Monday, February 5, 2018

Chapter 125: New Territory

Carlos, Lela, Milo, Ceth and Dysen arrive safely in Monte Vista.

Lucida's first concern is her sons' teeth. Have they been taken care of properly?

(Yes, of course.)

Izalee has transitioned to elder phase.

She kisses Ceth on the cheek and asks about her recent adventures.

After breaking the news about where the rest of the kids are, Ceth just wants to chill out with some juice pong.

Izalee doesn't understand the appeal.

The Goldbeard home is technically big enough to house another four adults, five cats and a teenager, but Carlos doesn't want to disrupt his parents' lives by rearranging all their stuff to accommodate that, so he purchases an old farm house on the edge of town.

It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a huge kitchen, a small barn, and plenty of common space, so it's exactly enough room for everyone.

The home is typical of Monte Vista styles, and came furnished with a few basics.

"I know it's not what you're used to," Carlos apologizes, "but we'll make it feel like home. You'll see."

"It's perfect, Carlos... all I care about is that we're together."

The family wastes no time filling the new house up with their old junk.

Plus some new junk.

Objects have to be upgraded.

Walls have to be beautified.

Gnomes Fan territory has to be marked.

Lots of settling in to do.

Even after unpacking his stuff and throwing his old posters on the wall, Dysen feels like his bedroom is eerily empty and quiet.

 They gave him the one with purple floral wallpaper, because purple is his favorite color.

It's... not really his style though.

Dysen looks out his window and sees fields and trees. Endless. Picturesque.

No cars honking, no waves crashing against the ocean, no obnoxious beach parties or neighbors screaming at each other across the street. Just silence.

Every once in a while birds chirping, or a rainstorm or something... but mostly, silence.

Dysen feels like his family moved onto a horror movie set.

"What's the matter, puppy?"

"Don't call me that..."

"What makes you think something's the matter? Everything's fine."

"A mother just knows."

"I don't want to cause any drama."

"You don't like it here," Lela realizes.

"It's... it's boring. My classmates are all idiots who make fun of my accent. Everything is dead quiet. There's nothing to do."

"You'll find a way to make your own fun," Lela reassures him. "I think I know why you're blue. You miss your cousins. Your little pack was always around you, making noise and trouble."

Dysen wonders if she has a point. Maybe he's lonely. He won't ever admit to that, though, so he shrugs at his mother and goes back to concentrating on his homework.

At least he still has Molly. She's not doing any better with their classmates.

They visit a local restaurant for a romantic lasagna dinner.

"It's veggie lasagna, so no embarrassing throwing up on this date."

"You're trying to change your accent to talk like them," Molly notices. "Why?"

"I'm improving my charisma skill. Don't question it."

"I think you should be yourself."

"I am being myself. I need to network."

After lasagna, they head upstairs to mess with the arcade machines.

Molly's father, Seth, is pretending to supervise/spy on the date, but he's clearly more interested in Night of the Shambling Shades IV.  He doesn't say a single word to the teens.

"Come by the house tomorrow? You'll be impressed with the wide open spaces." Dysen has already seen the small cottage Molly's family now resides in.

"Sounds good. I could use some room to breathe."

"Just don't judge me for the tacky wallpaper. I'm not allowed to rip it down."

"Tacky is one word for this town. Would you look at this place? You can't just shove a bunch of game cabinets in an attic and call it an arcade. And I'm sitting on a barrel."

"It's not that bad, Molly. It has a rich artistic history or whatever."

Molly scoffs. "I bet Overdressed Owl didn't expect to be where he is right now in life either."

Despite insulting the poor arcade, which was only added by the restaurant owners to try to bring happiness to patrons' lives, Dysen and Molly try out most of the machines.

"Ugh, clowns are bad enough on their own, but now they're vampire clowns?"

The date ends poetically on Dysen vomiting up a candy bar from one of the vending machines.

The next morning, Milo is up at dawn to badger Dysen while he waits for the school bus. "Catch!"

"Ow! This isn't exactly fair, Uncle Milo!"

"Just pick it up and throw it back."


"Your mom said you might be having trouble in school."

"I make straight A's."

"Well, not that kind of trouble. You're not Acheron."

"It's fine. I don't need a pep talk. I can deal with it."

"I'm here for you if you ever need to talk, Dyse."


"But hey, isn't this place amazing? The pleasant smell in the air alone is worth it."

Dysen grunts, finally managing to catch the ball. "Huh? Sure I guess it's nice in a way."

"We'll have to go out hunting as a pack sometime. Oh, hey, you caught it!"

"You're getting older and slower, Uncle Milo!"

Etc.: Okay, Dysen didn't age up this chapter. Maybe next chapter.

Initially I was going to have the family move back into the old house (with Lucida, Ben, and Izalee), but I'm tired of playing an overstuffed household so this happened instead.

