Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Chapter 51: The Lone and Level Sands Stretch Far Away

What about Ceth?...

"Ceth is safer without us right now."

Rain, Luis and Cayenne are strangely missing on the evening of their birthday. They don't show up the next day, either. Or the day after that. Or the day after that.

Ray and Heather, Rain's parents, are devastated by their daughter's disappearance, and of course Ray concludes it had something to do with her weird new friends, but he's at a loss as to what to do about it. All his brother can do is apologize. He's sorry he saw nothing particularly amiss on that evening. He did wonder if Cayenne and/or Luis might run away, but he didn't think it would be that day, and he can't imagine Rain would choose to disappear without so much as leaving a note...

Izalee does not think so charitably of her cousin's decision making skills, and would assume Rain voluntarily ran off with Luis, not out of a crush or anything but out of her thirst for knowledge and to become a better mage... ...if not for how the baby was left here. Try as Izalee might, she cannot convince herself Cayenne would have abandoned Ceth.

Something bad must have happened.

"I am troubled they did not say goodbye," Mech says to Izalee.

"Yeah. Everybody is." Izalee is supposed to be supervising Mech's interactions with the baby, but she's pretty sure he's got this. "Just kind of keep quiet about it, okay? Everyone's already upset thinking about what could have happened to them."

"My memory of them recalls every detail of our interactions with unerring perfection. Yet unless they are found, there will be no new memories added to my files..."

"Rain WILL come back," Izalee snaps, not turning away from her painting. Her job is tending to her garden, and when she isn't tending to it she has plenty of time for hobbies. "She... she has to come back. She's my best friend."

Ceth is too young to care who feeds her. She clumsily lays a warm hand on Mech's chilled metal chassis, and squints at her blurry reflection on it.

"I have added the nestling Ceth to my nurture and protect calculations," Mech says, "but she will require a guardian with legal personhood status."

"Maybe we can find her father or something," Izalee grumps. "Cayenne was the daughter of a famous actor in her town. Somebody's got to know who she was dating."

Even as the words spill out of her mouth, Izalee knows they will not try to find Ceth's father. Trying to snoop around the town Cayenne and Luis fled from could attract too much attention.

"I had calculated your likelihood of approving of such an attempt at point zero zero seven percent," Mech says, with a tinny, reproachful twinge in his voice.

Izalee sighs. "Yeah."

Vox entertains himself, wondering why his humans are too distracted to play with him.

Izalee fuses several of her sister's gems into a crystal ball. She hopes to use this to amplify her focus and find Rain.

Lucida is shocked by this turn of events. "Wait, so the gems I've been finding just happen to be constructed in such a way that they focus and amplify magic?"

"No shit. Gosh, Cid, why did you think you were so attracted to them?"

"Okay then! Whatever. Don't get all snappy with me."

All of Reggie and Izalee's attempts to find the three missing sims are in vain.

"I bet it was a teleportation accident," Layla comments one day. "Uncle Reg kept telling Rain to cut that stuff out, and she didn't... and we know she can teleport other people by accident, too."

Izalee nods wordlessly.

Layla continues, "I feel so bad. When I was little, I, like, encouraged her..." She thinks of her cat, Gus, then shakes the thought out of her head. "My parents are just zombies over this. It's heartbreaking. They can't think of anything else but Rain. And... this is going to sound so selfish teen of me, but I feel like I'm invisible."

Izalee feels a stab of heartbreak; what her cousin describes is much like the isolation she felt when her mother left them and her father became distant, sunk in grief. Layla lost a sibling, she should not have to lose her parents, too. "Your parents love you, Layla. They're just hurting. We're all here for you."

Ceth grows into a toddler. Her facial features strongly resemble Cayenne's. The Goldbeards can make no guesses about her blond, rosy-tipped hair or otherworldly green eyes.

If they were still Barnacle Bay Goldbeards, they'd know those are Caliente-green eyes, and that that hair is totally La Mer hair.

Time marches on, regardless of anyone's feelings.

Perenna continues to work hard in her career. She's now a second unit director. Here's a pic of her coworker, Rosa Toledo, congratulating her on winning a Sims Choice Award.

Bored, the narrator takes a look around the town square vicinity, and spies Ben's cousin Ada Rossi. Right then! This pic is going straight to the family tree I've been using to keep track of these weirdos.

(Edit: hint at finding anyone: it's Wren -> Vinca -> Stella -> Arjun -> Scarlett)

Nearby is Goopy GilsCarbo's son, Gilberto GilsCarbo. All grown up.

Gilberto has a young daughter named Gillian GilsCarbo.

Perenna displays the Sims Choice Award on the dresser in her bedroom.

It would probably go better with Lucida's gemstone collection.

Perenna's income means Reggie's toymaking is less important, but he keeps himself busy with it anyway, so he doesn't have time to be frightened or depressed. Behind him, Izalee tends her garden, and the two find comfort in keeping up this same silent coexisting routine they've had since Izzy was a teen.

