Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Chapter 68: The Spires

There are no people in the drone balloon. Just SPY surveillance equipment.

This is the first weekend all three household kids are teens, but Saturday does not want to cooperate, and throws a harsh rainstorm at them for all the daylight hours. Milo doesn't mind; this means he doesn't even have to get out of his sleepwear.

Sunday is brighter, and Milo takes the opportunity to catch a movie with his girlfriend. Cyborg Goat Herders is supposed to be really good.

Cinzia Almeria is amused by the young love blossoming behind her. Not that long ago, it seems, that was her, carefree and dallying with all of her male classmates. She shocked everyone by marrying Anselmo Ferrari the day of their graduation.

After the movie, Milo and Guadalupe head over to the arcade above the pizza shop.

The place isn't much to look at, but it is serviceable.

They have fun.

As per cliche, they take some silly romantic photos of themselves.

 Those turn out kind of dumb.

Just a cute picture.

Another cute picture.

Perenna teaches Ceth some dance moves.

Perenna died of old age soon after that pic was taken.

Reggie is shocked and saddened to see his wife go before him.

Milo does his best to cheer his grandfather up, telling him how he will never forget his grandmother or anything she taught him, but even looking at the boy is hard for Reggie right now. He resembles Perenna so much.

Reggie never quite has a chance to recover from his grief. Death returns to the house later that same afternoon to claim him.

This is very hard on the family. Carlos and Milo's last memories of their grandfather are of the old man in tears.

Lucida and Izalee were very close to their parents. They had them around for longer than they expected to, but it still hurts.

The next day is a Wednesday like any other... but this time, nobody has made breakfast for the kids, so Carlos takes it upon himself to make pancakes.

The perfect flame fruit from Izalee's garden made these pancakes amazing, but with his parents too distracted to tell him what to do, Milo went straight for leftover chocolate chip cookies.

Lucida goes for the cookies, too.

She could swear that gnome is delighting in her pain...

Since Izalee is holed up in her bedroom like a dramaqueen, it's up to Ben to make sure Ceth, the queen dramaqueen, gets dressed and goes to school.

Ben has reached an impressive position in government, but there is still nothing he can do to make it safe for his sons to be open about their supernatural powers. Nothing at all. Ben tries to keep his midlife crisis to himself, but the family starts to guess what he's going through when this hover-pickup thing appears in their yard.

As a project to help ease her grief, Lucida converts the hoarder room into a more organized shrine.

On display here are a bunch of toys Reggie made, along with the key to the city and other trophies he was presented with over the years. Lucida remembers the lighthouse painting was one of Reggie's favorites, so it's taken out of his and Perenna's bedroom and placed near the crafted toys as well.

Perenna's trophies also receive a place of prominence, sitting on a shelf next to the bookcase where Lucida gathered all of her mother's scripts in book form.

And some of Scarlett's beach / high seas collection spilled over in here, as you can see...

"Moonset in the West" was Perenna's favorite art print, so it goes above the chairs in this little dedicated reading nook.

There's also a shelf for Izalee's favorite gardening award, directly above her prized splotlight mushrooms.

Every other surface is dedicated to Lucida's treasure hoard.

Check out all these crystal balls, yo.

Holy plumbobs, Batman.

Here's the final form of the collection in Lucida's room itself. It's hard to see all the pieces, but there are some smaller sun cuts in there that I like very much.

Reggie may be dead, but his simbots will continue to freak people out in Monte Vista for many generations to come.

"So my aptitude tests came back and basically said 'fuck you loser, go die in poverty'," Guadalupe moans. Her boyfriend is not in the mood to listen to this spiel again, but he sits there anyway, watching her intently, looking awesome with those muscles and that hair that's bristled up like a wild animal. "I don't know what I'm going to do. Graduation is not as far away as I'd like."

"You're not gonna die in poverty, 'Lupe," Milo replies.

"Yeah? What am I doing to do? I'm not good at anything."

"What are you bitching about?" Ceth intrudes on the young couple's discussion of their futures, which was going in deadbeat circles anyway. "Look at the chest on you. You can probably be whatever you want."