If you're curious about what I did with the rest of Monte Vista's population... I aged up everyone to the ages they would have been if I'd have been playing that town all this time, and paired up the sims in Carlos and Milo's age range so I could make them have children that are Dysen's age now.

I also took the opportunity to save several of Ben's relatives to the bin and remove them from the town. I'll drop them in other saves someday, if I ever get around to it.

Finally, I moved in sims from Starlight Shores (including Molly and her parents), and also dropped in a few from Midnight Hollow that I will pretend were living in Starlight Shores. I'm never going to play in that damn town, because it's too dark to see anything, so. It was a good target for pillaging.


  1. Izalee got old! :o She's pretty as an elder. Love the 'tolerant of Ceth's hobbies' face. IT's great how Ceth has a mom in her. Has it come up before what her name means?

    How's the wallpaper not your style, Dysen? You have flowers all over your headband!

    The home is super cute but feels like a big or a small family could live in it, it's really a nice change of pace. It makes sense that the kids are having a hard time adjusting though. Could you imagine if they'd gone to Barnacle Bay? (and I can't blame you about the Midnight Hollow thing, if I recall I never have gotten through finishing a game there because it is so hard to see anything.

    1. What whose name means?

      Dysen's headband was made by Molly, so that's different I guess, lol.

      I'd love to revisit Barnacle Bay, but at this point in the timeline it would present too many logistical problems.

    2. Izalee, I meant. Ceth for some reason I don't wonder about (even though I don't know what that one means either)

      Molly does all the art I guess!

    3. Molly is artistic in general. :)

      Izalee is a rare name to come across in the real world, but it does exist. It's portmanteau name, a combination of "Izzy" and "Lee". If your parents gave you that name, they were probably trying to name you after two different people (maybe grandma Isobel and grandma Leona, or aunt Elizabeth and cousin Leonard), or they just liked those syllables together. The reason Reggie and Venessa chose that name has never come up.

      It could be a more common name in Izalee's century. Consider how names can come into style these days because someone influential finds it on a baby name website and starts a trend.

      Ceth is a feminized version of Seth (or if given to a male, just a creative spelling of Seth).

      The name Seth can come from Hebrew (Seth is a Replacement Scrappy for Abel in Jewish/Christian/Islamic mythology), or from the Egyptian god Set/Seth (who has both positive and negative roles, but is most commonly known for his conflicts with Horus). While the Abrahamic religions do borrow from Egyptian mythology, I am unaware of any connection between the two Seths.

  2. Moonlight Falls has some AMAZING sims so hopefully your Monte Vista population will get even more interesting. :D

    Poor Dysen. :/ But Molly's there! And they have a Superb Owl at their arcade so that's good! Also, I'm with Izalee--juice/beer pong is effing weird.

    1. *Midnight Hollow. ;D

      I will hopefully get around to having Moonlight Falls in a legacy someday (since in my blogs it's supposed to be a sanctuary for supernatural sims). But Midnight Hollow is the worst. Lots of cute sims there though.

      I luff that owl.

    2. Gdi I meant Midnight Hollow. XD Stupid brain. But I played for a few hours there and specifically made a male sim his seed? And his children were absolutely beautiful.

    3. The lighting mod of midnight hollow is pretty good, I forget the name of it though, but it lightens the sky considerably (every building's interior is a completely different matter though).

    4. If it doesn't change the lighting for other towns, I should look into that...

  3. I like Ceth's new bedroom and the photo she has of Acheron and Claire. And I love how Lela calls Dysen puppy :3

    Poor Dysen and Molly though. Monte Vista really doesn't seem like a place teens from Starlight Shores would enjoy! At least they have each other, I guess.

    The previous chapter was great too, btw. The weather grid reset is such a cool reason to make everyone leave town and I enjoyed how you went with trains over other modes of transportation. Are planes not a thing in this universe?

    1. There's an airplane speech bubble, and one flies over Bridgeport, so airplanes are a thing, they're just not something every city has access to. :)

  4. Dysen's wallpaper, ha. Guess he'll have to get used to it. His room did seem empty without Acheron, though. Also love his description of feeling like he's in a horror movie. That was really nice.

    Dysen and Molly are so critical! I totally see them as the big city kids who think they're too good for the small town/rural life.

    1. Thanks! That's exactly the vibe I was going for. :)

  5. Aw, Dysen misses Acheron. I'm sure that's whats happening here :< It was a trip to see Ben and Lucida and Izalee again! That all seems like so long ago now, what with all the Acheron drama, it's surreal to see them still hanging around. I guess they were just living normal lives while we were in Starlight Shores, haha.

    I really want Dysen to make tons of eccentric friends that also don't fit in in Monte Vista lol

    1. Dysen does miss Acheron... and his cousins, too.

      It is kind of funny to see Lucida and Ben around still! I like them a lot, though, so. :)