Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Chapter 96: Fish Hunt

The house is still overflowing with both junk and people, so Acheron isn't getting his own bedroom any more than Fairuza did. He still sleeps in the nursery with Dysen. The adults get rid of Acheron's crib and plop a child's bed in its place.

A few more pieces of "toddler" furniture get replaced as well.

"Wow, I can't believe it," Milo whispers.

"What?" Carlos grunts.

"Acheron is actually good at music. I thought Ceth was just crazy."

Milo finally gets a weekend day off, and gives in to his daughters' pleas to take them to the spring festival at the park. Fairuza pretends to be a predatory beast hunting for the colorful prey. Orazia, the one with the actual claws, is just happy to find pretty eggs.

The girls wanted Milo to try the love tester machine for some reason.

It says TODAY IS THE DAY, and he just laughs to himself. He isn't ready for today to be the day.

"Oh wow, Ernesto?!" Milo was not ready for this either.

"Yeah man, I finally got a real job." The old man looks around. "Ernesto is in charge of the festival of loooove."

"Wow." Milo doesn't know what to say.

Ernesto quirks an eyebrow at him. "You want me to point any eligible ladies your way? Because Ernesto got the connections."

"Uh, no. No thank you. I actually brought my kids here."

"Ahh. Well, we have the boring, innocent fun too." Ernesto feigns a yawn. "Have they tried the egg hunt?"


 "You know, being a parent doesn't mean you have to give up on the ladies..." Ernesto expresses concern for his friend. Milo just nods. He's noticed other people care far more about his relationship status than he does these days.

Fairuza rolls a wish to learn how to fish, so the whole family has a go at it.

Orazia wasn't keen on the fish hunt idea. She puts the bench between herself and the lake, as a shield against retaliation from the aquatic life.

After that, Fairuza wants to play horseshoes. This kid does not slow down.

Orazia is feeling too inept to participate in more physical games, but choosing to be left out makes her feel so lonely, she distracts herself by trying to talk to Traci Olivia-Luck.

"Don't talk to me, weirdo."

That was that. Orazia plops down at a table and pretends to doodle while her mind replays the interaction with Traci. What did she do wrong?

Fairuza has worked up quite an appetite. Her father sends her to the food stand with simoleons.

She settles on hot wings! Living dangerously.


Orazia is too disturbed by the two-tone glitch to eat lunch with her family.

Francesco Olivia-Luck approaches Orazia, claiming he wants to apologize for his sister's rude behavior. "Traci thinks she's going to be so famous and popular someday, but she's not," he offers his analysis.

Already on edge, Orazia is suspicious of Francesco's motives, but agrees to dance next to him for a while anyway.

At the end of the day, Milo and his girls pile into the photo booth for a fun picture.

I guess photo booth pics of kids are broken in my game or something?  =(

Random pic of Ceth performing.

After that she went to a party across town.

 This house has too many stairs for Egg Man.

 I didn't save many pics from this dull party.

Here are some Starlight Shores locals playing on the beach.

Etc.: Crossing the line between character development and worthless picture spam chapter, here I am, reminding you that my save files still work after all these years.