Saturday, January 21, 2017

Chapter 92: !@#%^&*

Ceth was left to her own devices while I sent Lela to the hospital... not for having a baby, but to be "admitted for instability" when her brave trait swapped to technophobe, courtesy of her unstable trait. Technophobe would be very bad for Lela's career.

Now, while in the hospital, Lela went into labor, and so ran outside... forcing me to redirect her back into the hospital, this time with Carlos.

By the time I got back to checking on Ceth, she was slow dancing with Wylie Luck in the park...

...I think I'll just back away slowly...

While backing away slowly, I notice Becky Lack is out and about with her son Lysander. Lysander Lack just aged up to toddler, and so far does not look anywhere near as goofy as his father. He has his mother's eyes. Thank you, random number gods.

It's very late when Carlos and Lela return home with their newborn son.

His name is Dysen.

Yes, like a Dyson Sphere.

Carlos is so good at naming stuff. Just ask him about what he has named all the stars he's discovered. (That was a joke. Please never ask.)

Huh. I just noticed something with these pictures.

This is going to bother me now.

The birth of a new baby on the first day of spring made everybody feel fancy. That is to say, they all rolled wishes about buying new stuff. So the nursery gets a changing table.

Ceth gets new lounge chairs.

And Milo wanted a horseshoe court.

This one is definitely a werewolf. Milo can sense it.

Ceth tries out the changing table and all the high-end products Lela bought.

...And Acheron instantly has a diaper rash. Good job, Ceth!

Maybe you should have paid attention to the warning labels!

Milo also wanted a new television to watch the game on.

The flowers were a well-intentioned Snowflake Day gift from Orazia.

The people remodeling the house accidentally destroyed Carlos's garden. Now that the snow has melted, he is able to replant it.

Milo is just happy to have access to his basketball court again.

"Are you blind? They're purple," Milo laughs.

"They're blue!" Carlos insists.

The exact color of Dysen's eyes is a subject of contention around the house.

Dysen Whitfield ages up to toddler, which should allow the audience to judge for themselves. As you can see, his eye color is clearly...



...Violet, maybe???

Dysen displays his cocky personality for the camera. Some sims are going to grow up to be !@#%^&*s, you can just tell.

A novel from the book club arrives in the mail for Orazia while she's in school. Ceth reads it to make sure the content is appropriate for emotionally fragile children.

"I'm not usually one for censorship, but this is a very graphic and very high body count..."

Don't talk to yourself, Ceth. It's creepy.

After that, she takes Acheron out for a ride in the stroller... something she's been wanting to do since the snow melted.

She brought their beach clothes. Acheron smiles with delight as his mother dips his feet into the ocean.

Starlight Shores has strict laws preventing paparazzi from spawning, so even though Ceth is a celebrity, she is free to wander around in peace with her son.

Not one to keep the fans starved for a glimpse of her, though, Ceth blogs small details about her life. The Fascinating Life of Sister Sell Out has enough followers that random companies are sending her gifts, and restaurants around town are trying to offer her free meals, hoping they make it into a post.

Today's post vows to locate and punish whatever troll added the blue flamingo to her lawn. The pink one was tacky enough! Who thought it deserved a mate?!?!

Tomorrow's post will probably be about how perfect Acheron is.

The narrator isn't sure why anyone likes Ceth's blog.

Dysen howls for attention.

Ceth sighs. Not every toddler can be as perfect and amazing as Acheron.

She gives in to what Dysen wants anyway.

He wants to howl along with the guitar, and she's the only one who knows how to play it.

Etc.: Ceth rolled a wish to "jam with Dysen". OK then.

Since Dysen is a werewolf, he was born with that brownish gold eye color they all have. I was going to switch it to blue, like Lucida's, but I don't have her exact shade saved, so I just took the color wheel for a spin and landed on purple. I was feeling quite ill at the time, so it was just a "good enough, let's move on" sort of deal.

In later loaded saves, I noticed his eyes got randomly lighter. Maybe the glowy was not applying itself properly? I don't know. In CAS, I made the eyes so dark they almost looked black, so with the CAS werewolf glowing they were the violet pictured...

The heir will be either Dysen or Fairuza. I'm currently favoring one, but still struggling with the decision, since I have ideas for both. The family structure for gen 5 is "couple", so I can only keep one of them.


  1. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd love to know what Carlos names stars. xD

    Dysen is adorable. <3 His eyes look like an ultraviolet blue to me. My fingers are crossed for Dysen as heir. He's just so cute.

    1. He has his dad's eyes and nose, which is a pretty cute look. :) Lela's features are kind of awful on a male sim, actually, so Dysen is lucky he takes after his father. A girl child may have been able to get away with more features mixing.

  2. So Carlos, what have you named all the stars you discovered? :o

    They're purple! Milo is right! Dysen is cute, but def not as wonderful and perfect as Acheron.

    1. Yeah, Acheron should just be heir again. Dysen can't step to that. ;D

  3. The Goldbeard house is so dang pretty! More house pics make my eyeballs happy, haha.

    I wouldn't say it in front of Milo, since he and his huge muscles are so willing to fight over it, but Dysen's eyes look pretty blue to me. I like him for heir, and his shit-eating smirk too lol. It's too bad you can't keep both though. Fairuza is darn cute.

    1. Thank you so much!

      Every time Milo and Carlos fight is play-fighting. It's a friendly interaction with werewolves. :)

  4. Yay, finally the long-anticipated CarlosxLela baby is born and we get to see him as a toddler :D Dysen is such a smug and cute little wolf cub xD It's too bad you can't keep more than one of the kids around though.

    Becky Lack seems to have very strong genes. In my Starlight Shores, most of her kids and grandkids are almost her clones. Lysander is lucky he only got her eyes and not her hair!

    1. I kind of like Becky, though! Maybe your Larissa endeared me to her... or maybe it's the shared first name, lol.

    2. She does have some really nice genetics! Jamey is actually her grandson and looks a lot like her, which is a big part of the reason I snatched him up despite his personality xD

  5. Dysen is adorable. The eye color looks great oh him.

    Lysander Lack is the kind of name you can't make up, lol.

    1. Thanks! A shame the game changes the eye color on me. =/

  6. Alright, so I join in very late and only read the 5 January chapters so far and I am still a little confused about the family structure. Could you give me a quick explanation on how everyone living in the household is related to each other? That would be awesome =D
    Regarding the next heir, Fairuza ist the cuter one but I love the smug picture of Dysen. That's some serious toddler swag he has there! So I have no preference so far, I'll have to see them grow up first :-)

    1. Sure. Carlos and Milo are brothers (Carlos is slightly older). Fairuza and Orazia are Milo's two daughters, from different mothers. Lela is Carlos's wife, Dysen is their son. Ceth was adopted by Carlos and Milo's maternal aunt, Izalee, and grew up in the same household with them. Acheron is Ceth's son.

      I write my chapters with the idea that people have read from Chapter 1, so you may still find them a bit confusing.

  7. No comment about the heir, because of course I want Acheron to find this iteration's Claire, who hopefully will not try to kill herself again. (Plus Claire had my favorite hair in the entire game and I am honor bound to like any sim who can rock it)

    I say go with the most disagreeable sims as heir, the one who gets along well with Ceth hahaha