Friday, November 4, 2016

Chapter 69: Hit Me With Your Best Sunlight

"I've been thinking," Ceth informs Carlos.

Carlos doesn't look up from his book. "Wow, someone call the news station."

"Be quiet for a minute. Anyway, Starlight Shores is probably the best place for a beautiful singing voice like mine to get noticed."

"I guess that's objectively true," Carlos grumbles.

"So it's settled. I'm going with you. Screw this town and everything in it."

"Fine. I could use someone to split the rent with."

Milo amuses himself learning to do silly things with the soccer ball.

Are Ceth and Carlos really moving far, far away? That seems extreme. As they plan, Milo feels a bit left out. Does nobody care about his plans for the future? ... Granted, he knows everyone expects he'll go into professional sports, and he admits to himself that he probably will. But that doesn't mean he has to take Monte Vista's safe and sure offer.

The mail! The mail!
The mail will never fail!

Ben's cousin, Ada Rossi, hard at work...

Izalee comes out of isolation to help celebrate Ceth's birthday.

Huh. What to wish for? Happiness? A decent romance? Fame? Witch powers? A chance to speak with the mother who abandoned her?

Ceth cannot decide.

Ceth ages up, and is now a young woman.

"I was prepared for this. I'm already registered as a freelance singer. The sing-o-grams start tonight."

"I'm glad to see you so excited," Ben says. As the kids were growing up, he always stressed the importance of being prepared, and while he doesn't know if Ceth has what it takes to make it big in her chosen industry, he is confident she will at least be able to survive in it.

Ceth's first sing-o-gram is indeed that same night, delivered to a woman at Danza.

Lucida is the victim of a shower pranking. Because she has the Good Sense of Humor trait, she actually gets a positive moodlet for being the victim of a such a well-executed plot.

Gianna Toledo, the daughter of Perenna's friend Rosa, grew into a very pretty girl. She's also very interested in Milo. It's too bad he's spoken for, she drops the hint rather unceremoniously.

Milo can admit to himself that while he cares about his childhood friend Guadalupe, they just aren't that great of a match. Two of their traits are even polar opposites. He will not, however, admit this to anyone else just yet, and politely pretends to not take Gianna's meaning.

He does decide to show off for Gianna by eating this ghost chili, though.


"Wow, that's... a lot of butterflies." Guadalupe rolled her eyes at Milo's room, which held remnants of his grandmother's workspace and of the pink nursery it used to be, but she is not sure what to make of the insect collection.

"Yeah, I, uh... I like the thrill of the hunt," Milo tries to explain.

More and more, when she takes his hands, he feels guilty. She stresses about their future together, and none of it appeals to him. She wants his opinions on things he doesn't have opinions on, and then she gets upset when he doesn't pretend the way she wants. He doesn't care if she can get into a career with prestige or not. He doesn't care about what other people think. He doesn't care about the money to support a family with kids, because he doesn't want those things, but she acts like he's just being 'difficult'...

How does he rip off this band-aid without destroying their friendship?

Everything just keeps breaking in this damn house!

"Stop it, Milo!"

"I'm helping."


The Kool-Aid Man Milo's friend Gaius Monty comes to the house after school with Milo. After raiding the fridge (no, seriously), he runs into Milo's mother, a dedicated Roos fan. Gross.

Gaius cannot get out of here fast enough.

Carlos wanted his cake earlier in the day rather than the traditional later, but he somehow didn't imagine everyone would be cheering him on in their PJs.

Carlos becomes a young man.

"Maybe don't, like, leave immediately..." Milo says, a worried expression on his face as he studies the dominoes he was dealt.

Carlos is pretty sure he knows where this is going. "Relax. It'll be a few days while we get everything ready. I wouldn't miss your birthday, little bro."

"Oh. Man, I saw that shirt, and I thought you were ready to hit the ocean any minute. I thought you and Ceth had, like, everything planned..."

"Ceth wants you to think that, but she's an indecisive mess right now. The move is going to be a nightmare."

"Guess you just get to chill for a little while then."

"Guess so," Carlos agrees. He looks forward to the next precious few days of no school and no job.

Carlos spends those leisurely days wandering aimlessly around Monte Vista, taking time to appreciate the town he grew up in.

 He is observant of every sight, sound and smell, knowing that soon he will have a new location to compare them all to.

Not many sims ever bother with travel; Carlos will be one of the few.

Meanwhile, Ceth is hard at work.

Singing for tips feels like just begging for handouts. Ceth begins to question her life choices. Maybe when she gets to Starlight Shores, she'll take an apprenticeship at a theater, like most sims who want to get into the industry. She only cringes when she thinks of all the time she will be wasting not singing, if she starts out at the bottom like those fools.

The house seems lonely, now, with Izalee's father gone. With everyone else doing work or school or their own thing, it was Reggie who was always outside tinkering while Izalee tended her garden. Slowly, she gets used to her only companions in the daytime being the chirp of birds, the smell of grass and trees, and her garden, and the paints and open canvases.

She thinks a lot about Ceth, the girl she pretty much raised, moving to Starlight Shores, but strangely, she has the feeling everything will be alright. Everything will be as it should be.

"I don't know why they're leaving," Guadalupe comments again. "I could never leave Monte Vista. This is my home. It's quiet and peaceful. Moving is a big risk."

"I might be doing some traveling in my career," Milo reminds her. "Games and stuff."

"It would break my heart if something happened to you..." Guadalupe whines.

"I don't want anything to happen to me, either," Milo admits.

"You should do what you want, of course," she says.

