Saturday, November 5, 2016

Chapter 70: On Fire in the Rain

Lucida went skinny dipping in the hot tub, and Ben stole her clothes. That rascal.

Ceth is on fire in the rain. Now she knows how those plants felt in chapter 64.

This is the third fire today. Ceth is getting really tired of this faulty special effects prop she has to use.

Monte Vista has so many interesting old ruins.

Milo likes to trek out here to hunt, and to think, in peace.

Normally on a weekend he would be chilling with 'Lupe, at least some of the time, but lately that feels weird. He wishes it could go back to not feeling weird.

A Bamboo Straight Swift Butterfly. Majestic.

Milo releases his quarry today. He finds more hope and joy watching it glide off towards the distant hills than he would in trapping it behind glass to be admired.

He already has one at home. There is no need to be greedy.

The sports stadium looms in the background, reminding him of what everyone expects.

Right now all he wants is to be free of expectations.

His well-meaning parents, his needy girlfriend... too many eyes are on him, eager to see what he will do next.

At that moment, laying in the sun-warmed grass, balancing the soccer ball on his feet, Milo makes up his mind. He will escape.

Ceth runs into Matteo Rossi at Danza. She sells him one of her hastily put together albums.

 What is rich extended family for?

On fire again! Good thing Ceth has taken to carrying around showers in a can. Reggie left the family quite a large stack of them.

Ceth orders a Pomegranate Passion, hoping it will make her lucky in the romance department. Sadly the number of eligible bachelors at Danza tonight remains zero.

Ceth goes home and rolls a wish to help water the plants.

Tomorrow is a new day. Perenna was fond of that sappy saying, and the phrase replays in Ceth's mind often lately.

Unfortunately Ceth's tomorrow is very similar to Ceth's yesterday. She consoles herself with the upcoming move to Starlight Shores. That will be so exciting, won't it?

There's Marco Ricardo and Toni Bianchi, two of Ceth's schoolmates grown up and married. Ceth shudders at the thought. How could they possibly think getting hitched so quickly was a good idea? Sure, they look happy, but they haven't been together that long! What if this honeymoon phase runs out? What then? Those fools.

Carlos arrives. That cheers Ceth right up.

"You shouldn't work on Leisure Day," he taunts.

"I'm going to punish you for distracting me, punk!"

"Suuuure you are!"

"Carlos, you're not even trying."

"I can see up your skirt."


"I said put on a longer skirt, you weirdo!"

Milo's birthday arrives.

Guadalupe is here; she already aged up earlier in the day.

Milo joins Ceth and Carlos in the young adult age stage.

His girlfriend is impressed with the transition.

Unfortunately being grown up means acting like it... at least for some people.

Guadalupe's fifth trait is childish.

She's also gorgeous, in Milo's opinion, so he finds it extra hard to tell her he wants to leave town with his brother and Ceth. The Starlight Shores team, The Gnomes, has been desperate for talent since several of their big names retired at once, and someone with Milo's supernatural strength will likely advance quickly.

Milo hoped his feelings might change as they got older; he hoped he'd want to settle down and be the guy 'Lupe wants him to be. But that hasn't happened. All he can do is acknowledge his feelings and try to work through them.

"I want us to party on our birthday," he says, as he watches her face fall into a teary pout. "Why don't you come with us? Maybe a change of scenery would be good for you. We can discover new things together, and leave all the worries of Monte Vista behind."

"How could you do this to me?!" she explodes, after he's finished. "I can't leave! I have an elderly father!"

"...Who is living with your older sister..." Milo murmurs.

"I thought you loved me! But you've been planning to get away from me this whole time!"

"I just asked you to come with me," he whines.

"No! I won't ever do that! How could you! Now I'll never see you again and you don't even care!" She trembles.

His heart melts. "It's fine, it's fine... please don't cry 'Lupe... I'll come back. I'll visit often. I'll come back. I promise. My parents are here and all. Of course I'll visit."

"How did it go?" Ceth asks. Not that she needs to. She could hear the yelling even from up here in her bedroom.

"She doesn't want to come with us," Milo sighs. "And... she stormed off."

"Who needs that crybaby anyway?" Ceth casually flips to the next page in her logic book. She has to keep up with Carlos, and all.

"She's my best friend. I hate seeing her cry."

"Visit in a week, she'll be married to some other guy in your graduating class."

"I don't-"

"I know her type. Scared little losers that have to cling to somebody else..."

"Ceth, shut up."

"Now we just have to tell your parents. They'll probably take it better than Guadalupe though. So the hard part is over!"

"Isn't the hard part getting started in a new town?"

Ceth grins. "No, that's the fun part."

"Both of my babies out of the house?" Lucida is shocked and sad at first, but quickly turns supportive. She is proud of her sons' bravery and independence.

