Here's what I rolled to dictate my sims' lives.

WARNING! Potential spoilers ahead!


A. couple
B. five kids
C. busker (Scarlett Goldbeard)
D. artist (Greta Goldbeard)
E. Perfectionist: Choose a skill for your Sim to be perfect at. Your Sim must max this skill, and also complete all skill challenges related to this skill. (When I roll this, I feel it's a no-brainer to pick the skill that goes along with my sims' career... unless that skill is musical, in which case the challenges are all BLEH. So Greta and her artistry completed this for me.)
F. My Precious C. So Bright, So Beautiful, My Precious: Your Sim cannot resist buying new treasures to add to the collection. At least once a week, your Sim must purchase something new from the decor section of the Buy mode catalog, or from the consignment store (excluding books and nectar) and place their purchases on display in the home. These items should be something special and related to each other in some way, and displayed together as a collection, not just random house decor that blends in with the other furnishings.

A. Second Chance (welp!)
B. two kids
C. inventor (Reggie Goldbeard)
D1. Art Appraiser - Appraisal Branch. (Never had this one before. Spouse numero uno may be around for a while as I experiment.) (Venessa Giordano)
D2. Movies (Director) (Never had this either, though I did roll the acting branch in my Barnacle Bay legacy. It was thoroughly unimpressive.) (Perenna)
E. Expansionist Put at least one major expansion onto your house during this generation. Examples of expansions include a new nursery with space for all the toddler toys and an attached outdoor playground, a guest apartment for the previous generation elders to live in, or an artist's retreat with room for painters, sculptors and drafters to practice their art. (Added a large basement to the house. It included a second kitchen, a second dining area and den, a nursery, more bedrooms, another bathroom, and several skilling areas.)
F. Half Siblings (Two kids and two spouses. I don't think anything unexpected will happen here.)

A. couple + friend (nice! I get to keep the spare.)
B. three kids
C. acrobat (Lucida Goldbeard)
D1. farmer (Izalee Goldbeard)
D2. political (Ben Rossi)
E. AWESOME! You must accomplish something really awesome, preferably related to your heir's career or traits, though miscellaneous awesome is allowed. Examples of this include creating a sim bot, putting together a complete gallery of all Egyptian relics, finding and displaying all gems, bugs, or metals in the game, etc. Use your imagination! (Gem collection. This relates to Lucida's nature as a werewolf.)
F. Fashion Diva  Your Sim likes to keep up with the latest trends. They must Plan Outfit and change at least ONE of their outfits at least once a Sim week (Sunday AM to Saturday PM). Making extra outfits is also allowed if you don't want to lose the one you have.

A. Full House (again, I get to keep everyone... but this time it presents some space issues.)
B. four kids
C. Astronomer (Astrophysicist) (Carlos Goldbeard-Rossi)
C2. professional sports (Milo Goldbeard-Rossi)
D1. singer (Ceth La Mer)
D2. private investigator (someone might get to have a spouse I guess?!)(Lela Whitfield)
E. Change of Scenery! (Space issues are resolved, as I move the generation to Starlight Shores, leaving Lucida, Ben, and Izalee behind for a while.)
F. Gourmet (Carlos is my designated chef, here.)

A. Couple
B. three kids
C. Fortune Teller (Con Artist) (Dysen Whitfield) (I have never played this career before! Yay!)
D. Art Appraiser (Acquisition) (Molly Robins) (I have never played this branch of this career before! Yay!)
E. Fulfilled! 
F. My Precious


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