Saturday, February 24, 2018

Chapter 131: Hands On

The summer days may not be as warm as Molly and Dysen are used to, but they are are long, beautiful and happy. Time slips away faster than they'd like to admit.

Dysen gleefully hams it up while on the job. He doesn't make much money, but he makes enough to survive on, and maybe someday he'll get promoted.

Whether the client wants career advice, romance advice...

...or parenting advice, Dysen is ready to dispense vague, wise-sounding words of comfort or warning.

"Is it necessary to put your hand on my face?" his father-in-law protests.

"Yup. It's all integral to the process of interpreting your brainwaves."

Molly finally experiences moderate success with her career; the owner of a restaurant commissions her for a few paintings. Dysen hopes he won't have to hear any more regrets from Molly about how she "should have gone into digital art".

It was just one commission, but Molly is confident enough in her future now to begin talking about children. Molly has always imagined she would have them, and that she'd be a great parent. "I want my kids to know their grandparents," she makes a persuasive argument for not waiting forever to start their family. "I never got to meet mine."

"If it happens, it happens," Dysen agrees to skip the usual preventative measures.

Maggie the cat has hit the elder stage. Some of her pelt has grayed over. "Such a pretty kitty," Dysen coos, as he brushes her fur to a perfect softness. "It's hard to believe we found you in a dumpster."

Dysen has always had a soft spot for animals, especially reptiles, so when one of the cats drags in a tortoise, he keeps it.

 Meet Larry.

Larry gets to live in this nice terrarium, located in the barn with the science and the cats.

Next to this ridiculous cat bed.

Dysen didn't want to tell the whole family about the plan to have a kid, but Molly has other ideas.

Molly redesigns the guest room into a nursery.

It's the perfect excuse to add to her toy collection.

Oh, she'll say they're for the baby, but we know better.

Gone is the old floral wallpaper, replaced by an updated style of floral wallpaper.

Over that, paintings, all chosen by or painted by Molly.

The only remnant of Dysen's 'old room' are the overhead lamps and the bed.

Molly hopes she will always be a kid at heart.

"Wow, everything looks great," Dysen compliments his wife's work. "This will be one lucky kid."

"Everything is ready for her," Molly says, brimming with excitement.

Dysen's smile turns confused. "Uhhhh... her?"

"I was thinking I'll go with theme naming. What do you think about Polly Robins?"

Holly Robins, Molly Robins, Polly Robins... Dysen shrugs. "What if it's a boy?"

"Well we'll have to throw him back," Molly quips.

Dysen isn't amused. "You're making me rethink this."

"Oh fine, fine, don't give me that look. I'm sure I can think of a boy's name that shortens to Polly."

"I hope not."

"You'll come around to Polly. It's a cute name."

"I don't know..."

Despite their frequent activity in the bedroom, there is no pregnancy for quite a while, so Molly and Dysen continue their lives at a leisurely pace.

The restaurant staff loved her paintings, but another opportunity hasn't come since then. With no commissions, Molly is free to do her own thing, but isn't making any money! ... Not that the household needs it. The money would just be to stroke her own ego with.

"I should have gone into digital art," she sighs.

"It's not too late to learn," Dysen points out.

"No. I'm stuck in my ways," Molly says.

Etc.: The green Imaginary Friend doll was in Molly's inventory when I moved her in with the family. The dolls would be cute if they didn't have the potential to turn into horror movie monsters.


  1. I'm going to have to take back what I said about old age not being kind to Ceth - for a moment there I thought she was young again! She's such a cool granny, rocking that sparkly dress!

    I love how you're using the 'mind meld' interaction and carnival backdrop to make the rabbithole career more interesting. Dysen is such a troll, it's great XD

    Molly's whining about digital art was cute. I wish that was an option for sims! Also, Holly, Molly and Polly?! She's hilarious XD

    In that second pic with Dysen on the bed Molly looks like a real person O_O

    1. Hah, I wish there were more clothing options for elders.

      That's actually not the mind meld interaction, but the "private reading" interaction... part of Dysen's early career metric, even though it happens outside the rabbithole where he also has to work. He can give a reading to anyone, anywhere, if they don't reject it, but I like using the circus as a backdrop to give the illusion that his career has more of a set location and structure.

      Holly, Molly, Polly... hopefully there won't be a Dolly, that would be pushin' it on the cringe scale.

    2. Oh wow, I'm still learning something new about the sims every day! Good on EA then for adding something fun to that career :D Now I'm hoping I'll roll it sometime.

  2. Dysen has found a really good job for himself. It suits his personality so well. To bad Molly doesn't have that much success yet.

    No luck in producing a Polly yet either. But when Molly gets knocked up, that kid will have a stroke trying to figure out what toys to play with.

    1. The kid went straight for the IF doll, which nearly gave *me* a stroke.

  3. I have to second Olly, that name would be excellent. Either that or Golly, cuz you know, he'd be a guy. >_>

    Although randomly Bobby Robbins would also amuse me, but it could be too real. I love Dysen loving his carnival job. And yeah Old Ceth and old Carlos are still so adorable. They would have also made cute babies (in case you know there's ever an impossible relaunch xD)

    Lela seems like she's a lot of fun to play though too.

    1. Golly! You managed to find a worse name than Dolly, wow. xD

  4. I also thought that was the mind meld interaction. The animations must be very similar. It's awesome that you aren't totally confined to a rabbithole with that career.

    I love that nursery so much! But since Molly wants a girl so bad, I'm going to guess that their first kid will be a boy, lol.

    1. I wrote the chapter before the child was born in-game. So I didn't know which it would be. :)

  5. For some reason I kind of like the idea of Polly as a boy name, lol! That nursery looks awesome, I love the plethora of duck toys :D

  6. Love the name Polly. ;) And Paulie would work for a boy (yes, I'm months late on this so obviously my suggestion is farts XD).

    I didn't know turtles were so cute in the game! Omg

    1. Months late, years late... I don't mind, I still love comments! <3