Thursday, March 15, 2018

Chapter 136: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

A difference of opinion.

I think they miss Milo.

Dysen decided not to keep Molly's involvement in Todd Lau-Landgraab's deadly "accident" a secret from his father. As his son tells the story, Carlos smiles at the ceiling and rolls his eyes, not exactly great commentary.

"I'm sorry I snapped at you for not doing anything," Dysen tries to apologize. "I didn't know what to do either. I felt so stupid and helpless."

"Just take care of each other," Carlos requests softly.

He seems to be feeling his age more than anyone else, spending more time in the rocking chair or tending to Apollo than with his hobbies. He sold the horticulture experiment stuff when they needed the money, and has seemed to need Molly's help to keep the garden alive, though he won't admit to it.

Maggie, too, is feeling her age.

That shrew is right there. Why can't she figure out how to kill it?

Moby nuzzles her fur. He's never been very judgmental.

Entropy hunts for a fish.

 Nothing can escape entropy forever.

Izalee is more critical of the way Lau-Landgraab was handled, but Izzy is never happy about anything to begin with.

This isn't a commission. Molly is about to be fined 1000 simoleons.

Carlos and Lela go out on the town when Lela rolls a wish to do so.

They're cute.

Grim rises dramatically out of the backyard pond to harvest Maggie's data.

Entropy runs to protect his mother, but is repelled by Grim's noxious fumes!

Kay cannot be destroyed by the reaper program, but he can be temporarily inconvenienced.

Entropy freaks out.

Lela doesn't even notice.

Screeching cats? That's normal around here.

Dysen and Molly will miss their first kitty.

Oh, stop playing it up.

Life will go on.

Molly is successful in her quest to get pregnant again.

"You wanted this," Dysen teases her, as he tries to help with the back pain.

 Lela is excited to have more grandchildren. "Does this one have a name?"

"Ollie Whitfield," Molly says, without hesitation, because she's thought about this for too long. "Oliver for a boy, and Olive for a girl."

"Ooh, okay," Lela smiles and nods.

Carlos feels warm fuzzies when he sees Reggie Goldbeard's toys are still loved and played with.

Dysen leaves the police station feeling awkward. The police were having a tough time with a case, and requested the aid of a psychic! All he had to do was come in and help analyze suspects' body language, but it was still weird. Out of all the people Marvin Craft has employed, why did he send Dysen to help the police?

Before he can run home, he is waylaid by Annie Lau-Landgraab, who was impressed with his assistance. The military and police force work very closely in Monte Vista, so she knew about the 'ridiculous stunt' with calling in a psychic and is now feeling bad she was ever against it.

"We should all use our talents to better simkind," she says. "That's why after my accident, I joined the military. I didn't want what I had gained to go to waste."

Accident? Dysen instantly thinks of the fiery cake explosion that took the life of Annie's husband, but a quick glance into her mind shows she's thinking about a science experiment that granted her extreme physical fitness.

Her job in the military probably involves medical science. Annie Lau-Landgraab does it all.

 "...and then she started flirting with me," Dysen groans. "It was incredibly awkward."

"Captain America started flirting with you?" Molly is barely listening.

"Kinda?! I was expecting Landgraab's wife to be some kind of super-villain, but she was a nerd."

 "Dysen, did I get this big when I was pregnant with Polly?"

"Is... that a trick question, Molly?"

"Well this isn't a time to talk about other women," she teases.

"I thought you'd like to know about my harrowing experience. I had to somehow keep a straight face through the whole conversation."

"Oh. Yeah. It must be so hard not to casually let 'I know who made you a widow' slip into conversation."

"I hope she's okay. I don't think she knew who he really was."

"We didn't either," Molly says glibly, "but who cares? Some people are not worth the time."

Carlos shows his wife some weird lizard. "Look what the cat caught."

Lela leans in for a good look. "Which cat?"

Carlos frowns. "You think I remember their names?"

"Well, don't let our son see whatever that is. He'll want to keep it."

Carlos agrees the animal should be released before Dysen sees it.

Molly goes into labor late that night, waking the entire household with her screams. She won't be back from the hospital until morning, but Lela is too anxious to sleep, so Carlos takes her outside to stargaze. She enjoys seeing him point out constellations. He is able to tell her how far away each star is.

"It's not what I was planning," Molly admits, "but it's not bad."

