Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Chapter 91: Barry and the Obvious Lies

Snowflake Day arrives. Carlos is tolerating a small number of family and friends over.

Mandy Best is the sole party crasher. She's apparently one of Egg Man's stalkers fans.

Lela is disappointed Barry and Becky didn't bring their son Lysander to the party. Lysander could have played with Acheron and Fairuza.

The group heads upstairs for gifts and such.

Barry worries about the cramped room being a fire hazard.

"Life is a fire hazard, man," Phil replies.

By now, Ceth is good enough at mixing drinks to safely serve them at the party.

Fairuza tests out a new toy. Acheron is content with an old one.

Orazia escapes as soon as possible to her bedroom, under the guise of playing a new video game.

Crowds freak her out.

 The party winds down.

Or not. Still plenty of time for half the guests to get plastered.

Nobody is impressed with your exaggerations, Barry.

Sibling hug of pity.

Ceth is above sing-o-grams these days, but when Lela's brother asks her to sing "You Are Special" to his wife, she feels like she can't refuse the holiday paycheck.

Even if it is totally awkward.

You are special, Becky.

Etc.: The narrator reportedly got all teary-eyed, and left the set early.

Such a shame, since Lela's baby is due any minute now...


  1. The suspense! You better give us another update soon ;)


  2. Oh, Phil--he's so full of wisdom!

    Love the pictures! I desperately need to see Lela's baby, tho. You have no idea how much I'm anticipating this. ;)

    1. What will it be? Male? Female? Werewolf? Human? Witch? Rossi? Goldbeard? Whitfield? !!!

    2. You forgot alien! Lol. I bet their kid will be gorgeous... I'm wondering if it will inherit the gigantic eyes. Secretly I'm already kind of hoping it will be the heir.

      Anyway... I caught up :^) *proud*

    3. Thanks so much for reading and commenting! *hug*

  3. You got through the holiday party without a ton of route failures. Congrats!

    1. Less guests, less route failure. ;)