"I'm going to. I just haven't decided what that is."

"Hey, Ceth... do you know if Milo is mad at me?"

"Mad at you?" Ceth rolls her eyes. "Aren't you like, his best friend or some shit?"

"Well, yeah, but lately I feel like we may not be on the same page... and I feel like he's getting more distant... we used to be so in love, you know?"

"If you say so. Whatever. Just tell him how you feel and he'll say he's sorry for whatever dumb thing he dumb-jock did."

"He didn't do anything really." Guadalupe has a hard time putting her finger on what is wrong with their relationship. "I wonder if I'm just not good enough for him... I'm such a loser..."

"Why are you having this discussion with me?"

Guadalupe bites down on her lower lip. "I guess I'm just scared."

"Of what?"

"That I'll lose my best friend over something stupid."

"Your mother and I are always in your corner, son, but you'll be very far away from us so our response time won't be that good. I want you to remember to stay safe, and to vote, and to brush your teeth, and write us often, and don't get involved with any women that seem mentally unstable, and don't ever let your employers take you for granted, and-"

"Dad..." Carlos laughs. "Dad, slow down... deep breaths. I'll be fine."

"Your mother and I are very proud of you, son."

 Lucida begins to suspect that she, too, is having a midlife crisis.

"You could just get therapy, like a sane person would," Izalee complains.

"Just hit me with the spell, Izzy."

"The sunlight charm is supposed to work against curses that are supernatural in nature. It's not supposed to clear up nonsense psychological problems that don't actually exist."

 "No, it's definitely working, Izzy!"

The sunlight charm, as it turns out, can cure a mid-life crisis.

"I'm shocked that worked," Izalee says, dumbfounded. This points to the mid-life crisis actually being some kind of curse. We're all just numbers in a spell's calculation, Luis said... but no, Izalee shakes that silly thought out of her mind. She decides to keep an eye on Lucida to make sure everything really is okay.

Yeah... pretty much back to normal.

Yup. Back to rolling wishes about romancing Ben.

Ceth thought she'd be nervous about her first stage performance, but she isn't at all. Maybe it's because her audience is underwhelming, maybe it's because this is hardly a prestigious stage... but whatever the reason, she feels as cool as ice.

She wrote these songs herself, and her passion really comes through.

A llama attempts to steal the show.

Etc.: I had hoped to get Milo aged up, thus ending generation 3's goals, and be playing in Starlight Shores for next update, but things didn't shake out that way. This chapter was getting too long. I had to chop it in half.

That means... generation 4 has officially begun! Carlos is heir, but the family structure was Full House, so Ceth and Milo will be sticking around.

The rolled career for Carlos is astrophysicist, the rolled career for Milo is sports, and the rolled career for Ceth is singer. Her act's name, determined by RNG as per my tradition, is Sister Sell Out.


  1. Ooohhhh so this a single with double help or a full house roll? Yay, the trio lives on!

    Aw, poor Milo and Guadalupe. I'm sensing a break up or major fight soon in their future, if not dragging out a painfully inadequate relationship over long distance.

    1. sorry, didn't read your AN. Full house, huh? I wonder who else will be living with them...

    2. Fourth sim is a mystery, even to me! They gotta show up before babies do, since I've always interpreted the family structure as there for the duration of child rearing, so we may have a while.

      Milo and Guadalupe just don't seem super compatible... :(

  2. This chapter is a bit sad in it's own way. So many changes for the sims. Guess it will be great moving on to a new town though, with a whole new save and all. Will the last sim be from MV, or are we looking at the potential for an unknown sim?

    1. Whole new save! Yeeeaaah! Faster loading times, here I come.

      I couldn't spoil 4th sim even if I wanted to. I'm not sure who they will be yet. A wife for one of the boys, probably. But which one...

  3. Blogger ate my comment. ;_;

    Full house sounds AWESOME! It's a roll I've always wanted but I haven't gotten so far. I'm glad everyone gets to stick around, and I was secretly hoping Carlos was heir so YAY!

    1. *fwaps Blogger with newspaper* No comment-eating...

      All "heir" means in this case is which career Carlos gets to have. Full house is a pretty open ended roll. =O I will try to shower him with attention, though, lol.

  4. Ah ha ha! The mail will never fail! Lol. Love it! Nobody ever appreciates the extremes to which service sims sometimes have to go! ;)

    Nothing like eating a ghost chile to impress the ladies!

    I see that Milo is working up to leaving Guadalupe behind as just friends. Sorry, her friend aged up prettier than her! ;)

    Yay! You get to keep all the siblings together! It's nice when they're about the same age!

    1. Thank you for reading! I hope you will enjoy the upcoming generation as much as I do. :)

      For a while I was considering keeping 'Lupe and Milo together, but I ended up deciding to go a different path.

  5. Poor Milo, that is a stressful situation, especially as he doesn't just want to break up with Lupe, he wants to retain the friendship. That is hard to do. But it does seem that Lupe is aware that the romance is faltering, and is more concerned about their friendship, so that's a positive.

    Sister Sell Out is an amazing random roll for Ceth's singer career name.

    1. I took poor 'Lupe's negative traits and just rolled with it. Her childish side comes out a lot more negatively than I've portrayed it in characters like Reggie.

      I thought Sister Sell Out was perfect, too.

  6. I always love the way you write kids' interactions. The fact that they bicker all the time but are still close is super sweet, especially the scene where Milo tries to ask Carlos to stay a bit longer.

    I feel bad for Guadalupe, I hope she doesn't think Milo leaves MV to get away from her. That would feel pretty lousy..