Dysen stares blankly at her.

Twins. That's one more crib than they bought.

"I'll clear some things out of my art room," Molly says, as if reading his mind. "We can try to squeeze another crib in there."

A temporary setup is established.

The first twin, the girl, is named Olive Whitfield.

The second twin, the boy, is named Holland Whitfield.

"Is Holland some kind of spice?" Lela whispers.

"I don't remember, dear."

Molly is so happy she can fit into her favorite nightgown again.

Moby is the latest in the household to hit elder stage. Not that he notices.

Cool snake in the garden. Better keep it out of Dysen's sight.

Two infants and a toddler is a lot to keep up with, so it's fortunate Dysen and Molly have Ceth, Carlos and Lela to help them out...

...and so very unfortunate when one of Lela's "I want to go out" nights ends in sudden death.

Carlos is so tired, but still begs for more time with his family.

Grim is unmoved by these pleas.

Ceth seems even more distraught than Lela.

Izalee visits to comfort her adopted daughter, but Ceth just wants to be angry at the universe.

Ceth retreats upstairs to hide in her bedroom, turning to her music for comfort.

Carlos was her best friend, and probably the only man she was ever romantically in love with.

Izalee Goldbeard has outlived her baby sister, and now her nephew.

"Izzy," Apollo greets her distant aunt as she's scooped up. There's no response, but the toddler doesn't need one. She smiles and plays with Izalee's wispy white hair.

Etc.: Twins! Who called it? Everyone???

RIP Carlos


  1. Holland... Holly? Seriously? Lol.

    I never knew Ceth was in love with Carlos! I always assumed she was just mildly attracted to him and loved him platonically. The mind of the Ceth is an interesting one.

    RIP Carlos :( he was such a cute, forgetful old man. Really 2 sides of the same coin with Lela that way, since she just seemed to continue to be...clueless and a dreamer XP

    I thought Molly and Dysen would have 1 more kid then an unplanned pregnancy, so I actually did *not* call it... wonder how he feels abour Acheron's words about the mechanisms of the universe now.

    1. Polly, Ollie, and Holly!

      Ceth had commitment issues, but yes, she always had feelings for Carlos. Carlos treated her more like a sister after Lela came into the picture though.

      Dysen feels... spooked, might be the word?

  2. Carlos ;_; He and Lela were so sweet together. I'm surprised to find out Ceth always had feelings for him! That must have been tough, seeing him with Lela all these years...

    And Maggie too! :( The pictures of her death/data harvest were very pretty. It's cool how you keep up with all the cats despite having so many!

    Molly and her crazy names XD Ollie and Holly jr! Yay for twins! The art room makes for an adorable nursery, actually.

    How many more sims will Izzy outlive?!

    1. Owl cribs make any room adorable. :)

      Ceth was content with how things were.

  3. </3 Carlos! Oh no. Poor Ceth. I'm sad about Maggie, too. :(

    Ollie and Holly, so cute! Didn't your Archer legacy have a male Holly spare at some point?

    1. Yes, it did. That Holly was named after the computer in Red Dwarf. Wow, nice memory there!

  4. Holly, Ollie, Polly. Sorry, I'm not over the names. Atleast Molly is true to her wishes.

    Aw, Carlos died. He was so sweet and forgetful in his old years. Atleast he got out of the house, so Grim didn't get attacked by cats for reaping his soul. Though, the cats didn't save Maggie.

    1. I have a mod in that prevents animals from harassing the reaper. I've had it installed as long as I've had Pets installed, so I've never actually seen the reaper harassment first hand, even! I just knew I did not want that in my game.

  5. T_T Such a bittersweet chapter. I'm going to miss Carlos. He was my favourite from their generation. He and Lela was sweet until the end.

    ...I definitely did not expect the twins. Ollie and Holly. I just know I'm going to turn those two names around in my head.

    1. Oliver for the boy and straight up Holly for the girl might have made more sense, but in Molly's mind, they needed to match Apollo, so the nickname couldn't be their full name.

  6. When they came home with twins I was expecting their names to be Olive and Oliver, lol! I like Holland, though.

    So much death, poor Lela and Ceth.

    1. Ollie and Ollie would be a bit TOO confusing! xD

  7. Ohh, poor Ceth. ;-; And I'm surprised Izalee outlived Carlos!

    I love the names this generation XD