Thursday, November 9, 2017

Chapter 104: Boa

The household returns to their proper save file, and Dysen tells his best friend all about his trip across the world. Minus the parts about werewolves and psychics and sorcery, of course.

LOL, just kidding. He tells her everything.

Molly doesn't believe him, but she compliments him for his amazing imagination.

It's a little unsettling how so many of Lela's cases involve snooping around the graveyard.

Night falls again.

Dysen isn't sure what he's sensing from Acheron, but it's freaking him out.

Everything is burning.

Everything is wrong.

"Why do you want to hurt us?" she sobs.

School bus. Wake up. School. Wake up. Go to school. Snap out of it. Wake up.

 The fae's wings twitch frantically. "Wait. Please don't hurt me," it begs.

 "I don't want to hurt anyone..." Acheron mumbles.

Dysen shoots him a strange look. "Eh?"

"I'll find you again when your strength returns," the cat promises.

"What happens then?" Acheron sighs.

"I don't know," the words are earnest. "You will lead, I will follow."

"This will all happen again."

"This was never meant to end."


Despair. What if the only way to win is to not play?

Don't do anything hasty.

His older voice has become a part of his internal monologue.

You've got a while to figure it out.

"It's not hearing voices as long as I know it's my own voice," Acheron whispers.

"Look, Acheron! Butterfly!"

"Hnn? Yeah... okay..."

Acheron and Fairuza age up to teens.

Fairuza's age up came with the brave trait, while Acheron acquired the brooding trait.

Sigh. Went with this haircut after all.

Orazia has a list of great books that are now age-appropriate for Fairuza to read!

The brave trait fails Fairuza; she wants to run away screaming.

Dysen is desperate to draw the narrator's attention back to himself, so he captures this neat snake after spotting it slithering around the festival park.

"Mom, can I keep him?"

Turns out the yellow python had an owner who was desperately looking for him. Dysen is so disappointed to have to give up his prize, his parents cave and purchase a similar pet.

"Isn't she great, Acheron?"

Acheron doesn't look up. "Yeah. Emmy's pretty cool."

Dysen deflates a little. How did Acheron know what names he was considering? He never senses Acheron using any kind of telepathy on him. He's totally perceptive enough to sense that! Especially since Izalee's lessons. Was Emmy just too obvious? Emmy the Emerald Tree Boa must be too obvious.

Etc.: As usual, I did my research about pet care, and it turns out the Emerald Tree Boa is not a great pet for a child in the real world? So don't try this at home!

I also added Ceth to the downloads page, so have fun with that. She likes to go around slapping people.


  1. Boa constrictor! Yeah, they'll be fiiiiine <3

    Poor Acheron! I'm kind of surprised that his mom doesn't notice his melancholy (but I assume everyone thinks this tired stressed out kid is just always this way) Nice up-the-nose-clsoeup on the bus, that couldn't have been easy.

    XD The look on Leila's face when Dysen picks up the Boa.

    1. <3

      Acheron has always been a rather quiet kid who hides his feelings, so it's difficult for Ceth to know how to help him.

  2. *sighs* Dysen... telling Molly everything could come back to bite him. His parents were right to fear him blabbing their secrets!

    Fairuza looks a bit non-Milo ish (moreso than Orazia atleast, haha).

    Emmy the emerald tree boa was a bit obvious.

    So Izalee is aware of Acheron's precognition. Does she just not tell anyone else?

    1. Fairuza has her mum's nose. (:

      Seems I wasn't too clear in chapter 103, since it is causing confusion. Izalee knew Acheron is "psychic", she didn't know he was precognitive. Psychic is kind of an umbrella term for a lot of psionic abilities. Izalee and Ceth think Acheron is just mildly telepathic.

  3. I think sometimes my favorite chapters are the ones that play with the fourth wall.

    What exactly does Dysen sense from Acheron? Just torment over the dreams or is he experiencing what Acheron is experiencing?

    Fairuza is adorable! I love her hair. And I like Acheron's, too, because that's the same hair I used for Mercury for a long time. XD

    Oh great I fell for that link again

    1. Dysen is sensing intense levels of despair. (Next chapter goes a bit further into detailing how Acheron feels about all this.) Dysen is not good enough at telepathy yet to peer into Acheron's dreams.

      I like the Acheron and Fairuza hairs too. :)

  4. Things seem to be getting worse for Acheron. Reality and dreams are becoming blurred together. I wonder if he'll be able to handle this better as a teen.

    Dysen was holding a PYTHON? Maybe he's the one with the brave trait ...

    Jokes on you I played the whole song because I like it. xD

  5. A-ha! I'm onto your tricks now! Didn't get me this time, you sneaky prankster ;)

    It's unsettling how the dream filter now seeps over into Acheron's waking hours. Or is he just dreaming about events in the immediate future? I can't tell, and neither can he, I guess. Well done!

    Dysen always looks so mischievous. It's cute :D