Sunday, October 30, 2016

Chapter 67: Flaming Fliptease

Uncle Ben gives the best pep talks.

High school, as it turns out, is even more stressful than middle school. Milo takes one look at his homework and feels the need to unleash the beast within.

Milo's wish to be better looking than his brother was definitely not granted in were form.

Milo consoles himself by being able to reliably kick Carlos's ass.

Milo's mother, Lucida, puts up more of an athletic challenge.

Ben gets another sucker to donate to his campaign fund.

Soon, he is in the executive branch of government.

Carlos has already mastered the logic skill, so instead of playing chess against the boring computer pieces, he settles in to read Paradox Lost. He doesn't like it as much as Plan 8 From Lunar Lakes, but he wants to be considered well-read, so he chokes it down.

Carlos understands mechanics as well as he understands chemistry and astronomy, which is fortunate, because with 8 sims around, the sinks and showers keep breaking...

After selling more flying fighters than I care to even think about, Reggie has reached level 10 in the inventor career, and one of Ben's colleagues shakes his hand and gives him a symbolic key to the city.

I was not particularly pushing Reggie to overachieve, so the award is more of a testament to how long he has lived and how many wishes he rolls about building widgets.

Reggie and Perenna head over to Acqua Verde to celebrate the unexpected event.

Any excuse to party, right?

Upstairs, Ceth gets Carlos to mess around with the karaoke machine with her.

He would never have agreed to this if there were any possible witnesses.

One positive thing about high school for Milo is his relationship with Guadalupe. While Carlos and Ceth think they're too good for every classmate that shows interest in them, Milo is not so picky, and takes the first opportunity he can to ask his childhood friend to go steady.

The girl's father, Garrett Giordano, is not pleased with his daughter's choice in boyfriends.

'Lupe worries about what might happen if Milo discovers her father is a criminal.

Summer arrives, along with the associated festival grounds changes.

Reggie has seen more summers than most sims. He is happy to still be alive, and makes sure to enjoy every minute of it.

Sorry, guys...

...but there's no way you're eating more hot dogs than a werewolf.

Izalee discovers a curious talent for archery.

The bow feels so right in her hand. She doesn't know how to describe it.

An image flashes to mind; she grips a weapon much like this one, with foreign inscriptions carved into it, magic arcing through the arrows. The cursed bow is supernaturally light, easy for her thin arms to handle...

"Nice shot," her father says.

Another wonderful show. Lucida is just a couple more of these away from being level 10 in her own career.

Garrett Giordano approaches Lucida as she's picking her props up off the stage.

"I don't want your messed up genetics in my family tree," he grumps at her. "You tell your boy he shouldn't be seeing my daughter."

"I'm not playing the bad guy for you," Lucida growls, resisting a strong temptation to beat up the old man. "And my sister is your niece. How can you say something so horrible?"

"That blue freak is no niece of mine," Garrett snaps.

"I can't believe that piece of garbage," Lucida complains to Ben when she gets home. "Can you?"

"I wouldn't worry about it much," Ben says. "Garrett Giordano will probably drop dead any day."

Lucida frowns. Garrett is far younger than her own father. She hates to think of mortality like this.

Carlos has already been through all the early classes Milo is taking now, so is able to tutor his younger sibling in the ways of the maths.

"This. Is. The. WORST," Milo groans.

"No, it's really easy," Carlos tries to be encouraging.

"Maybe," Milo concedes, "but it's BORING."

"Don't be a stereotype, Milo."

Some windsurfing.

Seagull sighting!

Ceth developed the party animal trait, so when Ben was invited to his sister Lynnette's party, Ceth begged to tag along. She didn't realize how dreadfully boring it would be.

The party is even worse for poor Lynnette, who is stuck in routing failure in her bathroom while Norbert Valenci-Almeria and Vito DeLuca take turns thrusting flowers in her face.

Dental care tips from nonna.

Milo loves listening to Perenna's tales of the werewolf packs of old, and hidden cities where there is no need for secrecy because everyone is magical.

"Dad, your class uses the AIM stat, stop taking STRENGTH at every level up."

Ben realizes it is his birthday, and runs to the bathroom to check for wrinkles.

Don't worry, this is not an accident about to unfold.

It's just Lucida's latest acrobatic trick, the Flaming Fliptease.

Swan on Fire has reached level 10 in her career. A master acrobat, ladies and gentlemen.

It's probably been a while since we've visited the Worries and Woes Country Pub. Cal is working there now.

Cal does a cute happy dance at the sight of a member of his old family.

It's too bad Ben just came here to talk politics with his young "nephew" Matteo, Ada's son.

Congratulations were in order for Matteo's recent marriage to Valentina Giordano, and the birth of their daughter, Aletta Giordano-Rossi.

Snowcone break!

"Carlos, you're not even trying."

Etc.: Ceth actually gets along with Ben pretty well, without any direction from me. His schmoozer trait agrees with her diva trait, I suppose. Whereas other sims might react to Ceth's drama with anger or annoyance, Ben responds by sucking up to her, and she loves it when people suck up to her.

If you've had diva sims, you know what I'm talking about. They'll go around being little bitches and tank all of their relationships, and you'll have to spend time repairing them, lol.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Chapter 66: Photo Op

Lucida loves what she does (since what she does is show off all day), but work days as an acrobat are long and exhausting, no matter her enthusiasm. She takes frequent trips to the spa for massages, to rid herself of some of the fatigue.

 The Slanciato Spa is a very old building, practically a fortress.

It's also very pretty.

Lucida has at-home options for a massage, as well...

Izalee jerks her controller to the side. "Guys, do you mind?"

Izalee is ignored.

Ben has learned how to give really good massages.

He really adores his wife.

He's not ashamed of letting the whole town know! Public display of affection alert! Mayday! Mayday!

"I gotta admit," Carlos mutters, "this was not what I expected out of a campaign fundraiser."

"These clothes are itchyyyy," Milo whines.

"Suck it up," Carlos whispers. "At least you look cute. I look like a tool."

The family poses for a photo op.

Afterwards, Ben has enough campaign donations to make a serious bid for next mayor.

Lucida takes Milo to one of the big fields the older kids use for baseball, as a reward for decent behavior during the campaign fundraiser.

He's more athletically inclined than his brother, but has a lot of trouble keeping up with his mother.

They grow up so fast.

The school's buddy system program pairs Milo with Guadalupe Giordano.

She may be a cowardly, clumsy loser, but she and Milo share a birthday so that's something, right?

While playing tag, 'Lupe pauses to stare at Milo's blue-skinned relatives.

How could she not? They're kind of creepy!

She thinks Milo is pretty cool, though.

Reggie and Ray reminisce about their childhood and talk about their grandkids. Layla settled down in Isla Paradiso and now has a child of her own. Ray and Heather have talked about moving there to be near her.

Gameplay continues as expected for a while.

"What are you doing, Milo?" Perenna glances at her youngest grandson briefly, busy typing away her latest screenplay.

"I'm asking the ball if I'll be better looking than Carlos when I age up."

"And smarter," he adds. "And more popular."

Milo's birthday arrives, but the game can't handle the intensity and crashes several times.

Eventually I use cheats to age up Milo.

Etc.: Guadalupe is one of Izalee's cousins, but I doubt she knows that.