Friday, August 12, 2016

Chapter 57: Swan on Fire

Izalee is fed up with... something or other.

Probably her half-dormant garden.

The cold months can be brutal for sims who love their gardens.

Lucida and Ben are stupidly happy together.

Maybe that's it.

Food cravings.

Determined not to let pregnancy slow her down, Lucida purchases more gym equipment.

Ani uses her built-in holoprojector to help tell her creator a story.

High five!

Cal siphons energy away from a lamp. He and Ani really are just a lot different from Mech.

Ben plays some video games with the robots, trying to get used to them as housemates.

Lucida and Ben eventually have a baby boy, named Carlos.

Since Lucida and Izalee both have green as a favorite color (albeit different shades), they have slightly remodeled the basement common room to fit their tastes.

They'd like to redo the ground floor as well, but the sisters are more divided over what should be done about Scarlett's main collection, and so for now it keeps its place of prominence.

Carlos gets a brand new crib across from Ceth's.

Lucida quickly returns to her career. Her act is called "Swan on Fire", but she has yet to set herself ablaze while juggling lit torches.

Petra waves as she runs by, wishing her niece luck!

Maria Giordano, old now like Reggie, hangs around for a few hours to boo and hiss.

Maria breaks her mean-spirited character for just a moment, to smile sweetly at her cousin Garret (Venessa's little brother) and his daughter Valentina.

Ben is a proud daddy, spending plenty of time tending to his infant son. He could easily let the robots or the overeager grandparents handle the fussy baby, but he would rather take care of this himself.

He'd still also rather be living at the Rossi mansion, so he could invite important people from work around without fear of a crowd upsetting his sister-in-law, but Ben much prefers this arrangement to the awkward one his own parents had. He can't imagine living separately from Lucida or their child.

Mech sneaks in some nannybot time when Ben is at work.

Cal quizzes Mech about legal technicalities. Cal has it in his head that he wants a life of adventure, outside of the Goldbeard household... but simbots are basically like children in the eyes of the law, always needing a parent to make sure they don't "get up to no good".

Cal has read simbots can own property and operate autonomously in Strangetown, but Mech is loathe to leave Monte Vista, and Cal doesn't want to go on his own.

Lucida knows Carlos is still a newborn and all, but she'd really like more children.

How can Ben resist these pleading eyes?

Lucida's wish comes true. She is pregnant with their second child.

Etc.: Swan on Fire is another gem from the in-game random namer. It is not quite the majesty that was Claire Archer's "She Cloud", but it's alright.

I have to admit, it's funny to see Reggie order Cal to entertain him, and Cal's response being to blast country music and start dancing. Plumbots can be hard to figure out, though. At least at first. The trait chips are very limited, so you must choose carefully. Even giving them "friendly functions" and "sentience" will not allow them to interact with toddlers without the nanny chip, for example. There's a lot more trial and error (and reading guides) going on with them than I'm bothering to blog about.


  1. Yay for babies! I love the name Carlos.

    I must admit that I find Cal and Ani a little unnerving compared to Mech. In the picture where Cal is siphoning energy--is that a Forbidden Planet poster over Reg's bed?

    1. It's an "Idols and Anchors Wall Painting by Gal Pals". Looks like a reference to Forbidden Planet though, yes. (:

      I put a lot of film-y stuff in that room for Perenna.

  2. Aw,I love the fluffy dog pictures. So fluffy!
    Mech does seem a lot more 'human' and relatable than Cal and Ani.
    I'm glad things are going well for Lucida and Ben. Poor Izalee, though.

    1. I chalk it up to them having poorer design, despite being made later and with fancier parts. (:

  3. The remodeling of the basement turned out really nice!
    Yay, more and more babies!

  4. Why is Ani picking up Cal? O_o

    Sounds like having PlumBots has been quite an adventure for you! Are you enjoying having them around at least?

    Love all the green. <3

    1. I had fun with them! Having so many sims under my control was stressful, though, so I had to get rid of them eventually.

      Ani is picking up Cal for the "full body massage" animation, haha. The plumbot just picks up their victim and shakes them silly.