Thursday, November 16, 2017

Chapter 106: Warm

"Does Dad know you bought that bathing suit?"

"Nah, and what he doesn't know won't hurt him."

"I heard your grades have been in the toilet," Milo begins what he hopes won't be too painful of a conversation.

"Did my mother want you to talk to me about them?"


"There's a reason for that."

Milo frowns deeply at the boy he thinks of as his nephew. "Your mother adores you and thinks you can do no wrong. I, on the other hand, worry about your future-"



"I don't need a job. All I have to do is take some of my mother's money, invest in whatever, and watch the simoleons roll in. All it takes to make money is money, and we have money, so who really cares?"

"...I see."

"Maybe I'll declare myself an artist and pretend I'm contributing to society."

Milo sighs. "Your mother would probably like that."

Ceth is impressed by how quickly Acheron picks up the driving skill. "It's like you've been driving your whole life."

Acheron rolls his eyes. "I thought you wouldn't want to be seen dead in this car."

"I make an exception when I need to teach you important life skills."

"Thanks," he says, though he can't keep from sounding insincere. This is a waste of time. He knows how to drive, he knows how to cast spells, he knows how to choke a bitch.

"So... how are things?" his mother asks. She's got him trapped in a car. No interruptions from the other six members of their household. Just the two of them.

Acheron's hands tighten on the wheel. "Y'know. Same."

"What is... 'same'?"

"Boring high school, idiot teenagers, just waiting for it all to end."

"Don't wait for other people to grow up," Ceth advises. "They never do."

Acheron smirks. You'd know, he thinks, though he doesn't muster the energy to say it. He's pretty sure his mother is perfectly self-aware.

"There's my boy's smile."

They ride in silence for a while. "It's stupid we don't have self driving cars here," Acheron speaks up.

"Milo said you were being snippy," Ceth changes the subject.

"He was on my case about my grades and my future."

"Uh huh. How do you see your future?"

Acheron chokes on a laugh.

Ceth frowns. "What?"

"Nothing. Nothing." He recovers. "I was thinking maybe musician."

"Awesome! I approve. I know you'll succeed at whatever you put your mind to." Ceth smiles again, content that this is true because she doesn't want to live in a world where it isn't.

Lela stares Emmy down, but her discomfort about the snake in her house does not diminish.

Milo isn't thrilled about the snake either apparently.

 Fairuza steals the last of her dad's nachos while he sleeps in. Fool shouldn't have slept in!

"You were sniffing my aunt's bedsheets, you creep." Fairuza is still mad at her friend Rock Woods.

"I'm sorry! I was high on bubbles. I just wanted her autograph. Her music inspires me."

Fairuza was ready to remove Rock Woods from her list of guys to potentially date, but they just have so many compatible traits, it's hard to cut him loose. One day she'll be leaning towards accepting Rock's advances, and the next she'll be be more for Rishi Best-Sagar, the boy she's liked since she was just a little girl.

"I'm really sorry, okay?" He presses her for a response, eyes wide and sad.

"Okay," she melts.

Athletic but directionless, Fairuza worries sometimes about her future. Nothing "speaks" to her. How is she supposed to know what to do with her life? There isn't enough time to do everything.

"Ack! Don't turn around 'Zia, the gnome's on your bed again."

Orazia narrows her eyes. "I hate that thing."

"The Rock Woods of gnomes," Fairuza jokes.

"You said it, not me."

"Oh don't shame me for being into him..."

"You said it, not me."

Feeling embarrassed about her crush on Rock Woods, Fairuza decides to make her move and call Rishi Best-Sagar. They'll go to the park, play some skeeball, roller skate, eat snow cones, romantically share a first kiss... but her grand plans are thwarted by Rishi's overzealous study habits and part time job work schedule. He can't ever make any time for her.

Rock, on the other hand, always has time for her.

Of course, there are other fish in the sea, other boys in the school, but Fairuza isn't interested in any of them.

"Why don't we go get coffee or something sometime?" Rock makes the first move, taking Fairuza completely by surprise.

"Are you asking me out, you nerd?"

"Well... yeah kinda... unless you're still mad at me about your aunt." He glances pointedly at Ceth's bedroom windows above them.

"A coffee shop, though..."

"Hey, I can be intellectual."

"I don't knooow..."

"The big game this Saturday, then."

Fairuza smirks. "You know my father plays for the-"

"I don't think he'd notice us in the stands."

"Okay. It's a date," Fairuza agrees.

She wonders if she's being a little too impulsive, a little too eager to not go through high school dateless... but at the same time, she can't deny how well they get along, even when they disagree.

Fairuza doesn't wait to see if their date on Saturday will go well. She wants her first kiss now.

"How was it?" Rock asks shyly.

"Warm," Fairuza giggles.

Orazia wanders into the back yard just in time to see her cute baby sister heavily making out with Rock Woods the creeper.

