Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Chapter 141: What Measure is a Clown

On Spooky Day, Molly gathers the kids to carve up the pumpkins they picked with their father from the festival pumpkin patch.

They aren't budding artists like their mother, so she provides them with patterns to use, making the process of tracing and cutting quite easy.

"You sure I should be holding this knife? I might flip out and kill everyone with it," Holland snarks.

"Bad child," Molly scolds him. "Announcing your intentions is no way to plan a murder."

The jack-o-lanterns turn out pretty well.

"I did the kitty one," Olive informs the kitten. No one could agree on what to name Ambiance's babycat, so Olive has taken to calling him Trilobite. Maybe it will stick.

"I'm headed over to the other house to clean out some things," Molly announces. "You kids want to help, or are you staying here?"

"Ohh, I wanna go," Holland perks up.

"Haunted house!" Olive cheers. "Yeah!"

"It's not haunted," their mother insists.

Holland folds his arms petulantly. "Yeah Olive. I wouldn't be able to go if it was haunted."

Apollo frowns. "Actually, I kinda wanted to meet Sev at the park later. He has family stuff so he can't come to my birthday party tonight."

"That's fine," Molly says breezily. "You can play with your friends. Have fun!"

The other property sits unused since Izalee's death. The Whitfield & Robins family isn't sure what to do with it, and even though it's a tidy home, it's a massive one, so cleaning out all the unwanted belongings is a monumental task that takes time Molly and Dysen don't have.

Molly has been handling it in spurts, taking a small batch of things every weekend or so.

The plants are dying and the gnome has been kicked over, but luckily no signs of vandalism. Molly would have thought an uninhabited house, rumored to be haunted, would attract all sorts of mischief, but the residents of Monte Vista steer clear of the old Goldbeard place as if unconsciously repelled.

Though the twins are supposedly here to help their mother, they are quickly forgotten about as Molly goes from room to room, talking to herself about what should be kept and what should be thrown out.

Olive and Holland complain about the stuffy air at first, but are soon distracted by things they want to salvage. Olive has plans to pin these ribbons on her stuffed animals, for example.

"Bunny!" she squeals. "Does Mom know that egg is here? It's too pretty to leave behind."

Holland finds a vintage Scary Bears™ genie. "Hey, this one is kinda rare..."

"Waaauugh!" Olive screams.

Who thought putting a clown in a box was a good idea?!

Holland blinks. "Are you crying? Are you okay?"

"I got scared!" Olive whimpers.

"I'll protect you," he says, reaching down to shut the box.

They sneak upstairs.

"I guess that was Miss Izalee as a kid?" Holland points out the braided child singing to the teen with messy dark blue hair.

"No, she's that one." Olive points to the brunette child posing in front of an autumn display.

In one of the bedrooms, they find a half-finished painting.

Just outside that room, they find a peculiar book on a peculiar pedestal.

The text, if it is text, is unfamiliar symbols, so they soon realize they'll have to recruit their mother if they want to know what this stuff is all about.

Molly was freaked out by the sparkly lights that popped up from the pages when she touched them, but after a moment she decided their purpose was to scare off the uninitiated, and so she keeps leafing through the pages, searching for clues. "Huh. Maybe it's a code or something."

"Maybe we can find a decoder in another book?" Olive suggests. "I saw a lot of books."

Molly shrugs. "Whatever. We should take this home and stash it. It's a genuine witchcraft artifact and all. We wouldn't want it to be stolen or noticed by the wrong people..."

"This sounds like the start of a horror movie," Holland says. "You pick up the weird artifact from a mage's tomb, and then you get cursed..."

"You're already cursed," Olive points out.

"Cursed with a twin."

"Yep! You will never get rid of me!"

"Izzy wouldn't leave curses out for us to find," Molly dismisses the idea that her actions could lead to some catastrophic plot development. "At least not without proper labels. Which reminds me. Do not pick up anything in the potion room."

So, as soon as Molly isn't watching them, the twins run down to Izzy's old alchemy room.

There are more books, all hexed to be indecipherable.

Loki ran off with the decoding scroll, as one does, so good luck there Ollie.

The glowing potions are all neatly labeled in simlish though. "This yellow one says it will summon a swarm of bees to attack whoever has this liquid poured on them," Holland reports. "Claims to not be a joke... says 'please handle with extreme care'...?"

Olive finds something even better than that tucked between the pages of the alchemy notes.

"Whoa... I feel like I remember this from somewhere..."

With the wand amplifying and focusing Olive's natural energies, she's able to make the flask of angry bees disappear. Holland screams, but Olive just stares, long abandoned neural pathways resparking.

She's made things disappear before.

Holland stops screaming when the flask reappears. "Okay... how did you slight of hand that?"

"I didn't, I'm not a magician!"

Of course, the screaming has attracted their mother's attention, and she comes bolting into the room.

On the other side of town, Dysen is attending a costume party by and for the rich and influential.

Dysen is supposed to be a ninja, I guess???

[insert ninja noises]

"Is the touchinghf nss'ssry?" distant relative Darino Moretti complains.

"Shhhh!" Dysen snaps. "This is a delicate process."

Theatrical as ever, Dysen concludes the impromptu private reading by telling Darino he should stop cheating on his wife.

"I don't know what you've heard, but it isn't true!" Darino explodes. "Who put you up to this?"

