Friday, November 25, 2016

Chapter 77: Get Blitzed

Milo meets up with Kirstin Law at The Warehouse, as they planned.

Finnegan Sawyer's life has not been going great lately, as you can see. He had to give up singing and is now in food service.

After munching on some cheap nachos and making a few drinks disappear, Milo and Kirstin dance, connecting over their tastes in music and other shallow meaningless things.

Meanwhile, Ceth is on her way to get blitzed at the bubble bar when she notices... this...

Yep. She's not even going to process that.

And Carlos is out buying groceries.

"I don't know what your deal is, lady, but you need to stop stalking me."

"Take the flash drive from my pocket," she whispers. "You can use it to get into the central file system at the observatory. You can see the truth for yourself."

"I'm walking away, now," Carlos says.

It isn't until Kirstin is playing a game of hoops with Milo behind his house that Milo becomes smitten with her. She may not know much about sports, but her athletic prowess is unmistakable.
Even in those heels, she rocks a basketball.

"So how is it you're on the dating market?" she asks.

"Shortage of eligible bachelorettes, I guess," Milo laughs nervously. "What about you?"

"I grew up around here. Never was very popular. Not into the arts scene. I can't stand art, to be honest with you. Performances don't move me, splashes of color don't excite me. Having fashion sense is a chore. I'm utilitarian, not pretentious. They voted me Least Likely to Succeed in school. But who's laughing now? I'm the one who's financially stable, while I'm watching most of my old classmates' dreams of being famous crash and burn."

"That's a lot to take in," Milo says. "But you like Blink Revival," he reminds her of the song they danced so well to. Or at least the band that brought that song to life.

"They sing about the sim condition. Stuff that's real. Down to Earth." She glances back at him after sinking another ball into the hoop. "You're down to Earth. I can tell."

"Yeah," he says distantly, as he thinks about magic and werewolves. "I had a bad experience too. Dated my best friend in high school... like a moron... then breaking it off with her was almost impossible. Then she wanted to woohoo anyway, but it was a cover for trying to steal from my parents."

Kirstin can't keep herself from laughing. "Well she sounds like an amateur..."

"What do you mean?"

"Nothing. Sorry man, I don't mean to laugh, that sounds rough."

"So I guess we both have issues," Milo tries to laugh too.

"Hey, I'm sure your user radar will work properly next time. We all made mistakes as kids."

Kirstin may be a career criminal and a top notch thief, but she is not a user. She doesn't need anyone. She's not even sure she needs a date, but it's not every day a total hunk pays attention to her.

Dang, he's got skill!

But so does she.

Or at least, she's got moxie?

"I'll see you on Friday," she says, as she leaves him.

Her parting gift is a shy kiss on the cheek.

Etc.: Milo has a type...


  1. Oh my god, I didn't notice until your AN that 'Lupe and Kristin both wear pigtails! and also the whole criminal thing.

    Aaaah so Lela is a PI? I wonder if she'll fill in that last slot in your rolls...

    How about Ceth and Carlos??

    1. Poor Milo. If only his lucky trait helped him with romance, instead of just on the field.

      The game assigned Lela as a PI when she hit young adult, so I've been rolling with that as an idea for antagonists to encounter. ^.^

      Ceth and Carlos are not taking questions at this time!

  2. Aww, Milo and Kirsten--SHE BETTER NOT BREAK HIS HEART OR I'LL SNAP HER IN HALF. Also the wiki says she close to being an elder. Stay away from Harold, Maude!

    Lela is amazing. She's totally doing a good job at this whole PI thing.

    1. Lol! I guess she is... I thought Kirstin was a young adult. Oops. Oh well.

    2. @Owl Agreed. I'll hold her arms and you punch. I'm sure she's going to break his heart for some reason. She freaking better not! D:

  3. Lela is so cute! At this point I don't even care if she's going to cause trouble or not - she's just too much fun!

    Kirstin and Milo are really good together, but you still have me wondering about #4. Kirstin seems too self-sufficient to suddenly move in with someone.

  4. Having Law for a last name is excellent cover for a thief! Poor Milo does have some bad lick with the ladies. Kirstin seems like a catch, but the age thing...
    Lela as a PI is hilarious. And fitting, given how obvious she is to pretty much everyone.

    1. Yeah, Kirstin's age is glitched in my game. She never went elder. o.o'