"Don't be an idiot, Ceth," Milo mumbles. "No one cares about your-"

"Surely you have hobbies or something, Pigtails," Ceth continues.

"I'm not good at anything," Guadalupe protests.

"You can be whatever you want!" Ceth insists. "No rules once high school is over! Me, I'm going to be a flippin' ROCK STAR. You'll see. I'm great."

"How about you, Carlos?"

"Well," Carlos continues walking past her, "there's an observatory in Starlight Shores, unlike anything around here. I think I'd like to work there."

"Wh-what?" Ceth grabs Carlos before he can escape. "You're going to leave? You can't just break up the trio like that."

Carlos blinks. Ceth has always been clingy; this shouldn't surprise him. "Uh, sorry. That's just... what I'd like to do."

Etc.: Perenna glitched out all weird when she died and horrible things happened. I had to go back to an earlier save and use force kill shortly before she would have naturally passed on.

Reggie died normally. I wonder if two deaths in the same day had something to do with it.

Reggie is only in second place for my oldest sim records. Chervil Archer continues to reign supreme. Bummer. I was starting to think Reggie was going to dethrone the champion.

That massive collection of spire cut gems is not a complete set, but it was as far as I got before I decided enough was enough. That counts for generation 3's Generational Goal, which was AWESOME. I mean, it's called AWESOME, but it was really just a pain in the ass. I went through sooooo much tiberium.

Not to mention the ragequits and restarts. If you've ever tried to collect spire cut gems of anything that isn't tiberium, you know what I'm sayin'.

If you wondered, the household bills are over 15k.


  1. Whoa. Awesome goal definitely achieved! The whole collection looks amazing! And it's a nice way to keep Perenna's and Reggie's stuff. It feels really weird that they're gone now... ;_;

    Of course Ceth is clingy, with her birth mother being whisked away like that :(
    Loved the interaction between the teens! Does Lupe know that her awesome-looking boyfriend with those muscles and the wild hair is a werewolf? Feels like that would just be another plus in the eyes of a teenage girl anyway :D

    1. It does feel weird with Reggie and Perenna gone. They were with us for so long.... especially Reg, who was born in chapter 4.

      'Lupe has no clue her boyfriend is a werewolf, lol. She probably doesn't even believe in werewolves.

  2. Wow, Starlight Shores? If Carlos is the heir, just fair warning, Starlight Shores is glitchy as hell.

    I hope whoever is heir, Ceth sticks around. Her new iteration is very interesting.

    1. I've never played in Starlight Shores before for more than 5 minutes. What is this glitchy as hell you speak of? xD

  3. Oh Reggie. ;_; Perenna, too, but seriously. As you point out, he's been with us since chapter 4. I was beginning to think he was immortal.

    The collection looks awesome, even if it's a pain in the ass. The teens are all adorable, especially Carlos. Idk I just love his look.

    1. Thank you! I was worried the collection still looked like a horrible mess, so the compliments are making me happy. *preens*

  4. Both in the same day! :(

    That collection has grown so much! Awesome!

    If I was Ceth I wouldn't want anyone to leave, either.

  5. Aw, Perenna, and then Reggie =(
    I am heartbroken.
    And impressed as hell with your awesome collection shrine. You really went all out with that.
    The spire cut gem collection is something to behold.

    1. Thanks! I miss Reg and Perenna as well. ;.;

  6. The gem collection is well and truly AWESOME, I'd say! That house has some seriously impressive clutter, I love it.

  7. Well they outlived my dumb game, thank God. And Reggie's duck that floats! Aww I feel like he worked so hard on that!

    Also, Can I just give up on awesome in advance for my roll? I will have everyone collect every rubber duckie in the game! I swear it can be done!
    ...seriously what an amazing collection. I've never even transfigured something into not-garbage. I'm sure there are formulas. I usually just make all my sims in a house nectar making slaves until (along with several solar powered gardening simbots because I want 500 of each perfect fruit) the game glitches because it can't remember that I've colored each nectar rack carefully matching the fruits of the nectar that are inside them, let along what's inside them. Enter Master Controller...

    1. Thank you!

      I was pretty sad to see Reggie go, he'd been around for so long.