely more comfortable than the threadbare dumpster garbage they found her in. Hygiene spells can only go so far.

She realizes she needs to do something about her hair. It looks wild and awful.

A short time with scissors later, she's looking more like her old goody-two-shoes well-groomed innocent self. The girl who died when her father did.

Her brother had the same idea.

"You look better," Cayenne says, tentatively.

"I'm still not wearing the shoes," he growls.

"Fine," she sighs. "Whatever. They probably don't want us leaving the house anyway. They must think we're so crazy."

"Are you okay, Cay?"

"Yeah... yeah, I'm fine. It'll be okay."

Upstairs, Cayenne meets a simbot.

"Welcome to our home! I am Mech. You are a fledgling sim, designation Cayenne La Mer. My programming only specifically tells me to protect Izalee and Lucida, the other fledgling sims here, but seeing as my father designed me to learn and adapt, I am adding you and Luis La Mer to that calculation set as we speak."

"Wow," Cayenne breathes. "What an amazing machine."

Cayenne and Luis were born with the surname Archer, but switched to their mother's surname at some point, as if such an obvious trick would be enough to confuse the shady secret agent type mooks pursuing them.

It's like that werewolf rage episode at school never happened. Lucida is free to play with her friends after doing her homework.

Reggie returns to the inventing table to relieve stress.

Izalee was not happy about letting two strangers stay with them, at first, especially since at least one of them is clearly insane, but eventually her heart softens towards them, and she allows a sense of peace to return to her life and routine.

It's not as if Cayenne and Luis intruded on purpose; Rain brought them here.

During the day, Perenna works, Reggie crafts toys and their daughters attend school. Cayenne and Luis hide out in the basement, supervised only by the young simbot.

Cayenne wonders if it would be okay to eat some of this candy? Would anyone mind? It's been so long since she ate any candy...

Luis, more shameless, picks up Izalee's paints because he just feels like it.

Mech thinks he may be able to feel fear, but he does not have to fear growing old and dying. He turns to his new friend Cayenne to tell him what that is like.

Mech and Cayenne are both bookworms. She's able to recommend many things to help him understand the normal-sim condition.

Luis checks the sink for leaks. And wiretaps.

Can never be too careful...

Luis has very different things to teach Mech about the sim condition.

Mech patiently listens to conspiracy theories. His theory is Luis is insane, but he is not experienced enough to fully commit to such a judgment, so he keeps it to himself.

Even simbots need rest. Cooldown and processing time is imperative to the functioning of Mech's adapting artificial intelligence.

Pregnancy is very hard on Cayenne's small body. Her skills as a healer only help so much.

While Cayenne suffers, Vox and Polka have good dreams tonight.

Lucida does jumping jacks in front of the freaky witch gnome. High school, and her teen birthday, are close on the horizon, and she wants to make sure she is nice and fit.

She is not sure what awaits her, but she knows she wants to either be beautifully in shape, or be able to kick its ass.

"So they're just like normal kids now?" Ray speaks in hushed tones so Rain and Cayenne cannot overhear. He didn't know what to think when his brother took in these strays. He feigned apathy to all the magic for most of his life, but now his oldest daughter is spending a lot of time with two fugitive sorcerers that she summoned out of thin air after nearly killing his other daughter with dangerous teleportation she wasn't supposed to be practiced enough to use.

Ray is grateful they saved Layla, of course... he just doesn't like talking to them. They're both so painfully skittish, and their faces somehow remind him of his parents.

"I wouldn't say normal," Reggie says, hesitant to put a label on Cayenne and Luis but aware enough to know when one doesn't fit, "but I have high hopes for the girl to take her general education test and have a high school diploma."

"Before or after she pops out the baby?"

"It's due any day now." Reggie wrings his hands together, a little nervous about all that. No one has ever heard of a teen having a kid before.

"It's the funniest thing, but I do miss school." Cayenne smiles wistfully as she checks over Rain's homework. The sight of all those math problems may give Rain fits, but they remind Cayenne of happier times. Her teachers in Barnacle Bay said she was a genius. They said she could do anything she put her mind to.