At least there is a small child around again to enjoy the extra toys.

Though Ceth's favorite plaything is the kitty xylophone.

"You are soooo cute," Lucida complains. "It's almost enough to make me want kids. After I graduate, though."

Gem cutting machine. It looks like one of Reggie's strange contraptions.

Lucida is pleased to not have to trust gem cutting to the mail anymore.

She loves watching the sharp cutting gizmos whir around.

As usual, Mech is overly concerned with Lucida's safety.

At least she won't have to endure being called a "fledgling" for too much longer. Being called a "pup" is more than enough animal labels for one sim kid.

Mech bests his creator in a game of ping pong.

"I thank you for designing my range of motion so elegantly."

"Well, I did want you to keep up with my kids," Reggie laughs.

Mech misses his friend Cayenne. He thinks of her now as he reads a book she recommended.

Lucida comforts Mech. He may be just a bundle of circuits and metal, built to be her nanny, but he is alarmingly self-aware and has feelings.

Surrounded by cute today!

Reggie randomly gets a phone call from mean spirited Maria Giordano.

Unsurprisingly, it does not go well.

*chainsaw sound effects*

Grim comes for Vox.

Reggie is hit hard by the loss of his favorite dog, but manages to stop the reaper for a few questions.

Of course, the reaper answers none.

Etc.: Chapter title taken from Shelley's famous sonnet "Ozymandias". It's about a traveler finding a broken statue in the middle of a desert. The inscription on the statue boasts: My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair! ... But there's nothing left to look on. Just sand.

Ceth is the first child of generation 4, counting towards generation 3's three total children requirement. Adoption is allowed in the challenge, so, she's adopted.

The crystal ball looks awesome, but my sims constantly want to autonomously mess with it. Super annoying. I had to rearrange the chairs so they could not sit at it.

A bit of a mythology gag with the "otherworldly" green eyes. Ceth gets her eye color from one of the Caliente sisters, who are part alien. *checks family tree* From Dina, apparently.

The hair was "La Mer hair" only in my own Barnacle Bay. Almost every La Mer had it since Dude La Mer's granddaughter hooked up with some guy (Kevin Bloom) who had the hair color. I'm pretty sure it originally came from Apollo Bloom in Bridgeport maybe???

Randomly found Ray showing off his Barnacle Bay pirate outfit heritage in town:

It's been a great deal of real life time since Ray aged to YA and left the legacy household, so I guess I dressed him like that and forgot. It's probably his athletic outfit or something.


  1. I was going to comment on how freaking fluffy and adorable Vox looks and then he died :,( Still cute though, even on Grim's arm.

    Mech is great! I love the way he talks. And Ceth with that hair! Really, cute overload in this chapter. Helps with the sadness about the missing teens (or YAs by now).

    Ada Rossi has one badass hairstyle. :D

    1. Thanks!

      I do miss Vox... and not just because I had enslaved him to dig up gems for Lucida... ;D

  2. Legal personhood status. :( As much as Mech can feel/emote, while still being able to control himself, he might be more of a 'person' than most 'people' I know. He's an awesome character.

    Sims really do tend to be moths of the crystal ball. The endless pop ups when they're unattended with it can get very annoying. Haha.

    Yes! Ceth and music. <3 Bubble bars later.

    1. Ceth's carry-over-from-other-lives theme has to be bubble bars. Just has to be. xD

  3. This: "My memory of them recalls every detail of our interactions with unerring perfection. Yet unless they are found, there will be no new memories added to my files..." This is the moment when my heart broke. Mech, I want to hug youuuuuu. ;_;

    I guess Lucida will have to get another slave dog to dig up gems for her.

    1. Well, she still has Gysael and Rohane's dog, for now. (:

      *glances over screenshots* Looks like Polka didn't bother to show this chapter.

  4. Mech is to sweet! And now the fluffy dog died, then there's the cute toddler. There's a mix of cute- sad this chapter. Yet, Reggie still manages to bother the reaper. Though, to his defence, the reaper tends to hang around a bit and do some cleaning.

    I'm kind of wondering how Lucida feels about the entire thing of missing sims. She seems to be very quiet about it, or just to worried about everyone else. And what's with the baby thoughts from her? She's going to start popping them out as soon as she ages up?

    1. Lucida is sad, but not really talking about it.

      Maybe wanting to be surrounded by a pack is a werewolf quirk? ;)

  5. Mech really is a sweetheart.
    And Vox, no!
    I love Ceth's sunflower pattern sjirt.

  6. Are they ever coming back??! ;_;

    Is Mech going to be sticking around for the next generation? He's just so lovable, and a little clueless.

    Can't wait for Ceth to grow up.

    1. Mech will be around a while, though not necessarily in the household.

      'They' might be back??? Can't say for sure, but it seems possible!

  7. Omg :D I'm obsessed with that family tree of yours. *nostalgic about Riverview*

    1. Lol, I didn't know if anyone else actually looked at it. :D

      It's been very useful for me to try to prevent inbreeding with the townies.