Thursday, August 11, 2016

Chapter 56: Don't Worry, Be Happy

As soon as Ben Rossi gets off work, he beelines for the Goldbeard household. Earlier that morning, Lucida said she had something to tell him.

Something that apparently needed to be said before they could agree to marry.

"So, what did you want to tell me?"

Lucida enlisted her mother's help with this, but still finds it difficult to admit, "I'm a werewolf."

Ben's eyebrows wrinkle in confusion. "What?"

Oh! She did say werewolf. Ben thought he misheard.

This is a lot to take in. Ben pinches himself a few times, since this is what film characters do to test if they are dreaming, but he has no more luck than they usually do. Perenna and Lucida are apparently werecreatures, and it's possible Ben's unborn child will be, too.

Ben thinks it's pretty outrageous that a shadowy organization is seeking to make sure werewolves remain myth instead of fact, but given how poorly vampires are treated in most cities, he tries to approach this news with a cool head. It could be true...

Vampires deserve all the negativity they get, of course. Those mind-controlling, blood-stealing fiends. Ben shivers a little, just thinking about them.

Anyway. It sounds to Ben like this SC is just trying to keep everybody calm and quiet. He doesn't say that, though. It seems... insensitive.

"I'm going somewhere in politics," he tells Lucida, hours after Perenna's spiel and several tens of minutes in to sitting silently on the couch watching televison. "Maybe I can find a way to help your family."

Lucida shrugs. "Yeah, well... I don't see how."

He looks down, silent.

She feels pain in the back of her eyes. She can't cry, she tells herself. Not now. "Do you still want to marry me?"

"Are you nuts? Of course I still want to marry you."

This went over so much better than Lucida expected.

"Lu... you're crushing... me..."

"Sorry... ♪"

Lucida's attachment to her family is very strong, and they're the only people she can really be honest with, so she would rather Ben move in with the Goldbeards than she move into the Rossi mansion. Begrudgingly, Ben agrees to this. It's not a fight he's going to win.

I finally got some more pics of Lucida's bedroom (now Lucida & Ben's bedroom).


While Reggie and Perenna are accepting, Izalee is unhappy with this turn of events.

"Why are you letting this human into our lives?" Her question is accusatory.

"Because he's the father of my child... and I just know we can make it work..."

"You can't trust him."

"Well I'm going to. I don't want to live my life hiding in the house, afraid of my own shadow. Most people are good people, Izzy."

Izalee bristles, thinking of all the emotional pain she endured growing up as a blue-skinned sim. "I disagree."

As a budding politician, Ben thinks it's most wise to have a large wedding and invite half the town. They choose Palatial Pools as their venue.

The Goldbeard household arrives first, of course, to set up.

Cal rambles aimlessly at his creator.

Other guests, and party crashers, trickle slowly into the venue.

Ben's sister Lynnette there is apparently in a state of shock about her brother getting married.

Ben catches up with his cousin Ada Rossi, who is also his boss.

"This is all so lovely, Benino, but you should get into your suit!"

"It's just Ben now. Benino sounds too childish."

"I see!"

Talking about politics...

Perenna's current boss, Don Enmity, has the family oriented trait. He plays with Ceth while the toddler's family are running around in circles preparing for the wedding.

Pic of the two future mother-in-laws. Ben looks a lot like his mother.

The bride and groom squeeze into their fancy wedding attire. They did not require their guests to dress formally, because if they did I'd have had to spend forever manually changing sims out of leaf bikinis or whatever the hell the game randomly decided their formal-wear would be.

Ben's family is full of drama this evening, as Lynnette will not stop boo'ing Ada.

Ben's cousin Tami yawns boredly. At least she didn't bring her husband Edward.

Tami is from his mother's side of the family (aka the less classy side of the family).

Ray hopes he doesn't have to stand next to the robot the whole time.

He doesn't. Turns out Ani is the only one smart enough to find a seat.

Tami moves her yawning to the other side of the room.

Terry starts to look annoyed by how long it's taking the guests to properly assemble.

Tami's troll yawning suddenly turns into choking down bile.

