Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Chapter 65: Not Impressed

Carlos makes sure to remind Milo that Milo is the baby brother.

Poor Milo. Always doomed to be picked on by his older brother and "sister".

After reminding Milo which of them is the superior sibling, Carlos ages up to teen.

He keeps his haircut.

Perenna insisted on a bonfire party to celebrate the teen birthday, as Firelight tradition mandated.

Carlos has developed the unsettling ability to keep his fangs slightly enlarged while in "normal" form. Apparently he is doing this for style points, but Ben doesn't approve.

"I'm only concerned for your safety, son. Someone might mistake you for a vampire. You could... get hurt," Ben tries to phrase the reality of racially motivated violence delicately.

"They'll just think these are fake fangs."

"Then they'll think you're making a pro-vampire political statement."

"What if I want to make a political statement?"

Ben's tone hardens. "You don't know what you're talking about."

"Respect your father!" Lucida admonishes.

Her firstborn cowers. "Mom! Stop it! I don't want to practice fight right now!"

The day after Carlos's teen birthday is Love Day.

Lucida performs for tips at the festival.

She makes some time for Ben, too.

Just hours into his teen stage, Carlos has no romantic prospects to share the holiday with. He spends it playing video games with his aunt and little brother.

 Ceth goes on a sort of date with Marco Ricardo.

He does not impress her.

Since the boys in her school are so dull, Ceth decides to socialize with the single men who have already graduated. They can't date her, but they're probably vaguely more interesting, right?

Rosa Toledo makes use of the kissing booths.

It's not too late for some female grandpups???

Thanks but no thanks!


 Ben worries he may have not been tough enough on crime.

Hopefully this embarrassment doesn't affect the election.

 "I'm sorry," the officer laments, "the thief beat me up fair and square. I cannot arrest her."

"Awesome!" Ceth mocks.

Unfortunately the criminal senses there was a cop somewhere in Ceth's ancestry, and pounces.

"What the fuck?!" the teen cries. Suddenly this is no longer awesome.

The criminal beats Ceth up as well before running away.

Once it's all over, the household tries to go back to sleep, but most of them can't.

Carlos sits next to Ceth and frowns at her midnight stress snacking. "Shit, are you okay?"

"Yeah, Carlos," Ceth scoffs. "I could have used some brave werewolf backup but I guess you were just busy freaking out or whatever."

Etc.: Ceth has the "Can Apprehend Burglar" trait from... somewhere... I don't remember. I didn't tell her to attack the robber, the robber seriously just pounced on her and I was stunned.


  1. Carlos is adorable. :D You know I'm not a big fan of Ben, but I can respect him wanting to protect his son from him own foolishness.

    So I guess sims live in a universe where 1) police officers also have judicial power and 2) they abide by trial-by-combat. Poor Ceth. XD

    1. Very little about the sims universe makes sense. xD

  2. Milo <3 I just want to ruffle his hair and pinch his cheeks! He's too adorable! And Carlos too - such a goofycute teen :D Having a politician as a parent must be kind of sucky though.

    I've never seen an inactive sim use the kissing booth!

    The whole burglary situation was so funny XD

    1. Thanks! Milo and Carlos look very, very similar, but color, hairstyle and clothing can make otherwise similar sims look very different.

  3. Poor Milo beeing the baby of the family. It's good to see that Lucida once again shows amazing parenting- skills. So how will having those fangs affect Carlos everyday?

    The pictures from the festival looks great, even if it gets very obvious that Lucida is way way hotter than Ben. Maybe that's why he looks at her like that? Ceth will soon realize that boys doesn't get more interesting when they get older hopefully ;)

    Ah, burglars and cops in the sims- always entertaining. Never seen a burglar attack anyone in the house before on their own whim. That's a new one.

    1. Thanks for commenting! <3 If I were feeling more energetic, something would definitely happen to Carlos because of his bad style decisions, but as it stands I am undecided as to what extent I want to script any more drama up in here.

  4. Carlos is so cute! Will he be available for download at any point? XD

    Poor Ceth. Her life is so confusing!

    1. Hmmm... Carlos looks a lot like Perenna, who looks a lot like the base sim I tweaked/[did horrible things to] to create her... which I downloaded from Melissa... but I suppose it's enough removed that she won't mind. Sure, I'll put him up for download when he reaches young adult stage. (:

  5. I don't mind at all if you want to share Perenna's progeny!
    Lucida is kind of a terrifying mom. But not terrifying enough to dissuade burglars, lol. And poor Ceth getting beat up.