Sunday, June 18, 2017

More Questions

Seems those 11 questions... things... are still making the rounds. I answered 11 questions last August! That was like, yesterday! Yet Urunwa had some more for me, and that's sweet, so I'll answer them.

Thanks Urunwa!

Her questions:

1) Do you let how your sims act in game affect what happens in the story?

Yes. Many of the stories are inspired by gameplay, which can be quite random.

Once I had a sim (Finley Archer) who needed to reproduce, but I didn't have a plan for who she'd go with, so I decided to let her become involved with a sim who randomly walked up and flirted with her. The roll was single parent, so I knew they'd have to break up, but I didn't know how... until I noticed one of Timmothy's traits was "insane", and it all just kind of fell into place.

2) What is the worst incident you've had happening in your current RLC?

Any of the glitches that force me to save houses to the bin, delete them from the map and then re-paste them to the map and re-move-in the family.

That glitch where half a person's skin is darker than the other half, split down the middle.

Orazia's fun bar is glitched. It doesn't go up, it doesn't go down. I dragged it up with cheats, but she doesn't get the associated 8 hour fun moodlet. Orazia can never be happy.

3) Best incident whilst playing RLC?

My savefiles still work after all these years.

4) Favourite sim to play?

Out of this legacy, I guess Reggie.

5) Staging pictures or writing the story- which do you like better?

Writing the story. Staging pictures is tedious and sometimes keeps me from updating for a long time.

6) Are you planning on yelling "get off my lawn" to kids when you get old?

Planning to own a lawn would be getting way ahead of myself, so no.

7) Fringes/bangs in haircuts (for yourself)- yes or no?

I have always had bangs.

8) What's your favourite piece of clothing?

I own this:

9) Addicted to popping bubblewrap? 

No, best to save it for later use.

10) Coolest insect?

Stick insect. 

11) Current haircolour?

Dark brown. I don't waste time dying my hair, but I have wasted time meticulously picking out stark white hairs ever since I was a teenager. Do I have bad genetics, or too much stress?


My questions for others... If you're reading this, I tagged you. HA HA HA%^#*HJDK


1. Favorite board or card game?

2. A computer game you'd recommend besides the Sims?

3. Favorite party game?

4. If you had to make up the rules for an original (ish) party game, what would it be?

 5. You must take either a wish granting genie or a talking dog. What do you choose, and why?

6. What film, book, or other media you've consumed contained the most alien alien? (Think starfish alien trope.)

7. Do you prefer to think of your sims as basically living in the real world, or do you work the strangeness of gameplay into your stories?

8. If you had to destroy one holiday you currently celebrate every year, which one would it be?

9. What color do you normally gravitate towards for shoes?

10. Coolest-looking plant?

11. The last movie you watched?


  1. Hey, it only took me a year to remember the last pm you sent. It's not bad for me. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions though, and making new.

    Poor Orazia, now we'll know her faith of never beeing truly happy. Are you going to write that into the game? Come on, give us a hint.

    1. Haha, no, that would just be too sad. I'm pretending the glitch isn't happening. It makes it more of a challenge to keep her mood up though.

  2. Sh*t I read it. Do I have to answer these...? It's October already! I mean... I kinda guess I should...

    I'm so curious about the two-toned face thing, it seems like a useless thing to exist in code or ever happen. I mean, how? Why? When!? Whoooo!? (in darkhelmet voice)

    1. Heh, I don't think anyone answered my questions because I didn't tag people specifically by name. It's been a while so I may have forgotten someone who did though.