Friday, December 9, 2016

Chapter 81: Unlovable

Carlos bakes a pumpkin pie, his father's favorite, for the town's Spooky Day feast celebration.

Milo has been feeling down, but is briefly cheered up by the sight of the beautifully roasted turkey.

 Most people are intent on having a good time today.

There's more food than can possibly be eaten.

Local teens August Woods and Robbie Platt head off behind the stage to make out and complain about the wasteful excesses of their society.

"Eggs, hey!" Ceth greets her friend.

"H-how are some p-people running around without sleeves?" The poor man shivers in his heavy coat. "It's f-free-eezing."

"Not... really..."

"M-my hometown was a tropical beach all the time. Not even any weather."

Milo brings a slice of pie to Ernesto, who intends to hide on the outskirts of the party until his girlfriend, Mercedes May, calms down from whatever they are fighting about.

"Thanks man, you're a real bro," Ernesto grins widely at the pie plate.


"Women, am I right?"


"Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em."

Milo frowns sulkily. He wishes Kirstin was here, but pregnancy has made her moody, and she doesn't feel like showing up in front of large groups of people today.

"Isn't it sad? His girlfriend won't even agree to live with him. How can he possibly be serious about her, if she doesn't even want to be that close to him?" Ceth chatters on about Milo and his unusual romantic life. "And she actually seems to think she can 99% get out of childcare."

"Some people don't make good parents," Egg Man says quietly.

"So what, she's the victim? Boo hoo, boyfriend wants to keep the kid, she doesn't want anything to do with it?"


Frisbee with the boss.

Lela knows there is a meteorite in this box, but since they are in public, she pretends to act surprised about the gift.

Woo! Party animal at the party!

Lela shakes with unstable rage when she gets a call from her brother about attending the family's costume party.

"Gross, I can't stand this will they won't they junk," Ceth complains.

Milo's response is a clueless: "Huh?"

"Carlos and Lela Whitfield. They've been spending practically every day together now."

"No way... what? Carlos? Being sociable?"

"Yes! And the way she looks at him? She's totally in love. Don't you notice anything, Milo? Come on now."

"Hey, I have a baby on the way... cut me some slack."


"He shouldn't lead her on if he's just going to keep her at arms' length forever. He's never gonna trust anyone with our secret, and he's not as confident he can keep it as I am. I mean, that's why I date and he doesn't, right?"

"Yeah that's pretty much right," Ceth agrees.

Dancin' with Phil.

Against her better judgment, Lela puts on the most awful costume she can find on short notice and goes to her parents' house.

Her brother and his current girlfriend are nice enough...

...but she gets into the same old arguments with her father as always.

Lela leaves her parents' house, puts on fresh clothes and makes her way to a bar. Several glasses of Deep Despair should dull the pain.

The drink is on fire. Just how Lela likes it.

"I suppose I am just... unlovable..." Lela sobs pathetically.

Ceth takes a seat next to her. "Yeah, about that. Are you sulking about Carlos?"

Lela sniffles. "No... well yes... I suppose..."

Ceth waits for the bartender to shuffle into the back room before saying, "Tell Carlos you know he's a freaking werewolf."

"A what?"

"A freaking. Werewolf."

"I am inebriated. Perhaps mishearing you."

"He doesn't like letting people close. Doesn't like them knowing the secret. Fear of secret police or something, you know."

"Those might be real," Lela says.

Etc.: Someone rolled a wish for a feast party, so I had the family throw one at the park. I guess it was a flop because none of the guests brought food! I had to provide it all, so Carlos was very busy in the kitchen for a while.


  1. Oh wow! Is Ceth really helping Lela? I'm surprised. I thought for sure she'd be a little jealous.

    Also I'm trying to figure out what kind of hot dog Lela is based on that picture. A tofu dog, maybe? Or a turkey dog?

    I'm always happy to see Phil. I don't know why I love his face so much, but I do.

    1. The Ceth is a strange creature, eh?

      I was guessing tofu dog, but not sure!

  2. I expected a lot of things from Ceth, but not this! Then again, if she dug her claws into Carlos, things might end up getting serious between them eventually. Ceth can't have that, amirite? She always keeps things interesting!

    I loved your party at the festival! Totally worth all the hours that Carlos had to slave away in the kitchen. Where is Egg Man from?

    1. Ceth has commitment issues, so yes, if a relationship were to get serious, she would become restless and self-sabotage it. (:

      Egg Man was born in my Barnacle Bay playthrough. I more or less promised Melissa I would include him, so there he is, lol.

    2. Oh, I remember Egg Man from the old legacy of course! I was just wondering if he's from a different place in this timeline, just how Ceth was born in Monte Vista. He mentioned a tropical beach, so I thought it might be something other than Barnacle Bay. Despite the sunny weather, it always looked like a cold-ish place to me! :)

    3. That's a fair question, then! :) I pictured Barnacle Bay as somewhat Caribbean-ish.

    4. And you are obviously right, what with the pirate theme and all. Plus, the place is covered in palm trees! I think it was the general color scheme of BB that made me think of places along the North and Baltic Sea, which again makes little sense with the pirates. Durr, Annie :B

  3. Ceth has like no discretion. But hopefully her spilling Carlos' secret won't screw things up. Lela does have her own secret to protect, too, after all.

    I agree with the Egg Man. Someone who really does not want to care for a child cannot be made to do it in a way that won't end up being abusive, and it's much better for the child to have at best limited exposure to parent who doesn't want them. But that's the kind of thing you only really know if you've suffered from that kind of abuse. Poor Egg Man.

    1. Thanks Melissa. I put Eggbert's lines in this chapter specifically because sympathy for Milo and the unborn child is going to be coming from everywhere, and I didn't want it to make Kirstin into a total villain. She has flaws, but not wanting to have a baby isn't one of them.

      In the real world I'd be for Kirstin getting an abortion, but with the sims I often try not to address that as a possibility and leave it up to the readers' imagination on whether it was an option or not.

  4. I feel like if Kristin didn't want the child at all and abortion was an issue that Milo might leave her. Family seems to be really important to the werewolf population. Unless he's jock enough to be more concerned that she's available for woohoo in weird locations, but I don't think he's cold enough to be like that.

    1. Milo is starting to get a clue that Kirstin has different goals for their relationship than he does... and as she pushes him away, maybe if the baby weren't an issue he would want to move on instead of holding on.