Sunday, January 29, 2017

Chapter 93: Causality

Most of the Snowflake Day decorations come down, leaving space for a toddler playpen upstairs. Ceth uses it to conveniently hold her son captive while she practices mixing drinks.

Acheron pushes the abacus blocks back and forth sullenly. Nothing he does seems to have much affect on the world; it's very upsetting. Crying gets one response, and silence gets another, but after that the adults just do whatever they were going to do...

Fairuza has a good handle on walking on two feet instead of four now.

Paintings of caged birds and such.

Acheron whines and kicks his legs in his sleep, keeping Fairuza awake long after they are put to bed. She calls his name, but he doesn't hear or answer her.

The lone private eye wanders the mean streets...

Ceth still takes almost any gig she can get, because her household spends money almost faster than they can get their hands on it.

Fairuza has a plan to escape the playpen, but she will need assistance, as she explains with dramatic gestures and babbled words.

Her little cousin's vocabulary is still too small; he doesn't understand her. She facepalms and lets out a big sigh. Dysen smiles widely and covers his face as well.

Lela's career glitches out again, causing her to dust her own house for prints.

Maybe she'll figure out who's been eating all of her key lime pie...

Tot Spot Playground.

With such a cute name, Ceth thought it would be larger and more impressive.

Dysen is still very bad at walking.

"You're a co-captain of the team, you were just confirmed MVP and given a raise... and you don't want to go out and celebrate?!" Ceth is aghast.

"It's my kid's birthday," Milo protests. "I got her a cake and stuff. What would she think if I weren't here?"

"You could go out after she's in bed."

"I'd rather stay. In case the girls have a fight or something. Fairuza won't fit in her crib anymore, so she'll be up in Orazia's room..."

"You really can't be serious."

One of the last screenshots of Fairuza as a toddler.

She's very hungry for that cake, and eagerly blows out the two candles.

The crowd goes wild!

Carlos was recently promoted to Gamma Ray Technician. Behold the work uniform!

The cake glitches out, so Fairuza quickly improvises, dining on some egg rolls instead.

Fairuza has been in her big sister's room many times, but from now on, it's her room too.

Orazia grips her knees nervously, rocking back and forth slightly on her bed. "Dad said you can pick out new blankets and stuff if you want. I hope you don't mind the nightlights, I prefer to sleep with them on..."

"Can I play with Nicholas?" Fairuza asks.

Orazia is caught off guard. "Oh, uh... I guess you can reach him now, huh? You couldn't do that before. Well! We shouldn't pick him up to play with him really. He's too fragile. But he's fun to watch and he especially likes to be fed."

The snail has not been fed yet today, so Fairuza gets to do the honors.

Orazia was worried her baby sister would treat her differently, now that she's old enough for school and all that, but she needn't have been so concerned. It would seem Fairuza still looks up to her.

"Hey little guy," Milo greets Acheron, responding to the boy's cries since Ceth is taking a shower, Lela is out pretending to be Batman, and Carlos is checking the mail. There was no ignoring it and pretending another adult would tend to him...

Acheron stops screaming when he's picked up, and stares at Milo, looking him straight in the eye in a way that is nothing short of unsettling. "Stay," Acheron enunciates slowly.

Milo chuckles. "Am I your dog now?"

"Tonight. Stay. Don't go outside."

Milo has been reconsidering his plan to stay in. His girls are happily playing in their room, and have no need of him. Ceth is heading out clubbing, and maybe a couple of drinks at a party would be better than a couple of drinks at home before bed. The toddler doesn't know any of that though. Milo tilts his head and frowns uncertainly. If only the kid could have waited five more minutes to start wailing, Carlos would be here dealing with this instead.

Acheron grabs Milo's shoulders with his tiny hands, determined to communicate. "If you go, the people in suits, and ties, and," he shakes his head violently, "don't want. I don't want to be stolen."

"You're not making any sense, buddy," Milo says, though truthfully he had no idea Acheron could string so many words together. When not pitching a random screamy fit, Acheron is usually the shy one, letting the more rambunctious Fairuza and Dysen talk for the three of them, or try out new things first.