Ew, ew, ew! Orazia runs away before they see her.

"Dad is going to flip out," Orazia confides in Acheron.

Acheron rolls his eyes. Acheron does a lot of that. "Rock isn't so bad."

"He was perving on your mom!"

"He's a harmless idiot. His parents are, like, weird hippie types. They sold Uncle Carlos this house."

Orazia isn't sure how Acheron knows so much about people, considering he actively avoids them. "I don't see what that has to do with anything. Rock is still a creep."

"He cares about your sister at least."

Orazia shudders. "If you say so..."

When Dysen begged for a pet, Carlos had a feeling he'd be the only one cleaning up after it.

Dysen does nothing but screw up his chores, wallowing in ineptitude until his parents take over for him rather than fight him about it.

So cute, but so bad.

Dysen struts about the house confidently. There is no planned party, but he's still excited about his teen birthday.

"Yaaaaay!" Dysen screams.

"Meh," Acheron comments.

Dysen Whitfield becomes a teen werewolf.

Artistic friend Molly made him the bandanna. He wears it with pride.

Wait. Dysen Whitfield... Acheron La Mer... Orazia Giordano... Fairuza Law...

I don't actually have a Goldbeard kid. How will we know who the heir is?!?!

Ceth mixes some drinks to help Dysen and Molly celebrate their birthday.

"I had a feeling you'd grow up to be beautiful," Dysen purrs.

"I had my doubts about you," Molly teases.

Dysen finds himself blushing. "Are those doubts erased?"

"Hmmmm... I think so," she chuckles.

"Then we will go steady?" Dysen ventures.

"Obviously," Molly replies.

That's that, then. Despite the somewhat aloof responses, Dysen can't recall Molly ever looking happier than she looks right now. He wants to keep her smiling forever.

Etc.: It's Dysen. Dysen is the heir.

Fairuza was a strong contender. I love her face. I just didn't feel like she quite fit the roll for gen 5, so I'm grooming Dysen for it instead.

I was trying to set Fairuza up with Rishi, but the game wasn't having it. Rishi didn't even make it into any pictures. So when Rock Woods started following Fairuza home, I let her rolled wishes take over.


  1. Aww! This whole chapter was warm! I loved it, just what I needed to read tonight! :3

  2. The game said Fairuza and Rock was meant to be, so it made it so. But, he was still creeping on Ceth.

    So Dysen is the heir, and he got a girlfriend as soon as he grew up. I hope it's a couples roll for him. Or, is it to much to hope they'll stay together for so long?

    Poor Acheron though. You've really been mean to him these last chapters.

    1. Hopefully Rock won't pull any more stunts like that, eh?

      I'll reveal Dysen's roll once he ages to YA.

  3. Milo's conversation with Acheron was both painful and hilarious. Acheron has a point, though?

    Fairuza is adorbs and can obviously do better than a creepy stalker, but I kinda like Rock? He's insipid in the best ways.

    Dysen is adorable. I'd let him get away with a lot (but no boas!)

    I'm betting Dysen is heir! Just 'case.

    Oh I just read your author's note. Ha.

  4. "He's insipid in the best ways." LOL

    I think that's a wonderful assessment. Now I want to go make a legacy with Fairuza and Rock, but I'm already supposed to be doing one with Layla that I haven't started yet.

  5. Rock Woods loves the outdoors... figures XD

    Dysen is the heir??! I'm actually really surprised! You don't make it obvious who the heir is going to be, which is great. Each one of the kids is so well developed and has a potential story in their future that I want to follow.

      Is it CC? Is it in the game and I never saw it?? Please tell me, I need it in my life.

    2. Another afterthought: Teen!Acheron's newfound snark is fun. Those thoughts though--choking a bitch--are a bit of a shocker, considering he was such a sweet boy not long ago. It makes sense though that what he's going through would turn him so callous.

    3. Octopus sprinkler was a really nice find; there are also a few other adorable sprinklers in this person's set:

      Shark and turtle, if I recall correctly.

      Like most teens, Acheron is becoming very frustrated with his existence. He sees himself killing that dryad all the time, and while it hasn't ceased to be unwanted, it has ceased to be shocking for him.

      I'm glad you like all the kids! I can't help but give them all a bit of development, since they grow up with and influence my heir. (And there's always the option of shipping them off to their own legacy later). I tend to pick a direct descendant of the technical heir (in this case Carlos) for my next heir, but it's a rule I'd break if I felt like it.

  6. Rock is still a bit of a creep, but maybe he can redeem himself. He should lay off the bubbles.

    Dysen is still cute as a teen, and him and Molly are sweet together. Congrats to him for being heir! Here's hoping he has good rolls.

    1. Dysen got a pretty interesting roll that I haven't done before, but I'm having some issues setting up the story for it! (This comment will make sense in maybe 10 more chapters.)