I occasionally have requests for my sims, so I am sharing some of those here for all to enjoy.

Feel free to change anything about them to suit your needs. Facial features, colors, sex, supernatural state, name, clothes, whatever. Change it or leave it, just have fun!

All I ask is that if they appear in stories, do not write for them as if they are the exact same character I was writing for. Similarities are fun, but crossovers break the spacetime continuum! So remake them into your own shiny new character. Go nuts!

CC Information: All of my sims use default skin and eyes. A few use contacts or fangs accessories. I have most stuff packs and expansions. I tried to redress some of these sims in non-CC clothing, but I inevitably missed practically all of it, so if you don't have all the expansions or don't have the right CC (of which I will be far too lazy to list, because I am a terrible person), these guys may pounce into your town looking like circus clowns and it will be up to you to clean up the mess and pay for the therapy.

I also had to rescue many of the older ones from beyond the grave, so their re-rolled wardrobes are very basic, boring, and in desperate need of some love. Also I've had reports of my sims showing up in people's games covered in tattoos, or with the wrong eye color, and I don't know what to say other than... uhhh... you get what you paid for??? No, that's not right. Hmm.

From my Monte Vista legacy...

Ceth La Mer

Generation 4's Ceth. Her file technically dates back to Barnacle Bay, when was in the TEEN age stage, so you'll have to change her into an adult yourself (or whatever you wanna do).

Click here to download Ceth.

Milo Goldbeard-Rossi

Generation 4's Milo. Click here to download Milo.

Click here to download Milo's freckles, if you want them.

Carlos Goldbeard-Rossi

Generation 4 heir, Carlos. You can download Carlos here.

You can download his freckles here.

The shirt is from MTS somewhere, but I believe the file predates the outfit in his picture, and instead he's wearing store content.

Guadalupe Giordano

Guadalupe here descends from the Monte Vista Monty family, as well as the Costas, Khang Seng, and Alessandra Giordano. Click here to download 'Lupe.

Petra Goldbeard

Generation 2 spare. Cute as a button.

Click here to download Petra.

Izalee Goldbeard

The generation 3 co-heir. Saved as a witch. Click here to download Izalee.

Izalee's extra freckles are custom content; you can get them right here.

Venessa Giordano

Izalee's mother. She was born in-game to Khang Seng and Alessandra Giordano.

Click here to download Venessa.

Benino Rossi

The generation 3 spouse. Friendly politician. Probably will not build any walls.

His grandparents are the premade Monte Vista sims Florence Taylor, Giacomo Modena, Adalina Rossi and Costanzo Rossi. Benino's parents, Igor and Terry, were born during gameplay.

Click here if you want Ben in your game.

From my Hidden Springs legacy...

Junpei Archer

Generation 22 co-heir.

In my game his save file glitched and changed his eyes from green to blue??? Pretty weird. They're supposed to be a particular shade of light green.

Anyway, this most non-Asian Junpei you'll possibly ever see has his mother's skin and eye color, but his facial features strongly resemble his father's. His father was a sim I created by tweaking Mortimer Goth. The hair color was one of Melissa's.

He's saved as a witch. His hair is store hair. CAS was having a meltdown as I tried to view his file so I don't have any idea what he's wearing. Click here to download.

Finley Archer

It didn't feel right to upload Junpei without his twin sister!

Click here to complete your set today.

She's not going to look like herself without her fabulous hair though.

Finley is saved as a witch, of course, and CAS was having a meltdown as I tinkered with her clothes so... uh... who knows what nonsense she's wearing. The pic above isn't her normal outfit.

Timmothy O'Dourke

He has the insane trait, and some other things, but he means well?

Timmothy was the child of two Hidden Springs premades, Jessica Willow and Liam O'Dourke. Liam is the sim who appears on the official website when it isn't working! True story!

Click here to download Timmothy.

From my Barnacle Bay legacy...

Percival Archer

The generation 16 heir.

His favorite color is grey. What a weirdo.

He is pictured in his Monte Vista incarnation, but the file is from the Barnacle Bay incarnation (different hairstyle). In my game, Percy has pointy ears that were created with custom sliders, which you can get here. Once you're ready to beam up Scotty, you can download Percy here.

Note: reportedly this sim in particular is laden down with a ton of goofy tattoos for some reason WTF??? I suggest getting rid of them.

Feather Libros

The mother of Floyd Quill's daughter Amy.

You can download Feather here.

She's missing the fairy tattoo she had in the legacy appearances.

Raven Caliente

A sim born in my town near around the same time as generation 19. She has dark hair with green tips, and shares facial features with one of her ancestors, Vivian Fleet. Raven's role in the story was very minor, so maybe Raven will find more of a spotlight in someone else's game. She is a natural born performer. (Spotlight? Get it? ... I'll show myself out.)

If I recall correctly, I gave one of Raven's Caliente ancestors the black with green tips hair after discovering the Caliente sisters' part-alien backstory on a sims wiki. I wanted more weirdness in my town, to hint that my own sims were not the only odd people around.

Since I loaded the save and rescued Raven from her grave, I have also discovered she is a kleptomaniac. Click here to download Raven.

From my Riverview legacy...

Pablo Archer

The spouse to the generation 7 heir. Pablo was randomly born in town to some vampires, and I de-vamped him. Despite being in the human life state, Pablo has fangs, but I don't know if they'll show up in other people's games.

Don't let the brooding eyes fool you. Pablo is a total softy.

Traits are... loser, daredevil, easily impressed, family oriented, and ambitious.

Pablo may be a loser, but he's not a quitter!?

Click here to have your very own Pablo.

Fischer Archer

The generation 9 heir. What does he look like without the glasses and makeup? What mystery! What intrigue! And won't someone give him a better name???

Click here to download.

Nero Verona

This is Nero. In my Barnacle Bay legacy, he married the daughter of Juliet Verona, and I gave him her surname here to honor their long and happy marriage.

In a weird turn of events, he went on to become everybody's great-great-great-whatever grandpa.

Click here to download Nero.

You can get Nero's CC hair here.


  1. It is like seeing old friends again! =D

    1. ^.^ Given how many sims I've had, this page feels anemic, haha.

  2. So Fischer *was* wearing makeup! I always wondered if you had some kind of CC for his eyes or just normal eye shadow.

  3. Aww so great to get to see some Archers in my own game- thank you! (It can eb hard to part with favorite sims, right!??) Archeron is still my favorite, but Junpei is a close second (they might be even actually)

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoy my stories, and hope you enjoy playing with my sims. :D

      Yes, it can be hard to part with sims... but in a literal sense, they aren't going anywhere! I'll still have them if I need them, and in the meantime, they can bring someone else a pinch of happiness.

  4. *_* Junpei and Finley! Seriously, you just made my day. Finley is one of my all time favourite sims. <3 Thanks so much for sharing them!

    I never even realised this page existed, otherwise I would've nabbed them long before now. *facepalm*

    1. Enjoy! :) If there are issues with the file let me know; my game is working better now and I may be able to salvage a better version. I know when I pulled up her twin's file recently he had the wrong eye color, so that was... beyond weird.