The parents are happy about the younger generation sticking together, as well. They give them as much money to get started as they can... which isn't very much, considering most of the family wealth is tied up in material assets and is not liquid funds.

The goodbye is bittersweet. Generation 4 prepares to take the train outta here.

Milo finally leaves the nursery behind.

Etc.: It's underwhelming to do Showtime careers without the appropriate venues. So while Lucida got shafted with only two potential (low paying) gig spots, Starlight Shores is the town that came with SHT and should provide Ceth with everything her career needs.

I also need new genetics injected into my legacy before Monte Vista becomes an inbred tangle, so, sending one generation to Starlight Shores doubles as a pretty-sim-search mission. I intend to kidnap some and bring them back. Woo!

I've never played in Starlight Shores for more than five minutes before, so this will be exciting?

I'm searching for lots that fit with Starlight Shores as well, if anybody knows of any. The problem with pretty much every town is it's crummy for any content it was not released alongside.


  1. Ceth is seriously on fire. She'll do great in Starlight shores. And so the last kid is finally a young adult, then he leaves pretty Lupe behind. Well, she didn't want to go with him.

    Never really played Starlight shores for that long, so I can barely remember how it even looks. Atleast it'll be fun seeing some new genetic material in the legacy- no one will be related.

    1. I love taking pictures, so you'll be seeing lots of Starlight Shores. (:

      'Lupe could have had lots of fun this generation! But she chose to stay behind...

  2. Waaaaaiit pretty sim search to *bring them back?* they're coming back to Monte Vista at some point?

    Also I still feel bad for Milo and Lupe. But in the long run I think breaking up and living far apart will be good for them.

    Well I have played Starlight Shores before for a random legacy challenge; you're going to have to do some editing to the town because of a few spots that have really bad routing errors which slows the game down quite a bit (If you look up how to fix starlight shores the spots will be listed, along with other things that you will probably have to fix or edit)

    1. Yep, I'm just gonna save some of them in CAS and kidnap them! You'll see. ;)

      I've had some weird freeze issues so far. I'll try to find info about fixing them.

  3. Good luck finding pretty sims in Starlight Shores! There's some crazy stuff going on there XD One tip: be wary of Javed Meir. He looks nice, but apparently he's notorious for making weird children. (Which is why I rarely show most of Emily's kids...)

    Oh, but I'm so excited to see your trio exploring a new town! I don't really have any useful EP lot suggestions (you know, my Starlight Shores just has some Bridgeport things plopped down) but one that I really like is Delmar Boardwalk. It's simlly another place to perform, really, but it looks kind of nice. Even without the CC ferris wheel! -- though the original post with the download link seems to be gone now??

    I loved those shots with Milo at the ruins! Very pretty.

    1. That boardwalk does look gorgeous! I tried to find it when first starting out in Starlight Shores, but failed. :( It would seem weird to plop it down now, since I have chapters written out with pics of the entire shoreline. Oh well. I can enjoy it in your screenshots still. ^.^

      I find some weird looking sims kind of endearing, so reading reports of fugly in the town (some claim it rivals Twinbrook) only made me want to see it more, lol.

  4. Monte Vista is pretty so I'll be sad to see it go. I've never played Starlight Shores, so good luck with the pretty sim hunt! It looks like a pretty town, though, and I like the midcentury stuff that came with SHT so it should be awesome (I'm rambling).

    I'm not sad to see Lupe go, though if Milo's upset, I'm upset. Carlos and Ceth are the best, as always. :D

    1. Thanks, Owly! Hopefully Milo will retrain some of his optimism and innocence.

  5. I am going to miss all the Giordanos and Rossis and Bianchis. All the Monte Vista names make me so nostalgic. But, I understand the lure of Starlight Shores. =)
    I do a lot of shooting in Starlight Shores, but I have never actually played it for real. At least not for long enough to notice any serious issues with it.
    I think Milo handled the situation with Lupe really well. Much better than getting in deeper while trying to force something to work. And I think Ceth is right, though I would not say it so harshly, but Lupe does seem to want a partner to fill a specific role and I'm sure she will find one to do the job that Milo balked at.

    1. At first I didn't like Starlight Shores, but it has grown on me! (:

      Don't worry, we will see more of Monte Vista.

  6. Starlight shores is an excellent town to move a pair of kleptomaniac siblings into who start from nothing. Even better if one of them in an investigator who can steal six cars a night. >:3 The other can be a friendly or charismatic mooch who never has to cook. It's perfect.

    My twin sims house is hilarious, I've only allowed them to decorate with things they have stolen, they consequently own a LOT of chairs, and all the giant statues the city has to offer. Nobody will EVER catch wise.