Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Chapter 138: Glitter and Sparkles

Still upset after the loss of his mother, Dysen can barely keep it together at work, and wolfs out after a particularly stupid client receives her garbage advice and leaves. Dysen sneaks out between the caravans and stealthily escapes into the woods to avoid anyone noticing his transformation.

Being scolded later for missing work will be better than being caught in were form.

Dysen makes it home through the woods too late for dinner with his wife and daughter, which is fine because he's not in the mood for anything but pie.

I don't know about you readers, but this is very similar to how I eat pie.

 And this is also the expression on my face when the pie is gone.

Oh well, Molly knows exactly what to do with a moody werewolf.

Trust me you do not want that censor bar removed.

It's no consolation, but with both of Apollo's paternal grandparents dead, she's allowed to help remodel their room.

Apollo has eclectic tastes. A poster of Edgy, Edgy Bill hangs proudly between two tarot paintings picked up for cheap from her dad's workplace.

The second bed is for Olive, though Ollie is still too young to use it.

Polly wanted to keep a few pieces of her grandparents' furniture, for sentimental reasons.

With Apollo's bed moved out of the nursery, there is now room for two cribs, so the twins are once again sleeping in the same room.

Olive has her dad's eye shape and her mom's nose. A good mix.

Dysen stays a werewolf for a few days, to help deal with stress.

This is what it looks like when werewolves carry toddlers.

"Captain's Log, bathdate 3.14159265358... no sign of Moby, but Duck Squadron continues the search."

When Dysen is ready to be less pointy-eared, the family has a nice outing to the toy shop to fuel Molly's collection addiction to pick up some things to cheer up the kids.

Under the much-needed new management of Katarina Bledsoe, the shop looks more welcoming. 

Gone are most of the dark tones and hoards of creepy dolls, replaced by warmer hues and a wider selection of toys. There's still a stray clown doll or nutcracker here or there, and the walls could stand to be repainted, but it's less horrible than before.

"I love the new stuff, Kat!"

Katarina and Molly don't have a whole lot in common, but they both love toys.

Molly offers to help if Katarina wants more of the shop repainted, but I've already spent too much time trying to make this place look less bad and I'm done for now.

Polly could be inside the shop begging for toys, but instead she'd rather play on the slide outside.

Her brother is happy to dig through the sand...

...and her sister is more concerned with lunch.

Molly comes back outside to play on the swings.

Apollo joins in, and then wants to be pushed.

To the sky!!!

Eventually the kids are wrangled into the inside play room.

How do you know you want a toy if you can't test it out, after all?

Apollo has one of these at home, but it doesn't have zebra stripes!

Apollo makes friends with Zag Ziggfield, complimenting him on his cool clothes.

"Thanks!" Zag beams. "My dad lets us express ourselves however we want."

Zag's twin sister, Zab, is all about glitter and sparkles.

And this is Angelita Lee's daughter, Akari.

Making friends all over the place today.

Katarina decides to leave the shop, then comes back with her daughter, Eva.

Molly autonomously picks Eva up for some reason. OK then.

Speaking of randomly grabbing toddlers that aren't yours... surprise robot abduction!!!

One final ride on the spring riders before the family heads home, car packed with new toys.

 Whew! Long day.

Ceth and Izalee discuss their life choices.

Etc.: I got nothin'.


  1. I love these lighthearted chapters with your fun commentary! The beginning of the chapter had me giggling continuously, with the pie eating and the censor bar XD

    That's such a sweet makeover for the toy shop! The kids are lucky their parents take them to places like this :D

    1. I can't believe I had that toy shop in my town for so long unedited. It didn't fit at all!

  2. That censorbar is bad news. But atleast they didn't have to build on the house. Maybe they'll have to anyway, if Molly doesn't get her hoarding-collecting under control.

    The toyshop looks great. It has a real carnival feel about it- with the colours and everything. And when your toddlers are that cute, you got to keep an eye out for robot- abductions.

  3. I love how the bathdate is pi! This is piesode xD
    And yes the censor bar (which I have shamelessly borrow'd from time to time) are glorious. Love that it rises like a bookmark from the bathtub ( I think the Ceth/ Carlos bars were my favorite)
    Olive is gonna be super cute!
    Izalee's life choice "..."

    This was such a cute update, I love family outings where everything works out, nobody caught on fire and nobody wound up dying. That's my standard. It's... pretty high I think. A fe toddler abductions, but those were only potential threats, so...

    1. Ceth and Izzy be like "!@#$ relationships, amirite?"

  4. I really like Polly's room. It's such an interesting mix of colours and styles.

    You did a great job redecorating the toy shop! I don't blame you for not doing the walls as well. There's only so much decorating one can do before going 'meh, that's good enough. Time to play the game!' (At least in my experience. XD)

  5. Poor Dysen. At least he has pie!

    Polly's really outgoing! That was a nice trip to the toystore.