Thursday, November 17, 2016

Chapter 74: Where Wolf? There Wolf!

Thanks to Carlos pointing out the existence of a singularity in deep space, the household now has a dryer to go with its washing machine. Progress!

Milo hopes to be able to spruce up his bedroom, soon. He feels like he's still living in what was supposed to be a nursery.

Things get worse before they get better. Milo's boss has him coaching toddlers on the side.

"This is the worst day ever," Milo says, his smile faltering.

"You need to learn to say no to your boss," Carlos advises. "Tell him you have no experience with children, and he should understand..."

"Have YOU ever said NO to YOUR boss?" Milo shoots back.

"Well, no," Carlos admits. "I can't imagine my boss asking me to do anything I can't actually do."

"I want your boss."

 Ceth's career got a big boost from the simfest win at Rodeo-Go-Go, as she hoped it would. Suddenly she's allowed to audition at higher paying establishments, and wealthier clients are asking her for sing-o-grams.

Steve Cupp here happens to be in the most unromantic place imaginable when his fiance, Danielle Platt, calls Ceth over to perform a romantic sing-o-gram.

 Ceth uses this bike to get to her various jobs. Even with her success, she can't afford a car yet.

The sing-o-grams take her all over town, often into the houses of the fabulously wealthy. Sometimes she can't help but to feel jealous of their big houses.

Most mansions have a boxy and sterile aesthetic, but occasionally there are some old manors that remind her of Monte Vista.

This place looks cute.

However, the sing-o-gram to be delivered here had instructions that basically read "Lela Whitfield is acting like a bitch lately and harassing everyone, so maybe if you sing about how special she is, she will stop".

 Ceth sees no sign of bitchiness. Lela smiles politely, maybe even a little sadly at the singer.

"My parents..." she murmurs, "they doubtlessly hope you will inspire me. But seeing you with your golden voice and sparkling dress only further convinces me I will never be that image... singing is not for me... it was just a high school fantasy."

"Don't just stand there!" Ceth screams. "I'm on fire!"

Lela's gigantic eyes blink slowly. "Since you are here, I'd like to ask you about those two men you live with. Carlos and Milo Goldbeard, yes? They have a different name than you. Your real name is Ceth La Mer. Yes?"

"Wh-what the heck, lady?! What is wrong with you?!"

"Perhaps you'll answer my questions when you aren't on fire," Lela theorizes casually.

"Yes," Ceth sputters, "you got me, Sister Sell Out isn't my real name!"

"I want to know about the men. Are Carlos and Milo Goldbeard their real names?"

"You're freaking me out, lady!" Ceth cries, as she flees.

Lela rolls then narrows her eyes. She expected them to be evasive.

No matter... she'll get to the bottom of it.

On Saturday morning, Milo drags Carlos out of bed for a game of catch. The weekends are his scientist brother's day off, and Milo wants to make sure they do something fun.

"I'm going to regret this, aren't I?" Carlos groans, when he sees Milo preparing for a merciless throw.

"Ceth wants us to meet her at that karaoke place!" Milo informs him.

"Why would I want to go to a karaoke place?"

"I dunno man, but you should get out and party with us!"

"You have work later!"

"Then we'll only party at half intensity!"

"New hair, Ceth?" Milo hops right out onto the dance floor when he and Carlos arrive at Mick's Master Karaoke.

"Yeah, I thought I'd try something different with this dress." Ceth turns around, then stares. "I thought I told you two to put on nice clothes."

"Well, these are my nicest clothes..."

"Your pants!" Ceth growls.

Milo lowers his voice, "I kinda went all claw-y on them... sorry... I just got stressed."

Ceth facepalms. "Where's Carlos?"

"...Never mind. I see him."

These boys are hopeless.

Ceth manages to coax Carlos out onto the dance floor for a little while.

It's too early in the day for there to be much of a party, but they have a good time.

Phil Trice calls, asking if Ceth wants to hang out at the usual place.

Milo had to run off to work the afternoon, so it's just Ceth and Carlos who show up at Gnome Chomsky's.

"Just try some, Carlos!" Ceth begs. "It's not bad."

"I'm already buzzed from losing juice pong that badly."

