Friday, March 24, 2017

Chapter 95: Ceth's Super Boring Day

This is only Fairuza's second day in the child stage, but she already knows school is lame and doesn't want to go. Ceth found her hiding behind one of the cribs in the nursery.

"Class is boring. I want to stay home and play my video games," Fairuza says, with a brazen honesty that makes Ceth smile.

"The law is the law," Ceth says. "And your last name is Law. So get on that bus right now."

"Aww. I thought you were the fun aunt."

"I'm an aunt that doesn't want an uneducated niece," Ceth responds, embracing the familial title Milo's daughters have given her. "So get to school."

School is not the best place to learn critical thinking, Ceth reflects, but acknowledging its flaws would only make it more difficult to ship the kids away every morning.

Ceth's schedule is open today, so she accepts a paid gig opportunity to spice up the neighborhood with art. She's better known for her music than her paintings, so being paid for the latter makes her feel very good about herself.

She calls this one "My Kid Could Paint That".

Then, because she's totally bored, she drops by her friend Phil's house for his daughter's birthday. She can't help but notice Phil has had a birthday recently as well.

Phil's daughter, Kelley, inherited this weird hair color from her mother.

Seeing Phil with white hair was terribly depressing. Time to get super drunk.

Drink #6.

Carlos is the first to return home from work. Ceth stumbles outside to meet him as he gets out of the car, and... he is not impressed with her autonomous flirting, for some reason. He growls in her face and pushes past her into the house.

"Fine, go where it's dry!" she taunts, sticking her tongue out to catch some of the rainwater pouring off the roof.

She's going to feel so embarrassed about this later.

Carlos went to read a skill book, and Milo is still tied up with big game preparations. Hmmm. Maybe we should check and see what Lela is doing.

Okay. Just some typical PI stuff.

After a cold shower and yet another change of clothes, Ceth sits down to play with Acheron.

"You are such a musical genius," she gushes, as the toddler chews on the xylophone mallet.

Ceth begins to sober up by dinnertime. Everyone is home and Carlos is cooking dinner. Ceth feels awkward, remembering her behavior but unable to apologize with so many people around.

"We're gonna have to get a better table!" Fairuza announces. "Acheron is almost big enough to sit with us but there's no room!"

"Right you are," Lela agrees.

"What happened to the fruit I was saving?" Carlos asks suddenly. He glances at Ceth. "I told you I was saving it for tonight's dessert."

Ceth presses her lips into a thin line and lowers her face closer to the pages of the book she's pretending to read. Fruit? What fruit? Did the babysitter eat it or something? Carlos would freak out if she told him she hired a babysitter to watch Dysen and Acheron earlier in the day. "S-sorry... maybe I... forgot?"

Carlos narrows his eyes at her. "I guess I will make something else."

"No dessert for Ceth!" Fairuza chants.

Anyway, the family fixes the dining table situation... in one of the laziest ways imaginable.

Just in time for Acheron's age-up later in the week.

Etc.: I've been too busy with other projects to touch Sims3, but I couldn't let March go by without at least one small update.


  1. YAY! I was so stoked when I saw an update from you. :D

    Anyway, on to the chapter: I love Ceth, as always. Sad to see Phil aging up--I always liked him, and I imagine he'll be gone soon enough. :( Her painting is phenomenal, though I'd be surprised if Acheron--even with all of his talents--could paint something that symmetrical.

    Does Ceth's flirting ever cause problems between her and Lela? I imagine that'd get awkward.

    Acheron is adorable! :D

    1. Thanks Owly!

      Oddly enough no, Ceth's flirting doesn't cause issues with Lela. It annoys ME though, lol.

  2. That's a very good addon to the kitchentable.

    Maybe not so strange Lela doesn't get upset at the flirting, she runs around town in her swimwear. And an age up isn't bad for a march- update, especially when the kid is cute

    1. Maybe Lela is just confident enough about her marriage to not feel threatened. :D

  3. Whee, a new Goldbeards chapter! I missed your updates <3

    Ceth's boring day was anything but! It's always a party with her :) The way she dotes on Acheron is really cute. Such a musical genius indeed xD

    I liked the addition to the dining table. Maybe lazy, but also realistic :D

  4. Ah, I've been waiting for an update! I can't help but feel like Fairuza and Acheron kinda look alike, even though they are not related by blood (if i remember correctly?). Or maybe I'm just getting fooled by freckles and hair color.

    I like the dining table... it's like what I would do in real life lol

    1. Their most recent ancestor is Arjun Archer. (: I think what you're seeing is just the similarity of large eyes and noses. They will look less similar once they grow out of the child stage.

    2. Edit: I just remembered you were not a reader of my old legacies. Arjun was Scarlett's father, and Cayenne's great-grandfather.

      That makes him Fairuza and Acheron's great-great-great-grandfather.

      The two branches of the family do not know they are related.

  5. YAAAY you can add me to the list of people who have missed you & your updates, lol :D

    Acheron is a button! Just look at those big green eyes. I think he is even cuter this time around, somehow. I loved the family's "creative" (or just lazy) solution to the seating problem. A lot of the 8-seat tables look pretty bad, imo, so this probably works better than anything else to fit their slightly mismatched decor habits.

    1. Hey! I saw your comment very late, but it's good to see you! *hugs*

      I'm a pro at update-slacking, I really am, but I don't intend to let another 2 year gap happen, lol.