Saturday, August 6, 2016

Chapter 53: Mech, Ani, Cal

Autumn has been mild so far, but Izalee knows her plants will go dormant again at the first sign of cold.

Green themed room is Izalee's, if you hadn't guessed.

Lucida's young adult birthday arrives. Rather than make a big fuss, she just invites her boyfriend (and his juice keg) over to help her celebrate.

Ben may dress like he wants to appeal to little old lady voters, but Reggie wonders if the squeaky clean act is just an act that masks a wild side.

"You changed your hair..."

Lucida's eyes grow worried. "Do you like it?"

"I love it."

 These two dated throughout much of Lucida's high school time, endured the test of one of them aging up earlier than the other, survived the emotionally vulnerable time from Lucida's cousin disappearing, and have never really had any conflict in their happy-go-lucky relationship. Now they spend most of the evening preoccupied with each other.

 "You look pretty strange without your glasses, you know."

"Yeah, I wear them for a reason."

They have kissed before, but somehow soaking in the warm, nice-smelling water makes this hotter and heavier than usual.

Despite the robot lurking so closeby, things get out of hand!

Lucida has no regrets.

Ben has to run off to prepare for work tomorrow, but the night stays interesting, since Layla remembers to put in an appearance for her cousin's birthday.

"I'm so glad you could make it," Lucida gushes, excited to brag about what she's been up to.

Lucida's exuberance reminds Layla of Rain. Layla takes a gulp of juice. "Hey, I wouldn't miss your age-up for the world. You look great."

Layla has news, though. This town's scientific community is stagnant, and she thinks a change of scenery is just what she needs to perk up her mood.

"You're leaving me?" Lucida stares.

"I'm leaving Monte Vista, yeah. Things haven't been the same since my sister died or ran off or whatever happened, and every day I see my parents depressed, it gets me down... I want a fresh start."

"This is gonna depress your parents even more," Lucida warns.

"Will they even notice I'm gone?" Layla sighs. "I need to live my own life."

"Well... I hope you find what you are looking for."

The cousins hug. They've been best friends forever since they were children, but even forever is not forever. Layla promises to write, and the two spend the rest of the night playing video games. Layla has a ticket for a train out in the morning.

Mech goes to his creator with existential concerns. "Both Izalee and Lucida have become young adults. I intend to be their friend and protector, and yours, indefinitely, and I have added the young Ceth to my calculations. However... my original charges do not need my supervision so much, and one day Ceth will not either. What do you wish of me, when you are all gone? How will I choose whom I will care for, if they are not your charges?"

Reggie is somehow surprised by the question. Mech's AI has evolved enormously from its original commands. "I hadn't given much thought to how long your life would be," he replies, apologetic. "You don't need to spend it in service to us."

"Service? Father, it is my purpose. Caring for others makes me... happy. But without you, as much as it frightens me to imagine a world without you, how will I understand whom to prioritize?"

"I'll think of something to help you, friend," Reggie promises.

Soon, this setup appears in the back yard.

"What the... what is all this?" Perenna asks, not accusing, but mystified.

Reggie smiles. "Just some things to help design robots. I had it shipped in through Isla Paradiso."

"Oh wow." Perenna is genuinely impressed. "Fancy."

"I know, we don't need more simbots, but... Mech does. I'd like to give him some companions. Something to relate to."

Reggie toils night and day on his project.

He doesn't intend to make his second bot even scarier than the first, but Skull-Face McGee here [not actual name] will probably evoke some screams from children in the future.

Reggie gives this one a feminine-sounding voice.

Lego-head is powered on later that evening, as soon as bot #2 is completely finished.

Mech is thrilled to meet his new siblings.

"You made a girlbot?" Izalee crinkles her nose. "Are they going to fight over her, Double Dragon style?"

"The idea was to give them differences, to make sure they have a sense of individuality," her father explains.

Izalee sighs deeply. "What are you calling them?"

"You named the first one Mech, so I've been calling these two Ani and Cal."

Etc.: Have I mentioned Izzy has the grumpy trait?

Benino has some dumb traits like never nude and stuff. He's also hydrophobic, so when he and Lucida went to woohoo, I expected them to go to her bedroom, instead of hop in the hot tub. :|

The rules say simbots should leave by the time the next heir takes over. Screw that. Mech stays until I'm done with him. He appeared when the heir was a child, so if he leaves by the time the next heir is a child, we're just all going to agree everything is copacetic, right?

Oh, and Layla is leaving to be the founder of her own separate legacy someday. Not sure when that will happen and be blogged about, but her roll was freelance scientist. (:


  1. Mech...Ani...Cal.

    I facepalmed.

    I love the growing little Simbot army. And I'm glad Mech is staying for awhile! He's adorable and sad at the same time.

    Get it, Lucida! Even if it's with a dork.

  2. There's definitely more to Benino than that dorky get-up - just look at how he's holding Lucida up like it's nothing! That's one strong arm he's got there. What is he hiding with that never nude trait of his? ;D

    Love Lucida's new hairstyle! It really suits her. She grew up very pretty.

    Mech, Ani, Cal XD Yeah, don't get rid of Mech until it suits you! This is about having fun after all.
    The new simbots are so shiny and reflective *_* Is Ani singing or just talking with a microphone? I've haven't really tried any of the ITF stuff, but it looks cool!

    Layla legacy, yay! Getting excited :D

    1. Thanks!

      Ani is putting on a comedy show or something. (: There will be a better pic of that interaction in a later chapter. Basically the plumbot does a stand up comedy routine (if the appropriate trait chip is installed). Two spotlights hover over them, they speak into a mic, and they pull random objects out of hammerspace.

    2. Oooh, that is so neat! Looking forward to seeing that. It also explains Izzy's grumpy expression :D I really hope I roll something science-y again soon so I can play around with ITF :3

  3. Mech Ani Cal... nothing beats a good wordplay. Though Skull- face was also a good name. Will there be some robo- drama now?

    Benino is a real wildchild here, what happened? And he does looks strange without his glasses. Lucida grew up beautiful, but that wasn't strange; kind of has that surfergirl look about her with those natural curls.

    1. There will totally be robo-drama now. >=)

      Benino didn't change. We're just seeing more of him now, hehe.

  4. Does this unit have a soul? Sorry, Mass Effect reference. But still. Mech tugs on my heartstrings. I'm glad he's staying.

    1. Thanks, Melissa. (:

      I didn't treat Cal and Ani with quite the same... uh... respect as I treated Mech. The restrictiveness of the trait chips made the plumbots seem kind of derpy in comparison to simbots, and I could not resist writing them that way.

  5. Happy birthday Lucida! Lol, Ben may be a masochist choosing to woohoo in the water!

    Mech has his own little family now. It's interesting that he was thinking so far into the future. He has come a long way!

  6. Skullface and Legohead. TBH, I kind of like those better. Might be the autistic child talking through me though.

    Izalee grumping over all the bots made me giggle.

    Lucida and Ben are adorable. I liked Ben without his glasses on! And worthless traits are better than bad ones sometimes. ;)

    Oooo! Spares for future heirs! May her future journey not be so hard as her past.