"Not to mention that Band Slam," Ceth reminds him of the drink he got at the bar back at Mick's. "Oh it seriously won't matter! Just get over here."

"I'm supposed to be too smart for peer pressure," Carlos mumbles.

"Cool story bro," Phil replies.

Carlos narrows his eyes. "Who are you again?"

"Just relax, man. Let the strawberry taste in. Relax."

"This is gross."

Ceth giggles. "Oh, you guys."

Carlos doesn't remember much about the next hour.

He mainly remembers how vibrant Ceth's sandals looked, and the blue tips on Phil's hair.

And star-shaped bubbles? Sure, he can explain that. He's a scientist.

Eventually, Carlos's senses have had enough of the confusion, and a strange thing happens.

"Is your housemate, like, ripping up a chair?"

"Pfffff yeah," Ceth laughs.

"That is so metal."

"Yeah Carlos is cool."

Carlos tires himself out and curls up in the corner for a nap.

Poor chair...

Ceth and Phil wander downstairs for bowling. Neither of them knock down a single pin.

Phil goes to the bathroom, or something, but probably passed out maybe? because Ceth feels like she's been waiting around a while. She starts singing for tips but is ignored by everyone.

The next time she's thinking straight, she's in a strange place delivering a sing-o-gram.

"Well, this is going to sound weird, but where exactly am I?"

"Girl, you smell like bubbles! What do you mean, 'where am I'?"

"I mean... where am I? I don't remember how I got here."

"You're at Los SueƱos."

"The private club I've been dying to audition at?"


"Dammmn. It's even swankier than I thought."

"So you were into some bubbles and lost time? Girl that's crazy. I played a Skyrim quest like that once. Anyway you followed the instructions on your phone to deliver these roses to me from my boo." The woman sniffs the roses again, tearing up with emotion. "He is so sweet."

"Am I going to be in trouble for being in here?"

"No, no. We're not even open yet. Feel free to hang out until then."

Oh, hey. Phil located.

Back at the Gnome Chomsky Arcade, Carlos wakes up from his nightmare-filled slumber.

And immediately transforms back to his weaker state.

...Nobody saw any of that, right? The upstairs is completely empty.

Carlos stops for a coffee in the cafe portion of Gnome Chomsky's. No one gives him a second glance or anything.

He takes that as a good sign.

The sing-o-gram requests keep coming in that night, and Ceth keeps responding, even though she's not in the best shape to do so right now.

"Emily didn't order these roses for me," Craig Elson admits. "I did. I was getting a bit lonely. So I requested a beautiful singer."

"Do you want to come inside?" he presses.

"I gotta go," Ceth replies hastily.

When Ceth gets home, she notices Carlos hard at work upgrading the kitchen sink, and suddenly remembers what went down at the arcade.

She bursts immediately into tears.

"I didn't mean to leave you like that, it was an accident," she cries.

Carlos frowns and squeezes her hands. "Calm down. That was my fault. I didn't know how something like that would affect me."

"Yeah but I ran off..."

"You're not my keeper."

"Well I... I am the oldest," she sniffs, feigning indignation.

"Fine," he sarcasms, "It was all your fault. I hate you. Bark bark."

"Did anybody see you?"

"Besides you and bubbleguy? No, I don't think so."

"Don't worry about Phil. He knows he was high."

Etc.: After Annie's legacy, I'm amused Steve and Danielle got together in mine.

Also Catherine Best, who is pregnant at the start of the game, popped out a baby named Chastity Best. Ha...

A while back someone asked for Milo or Carlos (I don't remember which), so I have added both of them to the downloads page along with Guadalupe.


  1. Lela is adorable! Is her hair CC or EA? Also she seems peculiarly interested in the boys....;)

    Aww I can't even take werewolf!Carlos seriously. He's just too cute and scrawny.

    Phil is amazing and I hope he shows up regularly. And Ceth's hair changed to the same style from that vision thingy she had! :O

    1. I think Lela's hair might be Buckley's Hazel:

      I'm very bad at picking out what CC is what, though.

      Ceth liked her hair in the vision! ^.^ I'll try to work in Phil a little more. He's been Ceth's buddy for a while now.

