Sunday, June 18, 2017

More Questions Part 2

These are from Nocriel. Thanks Nocriel!

1. Who's your favorite sim?

Out of all of my own sims ever? These two (they're a set, really, they can't help it):

Maybe the favoritism is a bad thing. Maybe I can't ever go back and finish their generation in my old blog because I just can't let them die.

2. Do you stage a lot? How do you do it?

It depends. Hopefully the only "staging" I need to do is get all sims I want in a scene into the same room, and then just have them chat or whatever, but in more complicated plots I may have to meticulously build the area I want the screenshot in, pose the sims, alter wardrobes... bleh. All of that kind of thing takes place in alternate saves.

3. Is there a roll you'd really hate to play?

I hate to play the role of bad guy, but I often find myself badgering my boyfriend about his health. The man weighs next to nothing and forgets to eat. Gah!

4. How about a roll you'd love to play?

Cinnamon roll.

5. What is your favorite Sims EP and why is it Pets?

World Adventures. It felt like it added so much more than every pack after it. Second place is Supernatural, because I like the look of a lot of the items. Third place is Ambitions, because I really had fun with that one. Of course Pets was always long overdue.

6. What parts of yourself as a person in real life do you recognize in your sims (personality, experiences, appearance or whatever) or your story in general? Don't say nothing, I'm convinced there's always a little bit of yourself in your sims! :P

I'm sure my blogs say more about me than I'd like.
7. What lifespan do you play your RLC on/how many sim days?

I've tried both 95 and 100 days for different legacies.

9. What other games do you play? Do you know Heroes of the Storm (I do not get paid by Blizzard, I'm just curious...)?

I do not play Heroes of the Storm, but I do play several other games. Currently my most played games are Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (SWTOR) and Starbound. Like Sims 3, those two are games that are only "done" when you decide they are.

I can also recommend Skyrim, if you really want to sink in some time.

Oh, and I really have to mention FTL: Faster Than Light. I own a lot of their merchandise, and I'm still hoping they release a slug ship T-shirt.

...Any minute now...

10. What's a hobby of yours other than gaming/writing?

Bird watching.

11. Is eleven questions too many?


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