"And they still believe there's an evil genie entity that continually resets our entire universe, forcing us to live out a weird fated version of our first lives in a loop forever? Until they bring about the conditions to stop it?"

"She still completely believes that," Reggie confirms. "Resets in 3489, when this genie's mate got killed off. Like clockwork."

"Don't tell me you believe it?"

"Of course I don't. What I believe is the boy is very troubled, and his sister is clinging to the only family she has left."

At first Luis wanted nothing to do with Rain, but he slowly seemed to forget that as she insisted on following him around. He helps her learn more and more control over her teleportation abilities. With a flick of her wrist, she translocates him around the house with ease now.

"In one incarnation, it was you who mastered the skill and helped me," he tells her.

A lot of what he says makes no sense – for example, according to Luis, Rain's blue skin and teleportation powers come "from gnomes"  – but all of his advice about using their powers totally works.

Somewhere in the turmoil, Lucida and Layla aged up to teens with questionable fashion sense.

Layla's favorite color is still purple.

Lucida's is lime, but she accepts other forms of citrus.

Petra arrives fashionably late to the party, bearing corn dogs as a gift.

Petra spends some time hanging out with her sister in law, Heather.

I'm not sure what Luis is doing or where, but Rain thinks it's hilarious and Cayenne is embarrassed?

Petra and Chad have stayed together all this time, but still have no children.

Maybe that's for the best.

Etc.: I had a really hard time finding hair I liked for Lucida, that wasn't shared by other characters in the legacy. I may go on another CC hunt.

More Chad weirdness:


  1. Phew. CC hunt. Good luck.

    Wow. Rain really needed the lessons on how to control her psionic abilities, so that's awesome.

    I take it Cayenne's baby will be next chapter then. What will they do with a baby on the run? Has anyone discussed this with them? Or are they going to accept Reggie's plan for Cayenne to get her GED?

    1. This incarnation of "Luis" is a lot more powerful than the one from my Barnacle Bay legacy (where you may remember Loki was struggling so much, he had to get medical treatment), so he is able to help Rain. :) It's meant to show that every time he's forced to live through another life, he gets some of the knowledge from previous ones... which has upsides, and downsides.

      Cayenne's baby... you will have to wait and see! It won't be another 2 years, I promise.

  2. I was going to comment on each of the new chapters, but I couldn't stop reading! So I'll dump it all in one comment. :D

    I can't get over how beautiful Rain looks. Not just the pretty face, but also her overall color combinations! Love that soft pink and khaki on her.

    For a second I thought you were going to kill off Layla! Glad you didn't. I fell in love with her after this picture:
    That Monte Visa lighting!

    Yay, Cayenne and Loki! It's great to see Loki coping with his abilities better - even if Cayenne still feels the need to find him some help. He seems more at ease, even though the stuff he sees now must be even more troubling than before.
    So was their life on the other blog the first one?
    And will Cayenne's baby be Ceth?

    Had to lol at the bit about pregnant teens :D

    1. Aw, thanks for reading, Annie. :D

      I really like Layla. I'm toying with the idea of giving her (and Gus the cat!) her own legacy someday, since there's not much room to follow her closely in this one.

      I'm glad you're enjoying the reappearance of some of my old sims. Loki and Cayenne's lives in my Barnacle Bay legacy maaaay not have actually been their first lives. ;) They were unaware of that, since that cycle predated Loki being powerful enough to send messages to new realities (meaning he couldn't receive messages from old realities, and get better at magic stuff sooner, as has happened in this reality). I haven't decided if the same is true for my Hidden Springs legacy.

      Cayenne's baby will be [spoiler]! :D She's my first teen pregnancy. Lol, I don't even have a teen woohoo mod in. I just used MasterController to make it happen for story reasons. Poor innocent Cay is the last character you'd expect to be teen pregnant, right? I think when I originally drafted this storyline up, it was to emphasize exactly how different (yet startlingly the same) the new realities end up.