"Pregnant again?" Ben's youngest sister, Tori Taylor, rolls her eyes condescendingly.

"I've never been so dressed up in my life," Lucida whispers nervously.

By this point, Ani has decided chairs are for chumps, and has joined the rest of the party in standing around awkwardly.

Lynnette is REALLY not happy with Ada.

Is the ring exchange finally happening?!?!?!?!

Heather tears up. She will probably never get to see Rain or Layla get married.

Uh, Ani? Wedding kiss is happening behind you.

Audience reaction.

Sisterly reactions are mixed.

Ben's mother moves to make herself a juice beverage as quickly as she can weave through the crowd to do so.

Don't worry Perenna, Ani has masseuse programming.

See? Ray is just fine.


Izalee hides out in the side room, dancing with Mech.

Eventually the guests gather for the cutting of the cake.

Since the wedding party was at a pool venue, many choose to take advantage of that as well.

Cal's fancy imported parts mean he doesn't have to fear pools, or rain, or booby trapped sinks.

"Such a lovely ceremony," Terry gushes, despite having obviously not enjoyed it very much. "Your father wished he could be here, but he is sending gifts."

"Those aren't necessary, Mama."

"Oh shush. Of course they are."

Faintly, the Jaws theme begins to play...

Etc.: Gah. Nothing and nobody wanted to cooperate this time! Usually my wedding parties go better, but I've heard from other simmers that my experience with guests actually showing up, sitting down and doing what they're supposed to do is uncommon.

Don Enmity is a clone of one of Melissa's sims. I put him in Monte Vista along with cloned versions of some Monte Vista first gens who never reproduced in my town, because Perenna at that time had no coworkers, making it impossible for her to progress at her job. I could have just altered a few sims' LTWs and my storyprogression settings would have thrown them into the correct career, but... I chose to add new sims.

The werewolf thing... I dunno, I just wanted to kind of gloss over it. I've got a legacy to play, and ten chapters of "omg you're a werewolf?" is something I don't want to write and nobody wants to read. Chapter 1 established vampires are around, so believing in werewolves is not that much of a stretch after Ben watches one transform in front of him.


  1. So I know it must have been frustrating to play through that wedding but I really, really enjoyed the chaotic pictures. What's with the child in the overalls? He looks like a little turd.

    It was so helpful of Perenna to demonstrate her werewolfness. I can understand why you wanted to just get that conversation out of the way. I think sometimes I get too stuck in the weeds, and I think sims are probs pretty likely to accept things like that.

    Also, I agree with Izalee. I feel like Ben is an interloper. :p

    1. Haha! I think that little brat is Ada's son Matteo, but I'm not 100% sure. I didn't care to ever mouse over him, not once during the whole thing.

  2. Was that Darius Enmity?

    I felt for you during that wedding chaos. Most of mine were also utter nightmares. It was wise of you to pass on the formals! That's a nightmare of its own.

    I am glad Ben took things so well, though I am troubled about his attitude toward the SC. But he has the sense to be quiet about it, and he's obviously not some rabid anti-supe, so hopefully all will be well.
    Poor Izalee has some trust issues. I don't blame her, given that her own mother abandoned her. But it is sad.

    1. Yep, that was Darius. (:

      Ben is approaching the situation with some skepticism. He'd feel better if there was a way to get more than one side of the story, but, alas, there is not.

  3. Is Izzy calling Lucida a poodle? That's harsh haha xD

    I'm glad Ben is cool with the werewolf thing. Let's hope he doesn't underestimate the SC!

    That shot of Ani in the pool really does look menacing! A bit like a floating skeleton without legs.

    1. We can always hope the SC just won't show up at all, right?

  4. Ben is taking things so well that I'm surprised Izalee disapproves. I hope she can keep it to herself for Lucida's sake.

    Congrats on the wedding, even if it didn't go so smoothly. I find that the more space there is, the better things go for sims. But they looked pretty cramped at that venue.

  5. Here's hoping Izalee gets on board sooner or later. I bet she will though.

    Lol! Your wedding looked like a hoot and a half! What a mess! At least some of them found the pool in the end. Or did you just send Ani around to make everyone as happy as Ray? Haha