Monday, February 12, 2018

Outtakes for Generation 4

Moby has figured something out about Maggie.

 Dysen appears to freak out over a level up.

Lela beats up an old man for information.

"Rook, your breath smells AWFUL!"

This was a weird one. I kept catching Lela climbing into Milo's bed to sleep.

I also caught Ceth at it once.

Acheron autonomously decides to sit down and brood in a lake.


Uh oh, an anachronism...

Sun Young Kim strikes again!

Until that scene where I had the kids receive a very important text, I had no idea sims could drop and break their phones while doing social media related things.

Dysen has dropped and broken his phone three times now, each replacement costing simoleons to fix. Ceth, despite all the blogging, never drops her phone.

Yes, Rock... I can see you're stuck.

I just don't know how you managed it.



  1. Haha, these outtakes kept making me lol! Acheron's goofy expressions and Rock Woods stuck in the roof in particular :D

    1. Well that's all for now. xD Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

  2. Oh Rock. XD He's the purest among us.

    Maybe Dysen keeps dropping his phone because of those claws?

  3. Love Lela's dancing. Also Acheron brooding in the lake. At least his head was above the water.