Sunday, January 15, 2017

Chapter 90: Opulence

Carlos sets up a telescope for Orazia, his niece, who has taken an adorable interest in his astrophysical research.

His other niece is too young to have many interests. She spends most of her time sleeping, and grows bored of new toys in merely minutes.

Orazia is very fond of her, though.

The pleasant dreams of a Ceth.

Milo corners the Egg Man. "So are you, like... dating her?" he asks.

"Nope, we just play music together," Ceth's friend answers with a strangely amused smile. "I'm dating a my band's guitarist."

"And she's not jealous you spend so much time with Ceth?"

"Nah, he's not jealous. He even wants me to get her to record something with us. But they can't stand being in the same room as each other, so..."

Milo's eyebrows scrunch closer together in confusion. Ceth's friends are so weird.

Lela grows more visibly pregnant by the day.

She's great with kids, everyone says so, but still she sometimes has irrational fears that she won't like her own child as much as she likes everyone else's kids. Everyone else's kids aren't depending on her, after all. It's a totally different dynamic.

Lela suddenly begins hyperventilating.

Luckily she has a paper bag with her at all times.

"You gotta fake it to make it."

Ceth teaches her son important life lessons.

"I can't stand this anymore," Ceth starts off her morning chess game with Carlos with some complaining. "The house is crowded. It's so freaking crowded, we are playing chess out here in the damn snow. I am a famous vocalist. I should be living in a mansion, not in this tiny shack where I have to trip over everyone's kids."

"So it's fine when you have a child randomly, but the rest of us, not so much?"

"That's not it at all, Carlos. I just thought I'd be further along on the scale of having things I want in life by this point. I'm putting my foot down. Either I move out on my own, or we seriously remodel this place." Her threats ring hollow. The housing market in Starlight Shores is worse than ever.

"I've actually been planning some additions to the house," Carlos says. "My wife needs an office space."

"An office space?" Ceth balks.

After much arguing over plans and expenses, the family reaches a consensus, and hires people to add on to the house. A new bedroom is added upstairs, and another room is tacked on downstairs.

Ceth, like Milo, gets her own space outside of the main house, since she couldn't stand her bedroom being the entrance to kids' bedrooms.

Unlike Milo's garage, Ceth's tiny home of her own is... well... she feels like it's classier, anyway.

It has that fancy staircase.

The weather outside may be dreadful, but it's a warm, tropical paradise in here.

Ceth feels a little bad about her bedroom being so far away from her son, but Carlos is just in the next room, after all... 

...oh, and there's this baby monitor thing. Yep. Quality parenting.

Back to the tour of the new areas of the house, Orazia has her own bedroom now for reals!

The presence of the loft bed in addition to her new frilly one is an indication that she will one day share this space with Fairuza, but for now, it is a quiet, private place to read.

Orazia has a television in here, plus video games, bookcases, and a laptop. She can't help but feel like her life now is incredibly opulent. It's a little overwhelming.

She also has a pet! Granted, it's just a cheap genetically engineered rainbow glowy snail in a fishbowl, and not a puppy or a kitten, but it's way more than her mother would have allowed her to have.

His name is Nicholas.

The entrance to the new spacious room downstairs is the back porch.

Yup... it's Lela's new office.

Some might consider this a waste of a perfectly nice potential bedroom for one of the children, but now Lela can meet with clients in style. This should boost her chances of being hired.

What was Ceth's room upstairs is now a secondary lounge room. They're prepping it for a small Snowflake Day party later in the week.

Silly faces brigade.

Alicia Kerman invites Orazia over after school, hoping to cheat off of her homework.

Orazia refuses to let this happen, and Alicia is less than pleased about being forced to do her own homework. Orazia keeps her face neutral through it all, hoping to force her feelings to fall in line behind it.

One of these sims is not dressed for the weather.

Perhaps another budding astrophysicist?

Werewolf bros arguing over their teeth.

 Orazia has seen dorky things that cannot be unseen.

Dance picture.

Garage living.

Nursery living.

Carlos tries to keep smiling, but Ceth as a parent is almost insufferable. She talks about her child like he's the most interesting thing in the world.

Fairuza doesn't seem to be a werewolf, but Milo could swear she has the hunting instinct of one, as she hides in the toybox and waits for her playmates to prey upon.

If his other daughter ever had anything like that, it's not there anymore. Even trying to be competitive in a video game stresses her out, hindering her ability to focus. Milo plays co-op games with her instead.

Bright as she is, Orazia has an easier time connecting with Carlos, who tries to nurture her inquisitiveness. She'd rather learn something about science than pretend throwing a baseball at her father is helping her overcome her social anxiety.

Carlos doesn't mind looking after the kid when his brother is at work in the afternoons.

