Thursday, December 15, 2016

Chapter 83: Free Car

Carlos acquires a Pokemon or something...

Ceth rolls a wish to jam with Egg Man.

Milo interrupts to hug Ceth randomly.  Aww.

Ceth figures Milo could really use a hug, lately.

Lela Whitfield uses the free access to computers at the Gnome Chomsky cafe to file reports after a stakeout. She had to sell her own computer to pay the rent on her apartment.

She has an unstable trait episode outside of the police station.

Twitch, twitch!

It's wrong to want bad things to happen in her city, but if she isn't put on a case that's solvable soon (as opposed to the no-leads cases she's been given lately), she will be forced to borrow money from friends or take out loans just to survive.

"I'm really sorry, Lela. The head detective thinks you have mental problems, and doesn't trust you with the work. She's going extra hard on you and probably hopes you will quit." Girbits, now better known as Francis Worthington, is incredibly blunt with his conclusions.

"So I need to seriously prove my worth," Lela says.

"You need to find some way to promote your services outside of us referring people to you. Docket is always going to play favorites."

"Can't be trusted without experience, can't get experience without being trusted... why didn't they tell us that in school?" Lela sighs.

"Because most people don't start out trying to go into business for themselves, I guess."


"We've been friends since high school. I have to be honest."In his opinion, Lela would be doing fine if she'd just go into a normal rabbithole career that trains its employees from within with an apprenticeship system.

Lela shares her worries with Carlos.

"I'm a terrible PI. I don't even have my own office, soon I won't even have my own apartment! That tyrant keeps raising the rent just because he can..."

"You could stay with us for a while."

"W-what?" She's legitimately shocked by the proposal.

"Yeah. Paying a fourth of our bills has to be cheaper than renting that hole, and it will also save us money, which I'm going to need for earplugs and pain relievers, probably..." Carlos is pessimistic about the arrival of his niece or nephew, and has mentally prepared for the worst.

"What about my romantic feelings for you?"

"Oh, you still have those? I thought you were just having a weird moment."


"Look, if I were still that worried about sending the wrong signals between us, I wouldn't have bought you dinner."

Lela takes another bite of her empanada and chews it slowly. She couldn't afford to turn down even that tiny bit of charity.

"Just let me clear it with my brother and Ceth, first," Carlos says.

"Let me get this straight," Milo growls. "You won't even let me have friends over, but you want someone to move in with us?"

"First, the agreement was no parties. You can have your moron jock friends over in small numbers if you keep an eye on them and make sure they don't find out we have weird secrets. Second, I already told you Lela isn't a danger to us..."

Milo is not appeased. "Yeah yeah so she's got special powers herself. Big whup..."

"She has a car we can use," Carlos points on.

"Well shit, I'm sold," Ceth interjects.

Milo opens his mouth, closes it, then opens it again, "How often can we use the car?"

The only unoccupied room in the house is the new nursery, so Lela plops her sleeping bag down on the rug there.

She doesn't mind. She's snug and comfy.

She tells herself the stay here is only temporary, anyway.

The first thing Lela encounters in the morning is Ceth, dancing to a pop song.

"Well don't just stand there," Ceth challenges. "Dance! It burns calories."

"I should really get to work..."

"Never work in a bad mood," Ceth advises.

"I... fine..."

Ceth bobs her head and hips to the music, swinging her arms with confidence. "That's right. We are a couple of hot foxes."

Lela giggles. "You are ridiculous."

Milo is incredibly easy to win over with a game of basketball. He doesn't even mind that she isn't very good; he can see she's trying her best.

"So you're a Gnomes fan..."

"Of course, silly. I went to high school locally."

Milo tries not to stare at how distorted the gnome hat is by Lela's chest curvature.

"So I noticed you have quite the collection of actual gnomes," Lela points out.

Milo finds his voice, "Oh, yeah, they just kind of show up of their own free will."

Lela's career has actually been glitched to give her no cases. After some witchcraft cloning and binning and re-adding her to the world, she finally does get a case!

With a renewed sense of hope, she drives off to interview her client.

Turns out there is a good reason she was given this case: it's stupid.

"I hear a lot of things in this cafe," Wayne Martin prefaces his request. "One of the most troubling is a rumor that fool Becky Lack started about me being a llama brained gnome herder. I need you to convince the town I'm not one."

What does he want her to do, run billboards?

"I'll... see what evidence I can compile," she manages to say.

"So you put together a file for him, disputing those claims literally?" Carlos frowns.

"Yeah, now I'm just scared he's going to actually show it to people. I need my name to more recognizable, but not like this."


"At least I got paid."

Etc.: Fish sprite thing in the first pic is more like an immortal Giga Pet than a Pokemon, really. I know I'm dating myself, but at least Pokemon fight in brutal gladiatorial combat or whatever. And Tamagotchi did all kinds of weird crap. All the Giga Pet did was constantly demand my attention to assist it with one of three animations, and then die.

Mine looked like this:

As you can see, it's plotting to just keel over any second.


  1. Oh my gosh, Tamagatchi! I haven't seen people regularly using those in *years*.

    YES! Lela moved in! C'mon Carlos... I ship you two so badly...

    And it's great she gets along with everyone so well! I wonder how Lela will handle Milo's baby...
    And haha. Temporary stay. Temporary stays in Random Legacy stories are rarely temporary.

    1. I only ever owned a Giga Pet from Tiger Electronics (the kitty pictured), but my boyfriend has regaled me with tales of his Tamagotchi fighting his friends' insanely powerful teddy bear Tamagotchi. As with most things from Tiger Electronics, the Giga Pet was the most generic and limited version of the genre available at the time.

  2. "Turns out there is a good reason she was given this case: it's stupid." made me lol xD

    Yay, finally Lela moved in! Can't pass up a free car - and a pretty nice one at that!

    Ceth getting Lela to dance with her was so sweet. I know it was Ceth's doing that Carlos and Lela got this far in the first place, but somehow I'm still surprised at the lack of cattiness from Ceth. Was all that stuff with Carlos really just completely casual? I'd love to know what's going on in that head of hers.

    1. Thanks, Annie!

      I'll let future chapters speak for themselves about Ceth's point of view... ;)

  3. Good thing Lela had that car to sooth Milos fears; a nice car. And it'll be another sim to take care of the baby if she stays for long. Is that a tiny chair in the nursery or a fancy potty if I might ask.

    I'm just going to point out that that guy is a llama brain- who else would make a case of something like that, than a llama brain?

    1. The chair is a custom content potty chair. :)

      You can find it here:

      Lela's car was a surprise to me when she moved in and had it in her inventory, so I just had to include it. I figured it would definitely sway the family, who until now have only had one bicycle between the three of them, lol.

  4. That jello Carlos is eating looks amazing. I want it.

    I love how direct Lela is re: her feelings. It's not a blunt, confident direct. It's more like a clueless direct, and it's adorable.

    Oh wow, that Giga Pet is a flashback. I actually still have some of my Tamagotchis, but I lost my Giga Pet. :c

    1. You are right about Lela. That's what I was going for. (:

  5. Damn, Tamagotchis can fight and stuff? Who knew? Mine just pooped a lot and then died because I couldn't figure out how the thing worked. I think I eventually gave it to my cousin who is good at electronics, lol.

    I love Lela. At first I was convinced she was up to no good, but I'm pleased that she's just a alien hybrid who is a bit quiet and a bit clueless. :)

    1. I'm glad you like Lela. :) She'll be sticking around!

  6. Ceth is great. That is all

    (and actually I haven't really been her fan too much in the past)