"Don't want," Acheron repeats, "please stay."

"And he just, like, went on like that for a while," Milo explains.

Ceth rolls her eyes. "So? Baby says stupid things, that's not exactly newsworthy."

"Don't you think it's at least a little creepy? He seemed to think something bad was going to happen to us if I left him alone, and... and what about people in suits and ties? Don't you think that's-"

"The Suit and Tie Guys are classics, Milo. Like Led Zeppelin? And Heavy Metal Titans of Doom? And Rick Astley? Don't be such a goomba."


"I listen to their music all the time."

"Fine. But I think you should be concerned if your kid is afraid long dead pop stars will abduct him."

Ceth shrugs. "When I was a baby, I thought our dog, Polka, was a shapeshifter and could morph into a smaller version of herself."

"Okay I won't pretend that isn't weird..."

"Well I'm going out. Catch you later."

Milo retreats to his garage apartment.

It's an uneventful night.

Etc.: So while writing this chapter I got distracted researching snails and how to care for them, because I didn't want to make any mistakes about fictional snail species that don't exist.


  1. Awww Fairuza and Dysen were so cute playing together. I liked her interactions with Orazia, too, they're so sweet. I'm still eagerly anticipating the decision on who the next heir/ess is!

    Acheron's warning was also... uh, cute. Slash ominous, slash creepily coherent for a toddler. *shivers* I'm glad Milo decided to stay in.

    That was a fascinating read you linked. I had no idea caring for snails was so complicated.

    ;) Meanwhile, the house continues to get exponentially more adorable.

    1. I admit I think Fairuza looks awesome in child stage!

      Maybe I should write a chapter about what would have happened if Milo went out...

  2. Milo is such a good dad! And he has good genetics--Fairuza is adorable.

    I just realized how many Nicholases there are in the Random Legacy universe. o.o Nicholas the Snail is obvs the most fabulous, though.

    Acheron, man, you're freaking me out!

    Goddamnit! I clicked the link. D:<

    1. PS, I'm sorry for swearing! I was just taken aback by the snails in all their glory. ;_;

    2. Ahahaaha! Don't apologize. >=D

  3. Fairuza is so cute. I was a little worried she'd treat Orazia differently, but their interactions were so cute.

    Archeron may want to cut back a little on the creepyness. xD

    Ah man. The link. ;-; I fell for it. Pat yourself on the back for that. I don't usually do that.

  4. Ah, Fairuza grew up well, still the cutest in the household imo. I'm curious for the next chapter now thanks to Acheron's "prophecy". Milo made the right decision, countless horror movies have taught me to always listen to creepy children!
    And the house is ridiculously beautiful, my sims are a little bit jealous.

    Unfortunately the link isn't available in my country. I have no idea why they would block something purely educational!

    1. Aw! It was just a rickroll, don't worry about it. >.>

      And thank you for the compliments. :)

    2. Heh, I know, I could see the title =D

    3. Oh! Well, just as long as you don't think I was linking to anything terrible. (:

  5. ...I knew what was going to pop up when I clicked that link, but I had hope, you know?

    Anyways, I echo everyone else who says that Fairuza is cute! I hope she and Orazia can continue to be close as they get older.

    Good on Milo for listening to Acheron- too many characters in the same situation ignore such warnings and end up in trouble!

    1. Milo was waaaaay too creeped out to possibly enjoy his night if he went out, lol. :)

  6. Looks like Acheron did have some effect on a grown up for once! I wonder what he managed to prevent there.

    And congrats, you got me too with that link xD I really wanted to know how to care for snails...

    1. I'm considering writing the next chapter about what might have happened. Pro: lulz. Con: might confuse people. I always get that, when I try to make something obviously a dream sequence, someone is like "I was freaking out, I thought you actually killed off that character!" etc.

      The snail research did actually happen, but it would take multiple links to show you all of it, lol. Google is a girl's best friend. :D

    2. Oh oh oh oh! I know I'm butting in but I would really like a chapter about what would have happened. :D

    3. I second that! Do it, Becky. Please <3

  7. *dryly* Excellent snail video, I learned so much about how they just wanna hold on.