She seems to forget her shyness for a while and is chatty, but all at once it returns like a dark cloud over her face, when she wants to ask for something, "I don't know if I should ask, because you guys have given me a lot already, but, umm... I was thinking it might be nice to have a chemistry set kind of thing... umm... supplies so I can try out the potion formulas Aunt Izzy gave me."

"Huh. I'm sure we can work something out." His own energies are too chaotic to channel that sort of magic properly, so he wishes Izalee were around to supervise...

Ceth is mildly annoyed by the addition to her drawing room. 

Unlike her toy-making ancestor, Orazia makes sure to wear her protective gear when working with potentially dangerous equipment...

...though early results are about the same.

Etc.: "But wait," said absolutely nobody in the audience, "why are you giving the snail a male pronoun? Everyone knows snails are hermaphrodites."

"Well," said a quick glance at wikipedia, "many marine gastropods have separate sexes, male and female. Terrestrial gastropods are mostly hermaphroditic."

"That makes sense," the author's boyfriend piped up. "The terrestrial snails are closer to BuzzFeed."

[Cue laugh track.]

Anyway, I love what Melissa did to the house! <3 She added to the existing structure, and I decorated it and constructed Ceth's apartment outside. Since it was done by me, Ceth's apartment may look a bit out of place or something; I'm a very bad judge of these things. Originally Lela's office was going to be a private bedroom for Ceth to feel like a rock star in, but... eh, I got all crazy with the place.

The room Orazia was originally staying in (the one with the drafting table) will eventually be for Acheron, and Carlos and Lela's kid will have the nursery to themself, once everyone is out of the toddler stage. Or that's the current plan, anyway. If the new baby is a boy, maybe he and Acheron can share. Carlos and Lela have both rolled wishes to have a girl, but I haven't taken any steps to influence it.

Speaking of wishes, Lela came with the lifetime wish of solving a billion cases. That is surely why story progression pushed her into the private investigator career track, and consequently why she ended up in my legacy family at all... but I may need to change it to something else, since I do keep having her reject cases that ask her to, like, hack into banks and change people's balances. We'll see.


  1. Egg Man! I think Ceth's friends are awesome, but I like weird people. :D

    Lela's so sweet. You always like your own kids more than anyone else's. I think humans are programmed that way. I can't wait to see the new baby!

    I love the additions to the house! And the rainbow snail is so pretty! :o

    Orazia is so awesome. She's in the running for heir, right?

    1. Lela's programming is a bit screwy... but I don't think she'll have problems bonding with her child. :)

      Orazia is not in the running for heir. D: I think you'll see why she would be a bad fit, once I reveal the gen 5 roll.

  2. Holy crap, that rainbow snail is awesome. I had no idea those even existed *.*

    Good job with the house and the decorating! I like Lela's office in particular. It's professional, bit still very Lela! According to Carl's Sims guide it's not possible to complete the 'solve x cases' LTW on a normal lifespan even if you try :[

    Aw, Orazia won't be the heir? Then I hope she'll at least stick around as help or something. She's so sweet, and I love how much you're spoiling her now <3

    1. Thanks, Annie!

      I use a mod that lets me buy any fish from the grocery store, so that's why I'm able to have weird stuff without having a skilled fishersim visiting the appropriately seeded worlds. The rainbow snail is from the Utopia version of Oasis Landing.

  3. I've never seen the rainbow snail in my own game, but I've seen screenshots of Sims actually fishing them. It is a monstrosity that cannot be unseen. But in the fishbowl, it is quite adorable. =)

    The last time I tries the PI career, I ran into so many issues that I couldn't stick with it. So I will never learn what happened to fish kid.

    Yay for Orazia having her own room, for awhile at least. The lounge looks awesome too. And Lela's office. The little guest house is super cute, too.

    1. Here's all the investigator cases, if you want to find out about poor Fish Kid:

      The page contains most of the text, though does not contain alternate text for when you solve the case in unexpected ways (such as beating someone up instead of bribing them as the game instructs you to do).

      I'm glad you like how I decorated the rooms! :)

      Ceth's backyard house looks better pictured in spring, in my opinion. That will be soon. :)

  4. I just realized that Fairuza has pigtails... like her mom... I hope she doesn't turn out to be a criminal, I think poor Milo would implode.

    I like Lela's office, and Ceth's bachelorette pad, haha. The house looks really good!

    Hmmm... I kind of want Carlos and Lela to have a daughter, but then Acheron will be the only boy in the house! Although with Milo around I think he'd still be pushed to do "manly" things (which might be like being Floyd all over again!)

    1. being with* not being Floyd...

    2. Hmm... well... kids don't just grow hairstyles. Taken to its logical conclusion, Milo probably styled Fairuza's hair in pigtails. Perhaps that says something about Milo...

  5. Had no idea you're back, holy crap. I recently started playing again after a long break too. Looks like I have some catching up to do!

    1. Yeah, it's been a while, but I just couldn't stay away! Welcome back! :)