  2. Poor Milo, coaching toddlers must be hard XD but seriously, getting kids barely old enough to walk to play a sport must be a hassle.

    Do I sense some romance in Ceth's future?? Or will she somehow still get with Lloyd or Nelson? (like Lloyd transferring to Milo's sports team or Nelson coming to Carlos' observatory?)

    Also I know the last pic isn't supposed to be romantic but do you ever get problems with Ceth and the brothers autonomously flirting? I get it all the time with distant relations even when they've been raised together from birth and it drives me crazy sometimes!

    1. Ceth is continually rolling romantic wishes about Carlos. She doesn't seem interested in Milo.

      Keep in mind their genetic relation is so distant, they don't even know about it in-story, if it helps. xD

      No spoilers on Ceth's romantic life! But it might just break the universe if she does not ever meet a certain someone..

  3. This chapter was a lot of fun! You write the bubble stuff so well. I'm jealous! It did feel like that Skyrim quest XD Good thing there are no hagravens in Starlight Shores - otherwise there could have been a pretty terrifying candidate for the last person to complete your full house roll...

    Which makes me wonder! Will it be Phil? Or the adorably ditzy Lela Whitfield? Is she even adorably ditzy or is that all an act to hide more nefarious motives? Her interest in Carlos and Milo is somewhat unsettling. I'm still worried about the Supernatural Control.

    I had to smile at Steve Cupp and Danielle Platt getting together. But Chastity Best? That just takes the cake XD The Best clan really seems to have some serious... values.

    1. I'm glad that made you smile! I could not stop thinking of your legacy, haha.

      I remember wanting to marry the poor hagraven. High elf archmage, hagraven... we could have made it work! But the game made me kill her.

      #4 does have to be someone! I think I'll keep you guys guessing for a little while longer.

    2. Since I'm messing around with Skyrim remastered right now, I had to go check if there's a nonviolent way to deal with the hagraven. I'm a sneaky wood elf thief, you see, so I tried to pickpocket the ring from her... but the game won't let you pickpocket 'creatures'. Poor Moira the hagraven had to die yet again D,:

  4. This Lela is way to interested in Milo and Carlos. What does she really want? Ceth met a lot of random weirdos this chapter it seems; like Craig. Ew. Her new hair looks good though.

    This was a really fun chapter, and it was nice to see all of them spending some time together; especially Carlos. But when he finally appeared he turned into a werewolf; can't hold his bubbles very well, the poor thing.

    (I wanted to marry the hagraven to! I was so dissapointed that it wasn't possible. No monster- spouse for my poor, ugly dunmer. He just wanted someone as ugly as him)

    1. Thanks Urunwa!

      Ceth is not done meeting random weirdos. ;D

  5. Have I ever told you how much I love seeing your updates? Probably one of my favourite legacies.

    Poor Carlos, toddlers, the nerve of his boss to ask him to do that. xD

    Ceth has her old hair back! ^^ I was happy to see that, since Ceth is one of my favourites of yours.

    Skyrim. xD I loved that quest.

    1. Thank you so much! That's quite a compliment. There are so many great legacies. :)

      Toddlers... yeah... that's level 3 of the sports career. I figured most people would get the joke since the sports career is base game and surely we've all been through it once. xD

      I do like that hair on Ceth. Technically she only has it for the one outfit, but it's been getting a positive reception, lol, so it may show up more later.

      <3 Skyrim. Archmage and Faendal bros for LIFE

  6. I am sad now that I never played enough Skyrim to even know what quest you are talking about. And I basically remember nothing of what I did play, except for the swanky mansion I built having a view to some necromancer sacrificial altar which totally tank my property value. Or should have, anyway.
    Anyway...Lela's interest in the guys seems very ominous.
    And shame on Carlos for tearing up my lime green barstools.

    1. I loved Skyrim, but not everyone can get into everything, so... to each their own! House building was the most disappointing thing for me. It was ridiculously limited. I didn't try out the special Hearthfire houses though.

      I won't spoil that quest, just in case you ever do play again.

  7. Carlos is sweet and its so nice that Ceth has people close to her who she cares about. Bark Bark lol XP

    1. Ceth loves her family... she just has an odd way of showing it sometimes.