"I'm psychic," Dysen says flatly.

"You'll never work in this town again! I'll see to that!"

"Sure you will, clown."

Dysen leaves the costume party early so he can prepare for his eldest daughter's spooky day birthday party, only to be hit with another dramabomb when Molly tells him their younger daughter is a wand-waving witch.

"I took the wand away, but she could still do the thing!"

"Sounds dangerous. It's going to be okay though. We've got this. We tell her not to do anything unsupervised, or in front of non-family. Right? Right."

Molly nods. "Okay. One question. How can I supervise her? I don't know what she's doing."

"I have no idea, but if we forbid it entirely, you know how that will turn out."

"Hmm," Molly responds.

Dysen frowns harder. "Better idea. We tell her she's not responsible enough for magic until she's a little older."

"A teenager?"

"Sure. I trust a teenager slightly more than I trust a child."

"Hmm," Molly narrows her eyes this time, as if she doesn't believe him.

Dysen grows impatient with the conversation. "Darling, which of us is psychic?"

"Oh. You're going to pull rank."

"Do I really have to explain why children are worse at making decisions than teenagers are?"

"But, rebellious teenagers," Molly says.

"Molly. Our babies are crazy, okay? There's no nice way of saying it. They're impulsive, they're ignorant, and they all think they're the hero in the secret novel of reality. I can barely trust them to not to jump off a bridge if they're dared to."

Molly frowns. "Yikes."

"They'll get better!" Dysen amends. "Just, right now... I... well... three of them is a bit much."

"Oh. Wow. Which one do we kill?" Molly watches her husband facepalm. "It was a joke."

"I know it was a joke."

"Well I'm... sorry, my stupid woman body decided three was better than two."

"You're not sorry. You're trying to guilt me. I'm glad we have them, alright? All of them. They just. They wear me out. I'm old." Dysen touches the sides of his face, feeling for wrinkles. "I'm old!"

"Oh, you're only as old as you feel," Molly says.

"Forget it. Distract Polly, please? I need to stealthily maneuver her present into the driveway without her noticing."

"Okay. One thing."

"Be patient with them," she pleads. "Like you were with me."

Polly's friends, teens and children alike, begin to show up for her birthday party.

That's Zag Ziggfield and Lydia Lu.

Eva Bledsoe.

Spring Duffy, son of Autumn Duffy.

Luke Lau-Landgraab...

Yes, please blow out your candles before we all start feeling awkward.

Apollo becomes a teen.

Food, music and friends. Apollo has it all, but she wants more.

She wants adventure, excitement!

For now, all she can have is this party.

And this car.

"Mom, Dad! You guys are the best!" Polly says what she thinks every parent wants to hear.

Holland wants to throw the flask of angry bees at Kamini Sielen, who teases both twins in school. (Apollo definitely wouldn't have invited her if she knew.)

Olive is torn between wanting revenge, and not wanting to ruin her sister's party... plus she knows their parents might ground them. On Spooky Day. So she talks Holland out of the idea by reminding him about trick or treat later.

Kamini just knows those two goofs are talking about her.

Zag takes Apollo aside to ask her to be his prom date. She is, he claims, the most beautiful eligible teen to age up so far... and it would be so uncool to show up for prom dateless.

"Thanks for the compliment, Zag, I, uh... I just aged up. Can I think about this for a while?" This is the first time Polly has ever considered prom. "You don't have to wait on my answer or anything..."

"I'm sorry. You must feel overwhelmed."

"Yeah. It's not you! You're cute. I just-"

"I understand. Good party!" He changes the subject.

After the guests disperse, Holland approaches his father with a request to be a werewolf for trick or treating. "Everyone would say 'wooow, what a realistic costume!' and I'd get loads of candy."

Dysen stares. "How about no?"

"Fine. I get it. I'm too ugly and horrible even for Spooky Day."

Dysen looks to Molly for help, but she's absorbed in posing her knight figurines.

"Candyyyyy!" Olive enthuses.

"That's the plan," Holland agrees.

"I wonder if we should have done twins costumes..."

"Maybe. Too late now though."

Holland is supposed to be a pirate.

Witch gnome approves of the Spooky Day decorations.

Molly and Dysen send Apollo to supervise her siblings' trick or treating. They have less cutesy ideas for celebrating the holiday.

Etc.: Not sure what's going on with autumn in this save, but the leaves have snapped back to summery looking.

For anyone who doesn't keep up with the RLC thread on MTS: I keep forgetting to mention I have a second blog about Fairuza Law's adventures in a different cycle. I'm updating it regularly along with this one. Enjoy!


  1. Those ninja noises were awesome XD And so is the old house! Who made that blue Venus painting? You keep getting crazy paintings I've never seen before.

    Yaaaay, child witch! I'm so happy that mod exists. Now Olive is my favorite :D

    1. Izzy was painting that. She had the grumpy trait, so sometimes got paintings with a blue filter. :)

  2. So many great lines from Olive and Holland! Love their exploring in the "haunted" house.

    Dysen wouldn't let Holland be a werewolf but there he is at the end about to have werewolf woohoo! So not fair! :P

  3. I'm going to have nightmares about that gnome picture. XD

    Olive and Holland are so ding dang cute. I can't handle them. Excited Olive found out about being a witch, too!