Thursday, October 27, 2016

Chapter 66: Photo Op

Lucida loves what she does (since what she does is show off all day), but work days as an acrobat are long and exhausting, no matter her enthusiasm. She takes frequent trips to the spa for massages, to rid herself of some of the fatigue.

 The Slanciato Spa is a very old building, practically a fortress.

It's also very pretty.

Lucida has at-home options for a massage, as well...

Izalee jerks her controller to the side. "Guys, do you mind?"

Izalee is ignored.

Ben has learned how to give really good massages.

He really adores his wife.

He's not ashamed of letting the whole town know! Public display of affection alert! Mayday! Mayday!

"I gotta admit," Carlos mutters, "this was not what I expected out of a campaign fundraiser."

"These clothes are itchyyyy," Milo whines.

"Suck it up," Carlos whispers. "At least you look cute. I look like a tool."

The family poses for a photo op.

Afterwards, Ben has enough campaign donations to make a serious bid for next mayor.

Lucida takes Milo to one of the big fields the older kids use for baseball, as a reward for decent behavior during the campaign fundraiser.

He's more athletically inclined than his brother, but has a lot of trouble keeping up with his mother.

They grow up so fast.

The school's buddy system program pairs Milo with Guadalupe Giordano.

She may be a cowardly, clumsy loser, but she and Milo share a birthday so that's something, right?

While playing tag, 'Lupe pauses to stare at Milo's blue-skinned relatives.

How could she not? They're kind of creepy!

She thinks Milo is pretty cool, though.

Reggie and Ray reminisce about their childhood and talk about their grandkids. Layla settled down in Isla Paradiso and now has a child of her own. Ray and Heather have talked about moving there to be near her.

Gameplay continues as expected for a while.

"What are you doing, Milo?" Perenna glances at her youngest grandson briefly, busy typing away her latest screenplay.

"I'm asking the ball if I'll be better looking than Carlos when I age up."

"And smarter," he adds. "And more popular."

Milo's birthday arrives, but the game can't handle the intensity and crashes several times.

Eventually I use cheats to age up Milo.

Etc.: Guadalupe is one of Izalee's cousins, but I doubt she knows that.


  1. aww I really like Reggie's selfie with Mech! I find it very cute. Also, Ben is such a dorky looking skeleton.

    Milo is also cute! Do you remember where you got his hair from?

    1. His kid hair is from here:

      The teen hair is probably store hair. :)

  2. Thanks to these pictures I can live vicariously through Perenna, who gets to pinch Milo's cheeks for realsies! I see now that he and Carlos really do look almost (?) identical. Crazy! Not sure if you get to be better looking than Carlos, little Milo XD

    Cid and Ben made some adorable children... and they are just the cutest couple! So lovey-dovey even at the fundraiser :3

    So Layla already settled down in IP - I'll take that as a good sign that we'll get to see some of that soon ;)

    1. Still not sure when I'll be able to get around to Legacy Layla, but hopefully sooner rather than later. (:

  3. Golly Milo is too cute. He looks so much like his mom!

    I love the picture of Reg and Mech. I was thinking of Mech, Ani, and Cal last night because I made a plumbot of my own (and I was jealous that all the awesome names are taken ;)).

    1. It was just one of those generations that favored one parent ridiculously over the other. Oh well. D:

  4. Poor Carlos, looking like a tool is the fate of all children of politicians.
    Both boys are really adorable. Though I may be biased.
    I loved the shot of Cid training Ben. He is so scrawny! Not judging, just amused considering how athletic his wife is.

    1. Haha, they liked to do the training thing a lot.

  5. Yes still aliiive..... (2/3 events left to be survived) I feel like this game is slightly unfair as I have no desire to win at it.