    2. I vote yes on a Layla and Gus legacy! :D

      Yeah, the Cayenne we know is the last teen you'd expect to see pregnant! Her and Chervil we so cute and shy about it too, as far as I remember. Have you ever seen the movie Juno? Juno doesn't seem the type either, which makes the whole story more... charming? Somehow? Reminds me of this a bit.

      I only just realized that Percy is dead in this reality?! That is so wrong. I love Percy. :(
      Anyway, the whole concept of the repeating cycles is really interesting. Groundhog Day on an epic scale! Looking forward to seeing it unfold. And thanks for avoiding spoilers - it'll be way better to find out through the story.

    3. Okay... not sure on when exactly Layla/Gus may happen, but I'm thinking Isla Paradiso is the where. (:

      Nope, I have not seen Juno. I heard it's a pro-life film? Hopefully nobody is getting that kinda vibe from my story here. ^.^'

      I've experimented with the Groundhog Day loop, as it were, several times in my legacy stories. Luis is the most extreme example yet. (Unless...

      And yeah, Percy literally died in a fire this time around. Owwies.

    4. Pro-life? Juno didn't give me that vibe at all! I guess people will see what they want to see. Anyway, definitely not what I meant and your story doesn't feel like that either! It was more in the sense of how Cayenne handles her situation. Nothing very tangible, just a feeling!

    5. Oh! And on Layla/Gus - Isla Paradiso sounds great! I only installed IP recently and scuba diving has been fun. Apparently Isla Paradiso has lots of routing and lag issues though, so you might want to get a fixed version of it for a legacy!

    6. Thanks for the tip! I don't think I've ever used a "fixed" version of a town before, but I've seen them on MTS. I'll check it out for IP.

      I installed IP way back when it came out, but never really played with its features other than the buy/build objects.

  3. How are things going with Mech btw, is it beeing a pain in the household, or behaving nicely?

    And I really get why Reggie doesn't believe Cayenne or "Luis", it does sound far off after all. on the other hand, there's werewolf, simsbots, withces and the like, so... But are they here to stay, or will they keep running after the baby is born? Actually I'm worried the entire family is going to have to run

    Lucinda has to be the cutest werewolf there is. How will she cope as a moody teenager, when she couldn't contain her werewolf- thing as a child?

  4. Thanks, Urunwa! Mech is behaving himself quite well. We'll see more of him in later chapters, since I do want to do more with him. Right now I've been trying to squeeze in what I wanted to with the twins before [spoilers] and [spoilers].

    Reg does live in a world full of supernatural. He knows he's very sheltered about what is out there, but he isn't ready to buy into what Luis believes about the nature of reality.

    Hopefully Lucida's parents will be able to keep her in line as a teen. We'll see! It would be a shame if they all had to skip town, since I'm enjoying Monte Vista so much. :)

  5. Oh, Mech. I want to cradle his sweet robo-head in my warm human arms. Or something.

    Lucida looks so much like her mom! I can't wait to see what wild stuff she gets in to.

    1. Good news for Mech: I'm going to disregard the rule about kicking simbots out of the house as soon as the next generation takes over. ;)

      Lucida does look very much like her mum! I don't mind, since my heirs have been cursed with the Reginald nose for years and years. Not that it isn't a cute nose.

  6. Ha, Petra is smart, opting out of the whole breeding thing.
    I love Mech, too.
    I guess I have questionable fashion taste, but I love Lucida's teen outfit. =D

    1. But all the giant-nosed babies they could have had... ;D

      Thanks, Melissa!

  7. It's too late for Rain to not develop her powers, so it's really good that she's got someone to teach her a bit, now. Before something terrible happens again.

    Mech is sweet, adding Cayenne and "Luis" to his list. (can a robot be sweet?)

    So there's never been a teen pregnancy in this world. Does this mean there will be complications during her labor?

    1. Of course robots can be sweet! All part of the programming. ;)

      I don't think I've ever murdered a sim with childbirth (maybe?? hmm) ... I don't wanna start now. ^.^'

      There are some complications with the pregnancy, but they're kind of glossed over. Cayenne has magic healing powers.